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Dragon Revenge is an arcade styled game for Windows Phone 8 that has you playing the role of a dragon intent on destroying everything in sight. From buildings to trees to cows, your job is to wreak destruction upon the lands all the while avoiding the villagers arrows.

The game has an unlimited number of gaming levels where you guide your dragon across the sky, attacking villages and collecting gold. And Dragon Revenge isn’t just thoughtless destruction with several missions or challenges to tackle for extra gaming points. It may take a little time to get used to the gaming controls but for the most part, Dragon Revenge comes across as an entertaining game for Windows Phone 8.

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The Windows Store is certainly growing and it seems that if you delve deep enough, there is always a new interesting app or game to tryout. We have played quite a few games on our Windows tablet’s such as Halo: Spartan Assault, that take full advantage of the graphic processing at hand. However, as we all know, complex graphics are not always the most important aspect. Today, we are looking at a simple, yet fun, infinite platformer – Night Lighter.

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Aces of the Luftwaffe is a relatively new game for Windows Phone 8 and is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Aces is an arcade styled game with an RPG touch.

To say Aces of the Luftwaffe is a fast paced game may be an understatement.  If you blink you'll be over run with enemy planes.  Game play is challenging enough to avoid getting stale and graphics/animations are just ducky. If you're an arcade game junky or just looking for a fun game to pass the time with, Aces of the Luftwaffe is definitely worth checking out.

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Monkeying around with Chimpact for Windows Phone 8

Looking for a fun game for your Windows Phone 8 device? You may want to give Chimpact a try.

Chimpact is a jumper game of sorts where you have to navigate your chimp up the screen by launching him from hammock to hammock. Graphics are great, game play challenging and Chimpact is a enjoyable way to pass the time.

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Microsoft and Nokia are currently holding developer events alongside the Windows Phone User Group at Modern Jago in East London. Microsoft has rented it out to provide a central location for all platform exhibitions and events to take place - it's a superb building.

Back in December, at a recent WPUG meetup and AlphaLabs event, those who attended witnessed a row of white Lumia 920 Windows Phones on one side of the main conference hall. These handsets were each running an interesting app, more on this in a minute. Modern Jago has become the place-to-go for developers and designers to collaborate and share ideas.

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AE Skee Ball brings all the fun of the popular arcade game to your Windows Phone. You play for tickets which can be exchanged for tokens that are needed to play the game.

Game play is not unlike the real world game in that you have nine balls that you roll up the ramp to jump them into various points rings. There are some opportunities for bonus points and the more points you score, the more tickets you earn.

AE Skee Ball is a fun time waster of a game but there are a few aspects of the game that may not appeal to everyone.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Defender 3D

Defender 3D is a fast paced shoot 'em up type game for your Windows Phone. You have to defend your position against a wide assortment of monsters that will be coming at you from all directions. You begin the action with your faithful crossbow and along the way you can collect weapons with a little more destructive capabilities.

As you take out the monsters, your score grows.  Bonus points are awarded for consecutive kills and multiple monster take downs.  Defender 3D has an online leaderboard for bragging rights across five categories of scoring (points, kills, time survived, streaks and combos).  Animates are nice, game play simple but fast paced. Defender 3D ended up being a fun game and worth a try.

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Although these are not Xbox LIVE games, the 1983 classic arcade and sequel to Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, is headed to the Xbox 360 as an Indie Arcade game this Friday. In addition, a version for Windows Phone is coming with it at or around the same time (we all know how hard it can be for timing).

The game Jet Set Willy should be a lot of fun for those who enjoy some retro gameplay on their modern devices as the port looks is official, being handled by Elite Systems Ltd. That company has also brought their previous ZX Spectrum games to iOS in the past. From the company’s press release...

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You can run, but you can't hide on Xbox LIVE

Although Contract Killer was known to be coming to Xbox LIVE today (and sure enough, it’s out) it looks like Microsoft slipped in a 2nd title—Lode Runner Classic.

The game fetches for $2.99 and is a throwback to the old school arcade games from the 1980s. In fact, many of you will have childhood flashbacks with this one as it was quite popular with home PC systems which include the Apple II series, the Atari 8-bit family, the VIC-20, the Commodore 64 and the IBM PC and it’s known to be the first game with a level editor.

Gameplay is straightforward—run through mazes and do things. Okay, we’re way oversimplifying as this game actually has a lot going on for it (just see the tutorials). There are an included 150 levels which should keep people busy for a long time and it seems like a fair amount of gameplay versus what you’re paying for it.

Check our video hands on and more details after the break...

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It's no secret if you follow my occasional mini-game reviews here on Windows Phone Central that I really dig old school arcade games e.g. Decimation X2, Imposisble Shoota and the various console emulators). There's something about the retro style graphics with updated particle explosions on our phone that grabs me.

Break MORE Aliens! is a sequel to BreakTheAliens! and is made by the same crew who made Corona (see review). It's a mash-up of Space Invaders and Arkanoid with some power-ups and boss battles to make a fun, well designed arcade super classic.

The game features 3 fantastic chiptunes by Multifaros ( which go very well with the title's theme, it has hilarious scrolling text during the game, 26 levels, 6 bosses and 16 power-ups. What's neat though is the power-ups have a downside to them--sure nuking everything is sure way to clear the board but for a moment, you're blinded. That creativity is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Controls were fast and fluid. Moving the "bat" with my finger was simple and intuitive causing no frustration. The ability to choose between difficulties, survival mode or enabling "super mode" (extreme power-ups) keeps the replay value quite high.

