T-Mobile provides unlimited high-speed data for the Rio Games in Brazil

T-Mobile has announced the U.S. carrier will be rewarding Simple Choice customers with unlimited high-speed data throughout Brazil from August 1. All you need to do is activate roaming while in Brazil and you'll be able to enjoy speeds up to 4G LTE to Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram and share special moments from not only the Olympic Games, but Brazil as a whole.

Should you be rocking a Simple Choice plan, you'll not have to change a thing. Simply land in Rio and you're good to go. If that weren't enough, T-Mobile is also handing out free Galaxy S7 edge and Gear 360 bundles to families of U.S. athletes with free T-Mobile services. For more information on this promotion, be sure to check out the official T-Mobile website{.nofollow}.

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T-Mobile Goes All In for the Games – Gives Customers Unlimited High-Speed Data and Calling in Brazil for the Rio Games

And, for families of US athletes, T-Mobile's giving a FREE Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Gear 360 camera with FREE T-Mobile service to call, capture, share and stream every moment of the Rio games without worrying about the carriers' outrageous roaming fees and overage penalties

Bellevue, Washington — July 21, 2016 —It happens only once every four years, so T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is going big. This summer, no international event will be bigger than the Rio games, and more than 100,000 Americans are expected to attend in person. So, of course, T-Mobile is making it simple and easy for Un-carrier customers to share, Skype, snap and scope every moment of the summer games in Brazil, and T-Mobile CEO and president John Legere just posted a video blog sharing all the details at https://youtu.be/BjLRtwqpwcc.

Starting August 1, T-Mobile is unleashing free unlimited high-speed data throughout Brazil for its customers, so wherever they roam in Brazil this August – all month long – they'll get the fastest available roaming speeds up to 4G LTE. And, calls within Brazil and back home to the US are free – as is texting worldwide. On top of that, the Un-carrier is giving families of U.S. athletes free T-Mobile service and a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Gear 360 camera through October, so they can capture and share every exhilarating moment of the games without worrying about extra expenses or surprise roaming charges.

"AT&T is spending millions to put their logo all over the games as the official sponsor. They introduced a new 'Brazil plan' last month, so their customers can foot the bill for AT&T's VIP parties and private suites in Rio," said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. "That couldn't be more different from the Un-carrier. T-Mobile is freeing customers to travel to the Rio Games and use their phones without worry."

And the best part? Simple Choice postpaid customers don't have to lift a finger to get these benefits. Get off the plane in Rio and your phone just works at absolutely no additional cost.

Un-leashing Athletes' Families to Share Every Epic Moment

The Un-carrier's going the extra mile for families of the U.S. team in Rio. T-Mobile is giving family members of U.S. athletes a free Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Gear 360 camera along with free T-Mobile service they can use throughout the Summer Games in Brazil. So, they can document and share every amazing moment as their family member competes in this incredible event.

"If a member of your family qualifies for the biggest global sporting event on the planet, your damn phone bill is the last thing you want to worry about," said Legere. "We're going to make it simple for our customers – and families of the U.S. team – to enjoy the games, stay connected and share every historic moment with those they care about."

Family members of US athletes headed to Brazil can learn more at www.t-mobile.com/brazil or contact RoamFreeInRio@t-mobile.com to get up to two free smartphones per athlete activated with T-Mobile service ahead of the Summer Games.

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