T-Mobile now gives you rollover data on Simple Choice prepaid plans with Data Stash

For those un-familiar with T-Mobile's Data Stash, it allows you carry over any unused LTE data to the next month. Put simply, you'll be able to store your unused allowance for future use. Data can be kept on your T-Mobile account for up to a year before the system starts to clear data saved from 12 months prior.

Simple Choice prepaid customers will be able to take advantage of Data Stash from March 22. Everyone eligible will receive a 10GB sum of data, and once that's used up they'll begin rolling forward any unused data at no extra charge. See the announcement post linked below for more details.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Nice one
  • First! On topic, glad to see that T-mobile is extending this to prepaid as well.
  • Uhh, first what? I thought this was already past oh their plan. Did at&t beat them to it?
  • Wish Verizon would do something like this....Oh, yea, I still have unlimited data with them, so I guess I dont really care... :)
  • Technically I get unlimited with T-Mobile, even on their entry level tier. It just gets throttled after 2.5gb. Ever since they introduced free music streaming, I don't even get close to that.
  • Same here. Does att even have unlimi streaming for music?
  • Same here, but it does raise an interesting question. If I were to exceed my LTE limit of 5gb, would I get throttled back, or would I be able to draw from my high speed data stash?
  • Damn, saw the headline and thought maybe T-Mobile was extending data stash to their entry level data tier.
  • ATT, Verizon to copycat in 1, 2, 3,........
  • I'm on ATT and they are rolling over my unused data already... Been that way for about 2 months now.... They don't give the 10gb bucket though...lol
  • And it is month-to-month rollover if they had kept it like their old rollover minutes would have been a winner.
  • I have the same thing with AT&T. Because my wife and I use Wi-Fi at the house and at our jobs were rolled over 1.5 GB on this new billing cycle.
  • Doesn't apply to me as I'm still on the old monthly 4G unlimited 70$ prepaid service
  • Is this included with the 40 dollar 1 gb plan ?
  • $40 damn... I don't envy you guys in the US.
  • Rogers should do this, or Bell.