The game is free with ads or you can unlock it for $0.99 which is a fair price (I always pay when I can). For those reasons alone, I have to give this game a strong recommendation, especially if you love casual gaming, old-style arcade titles and want something fun to pass the time.

Pick up Break MORE Aliens! here in the Marketplace. QR code and promo video after the break...

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A few weeks ago we mentioned the results of a recent Windows Phone hackathon, where devs get together, dream up and code apps and games within a fixed time period.

One of the noteworthy games that came out of that workshop was SpaceShooterz by Cubeslam. A retro arcade space shooter, the game needed some music and some finishing touches before it headed to the Marketplace. Luckily for you, it's now live and it's a fun little number.

The game is free with no ads (for now), has excellent controls, smooth gameply with a high framerate and the music is just badass sounding. It's certainly falls into the quick-gaming category as you only have one life and no continues, but it's a lot of fun and done very well. For that, we have to recommend it.

Pick up SpaceShooterz here in the Marketplace for free. In addition, the French-only home automation app that was also coded during the same hackathon is now available too. You can grab that app, called ZibaseWP, right here.

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Here's a cool little site you'll want to bookmark:

The new site is described as "the official voice for Microsoft Studios’ Xbox LIVE Arcade and Windows Phone games" and looks to be a neat little place to get the latest info on gaming as well as interacting with developers and Microsofties. They've been on Twitter for awhile, linking to other gaming sites, but now they have a home of their own.

The site looks nice enough and features exclusive articles on new and upcoming games. And while our own Paul Acevedo often gets the scoop first, it's always nice to see what the official team has got going. Plus, you can probably gripe to them (instead of us) about missing Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone. We keed, we keed...

So head to their websitexbla and follow 'em on Twitter here @PlayXBLA. (Thanks, TheWeeBear, for the heads up!)

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Frogger - Review

Updating a classic game for modern audiences is tricky business. Change it too much and you’ll turn off people who liked the original. But stick too closely to the original and it might not appeal to today’s gamers. For examples of perfectly accurate classic ports that are unlikely to gel with people living in the now, see Asteroids Deluxe and Lunar Lander. The Windows Phone port of Frogger, oddly enough, is simultaneously too similar and too different to make much of an impression. It’s not as bad as getting hit by a car, but Konami could have done a lot better.

What qualifies Frogger as a classic? The game made quite a splash when it debuted in arcades in 1981. Its premise and game play are fairly unique: help a group of frogs cross the highway, one at a time, and make it safely to their homes. Most importantly, it inspired a terrific early Bad Religion song.

Jump across the street and past the break for our full review.

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Lunar Lander - review

The Game Room series is a great way to enjoy nostalgic gaming experiences as well as try classic video games for the first time. I happily did both things while preparing for my Centipede and Pitfall! reviews. Unfortunately though, not every game stands the test of time. Some games are pretty tough to get into if you didn’t play them when they were first released. Lunar Lander is like that. Sure, it’s historically important, but I doubt many Windows Phone gamers will actually care to play it.

Lunar Lander blasted off into arcades in 1979, the year of my birth. Its arcade competition that year consisted primarily of Space Invaders (1978) and Galaxian. While those two games feature science fiction themes and aliens to blast, Lunar Lander is grounded in reality. The player pilots a lunar landing module as it descends to Earth’s moon. Death comes not from unfriendly visitors but from crashing into the landscape or even just landing too quickly – again, a more realistic setup than the competition. This is still a video game though, so players do get more chances to play until they run out of fuel.

Rocket past the break for our fuel review.

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Hypership Out of Control Lite - Review

Fun Infused Games has released a fast paced, space shooter, arcade game for the Windows Phone that definitely lives up to its title. Hypership Out of Control Lite has you in control of a space ship that is, well, out of control. No brakes and the accelerator is stuck. Luckily your weapons system is stuck in the "on" position.

Your goal is to navigate your out of control ship through through various obstacles, collecting coins, bonus items and destroying various items as you fly towards the finish line. Once you cross the finish line, you move to the next wave that will progressively get harder.

Continued after the break.

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Lunar Lander is this week's Xbox Live game

Last week’s Xbox Live game, Enigmo, broke three straight weeks of Game Room releases. To be fair though, Harbor Master also came out alongside Centipede. Anyway, I hope you like retro games, Windows Phone gamers, because this week’s Xbox Live title is another Game Room entry: Lunar Lander.

Atari’s original Lunar Lander arcade game came out in 1979. Yes, this week’s release debuted the same year I was born. It’s 32 years young! Lunar Lander was the first Atari title to use vector graphics (just as Asteroids Deluxe did a few years later). Its graphics are composed entirely of white lines on a black background. The object is to safely land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon. The original arcade game used an actual lever to control the craft’s thrust and buttons for steering. It will be interesting to see how the game’s controls have been adapted for mobile touch screens.

See that? I didn’t say anything negative about Lunar Lander or how inexplicable it is that someone chose to release it on Windows Phone over so many other Game Room titles. That’s me, Captain Optimism!

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