2013 Unity3D game winner Freddy now available for Windows Phone 8

Recently winning the $30,000 First Prize from the 2013 Unity3D game contest in the Windows Store category, Freddy from MobiTouch is now available for Windows Phone 8. Freddy is a physics-based arcade game with great graphics and fun gameplay.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay footage with the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The goal is to keep the poisonous balls from falling down to the frog named Freddy. He likes to eat them and gets sick when he eats too much. To keep the balls from reaching Freddy, you have to make sure they drop into the flasks or tubes. Draw lines on the screen to make the balls bounce or roll towards the flasks.

There are things you can let Freddy have, like clocks to increase time. There also bonuses for hitting other items like flying nuts or windows. You get more points for matching the color of the balls with the flasks.

The first few levels are easy, but it becomes more difficult right away. Flasks start moving around and balls drop faster. Fortunately, the upper right corner lets you know what’s about to drop down. You have to be on your toes, because you’re calculating a lot of things at the same time. You‘re trying to figure out the perfect angles for your lines while trying to match colors, too.

The initial release for Freddy is labeled as beta in the splash screen. We’re a little surprised by that because it doesn’t feel like a game in beta. The developers promise to bring a lot more stuff by the end of this month for the full version. According to MobiTouch, you’ll get:

  • much more addictive levels!
  • great achievements!
  • daily bonuses!
  • Christmas bonus pack!
  • many improvements!
  • more languages!
  • and much, much more!

You can download Freddy from the Windows Phone Store for 99 cents. There is also a free trial available. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Great game!
  • Happy to see more and more good games come to Windows phone.
  • Not bad, seems interesting and for only 99c... Why not? Bought it. jejeje
  • I like it so far. Might buy it if I get through all the trial levels.
  • Looks like fun! I bought it. I find it remarkable how apps are so inexpensive.
  • Keep em coming !
  • I've seen several videos where this guy is talking and I have some suggestions. Why don't you talk a little more natural and try not to sound so scripted? When another member of this site speaks, he sounds like he's talking with friends, this guy doesn't. Well I hope people don't flame me for this but I think some will.
  • How is that in any way scripted? It's completely natural and ad-libbed. He's talking as he's playing, hence the slightly stilted nature.  This isn't a flame, just a counter-opinion :-)
  • He sounds a little stiff. He does the same in other videos. Thanks for not flaming
  • #savexboxwp, even if this game was never planned as an Xbox title
  • Every where i go there is a whining about save xbox for wp
  • Its a valid complaint, Microsoft have essentially shot themselves in the foot by slowly removing a feature that attracted many Xbox gamers to WP, including myself
  • It's not valid at all. Microsoft is a software company and they make thier money selling software on a varity of devices. #dealwithit
  • Of course its valid, Xbox is a platform feature, just like double wide live tiles. Losing a platform feature as unique and well known as Xbox live can never be a good thing for WP.
  • It's obviously very important for Americans.
  • And Europeans. Oh wait, scratch that nationality bs, we're all people regardless of where we come from, many of us happen to like Xbox scene.
  • Xbox and Xbox Live are NOT unique platform features.  This may come as a shock to you but there are many more iOS and Android users who own Xbox and play on Xbox Live then Windows Phone users.  Microsoft should ignore those folks? Yeah, that makes great business sense.  smh
  • This might come as a shock, but ios and Android are not Microsoft products. I bought an WP for Microsoft products integration, not ios or Android. I couldn't care less what ios/Apple have, I just expect the ecosystem I chose to work and thrive.
  • And so it shall but MS can't ignore all of it's customers just to apease you.  Anyway, this coversation is way off topic so I'm done.  #dealwithit
  • And a lot of people enjoy Xbox integration in their games #dealwithit
  •     Indeed.  Including those Xbox gamers who own iOS and Android devices.
  • What's your fixation about ios and Android, we're in a Windows site, talkng about the Microsoft ecosystem, mainly the most touted Xbox integration with Windows Phone they had on their ads all,the time. Where did ios come from ?! I just care about Windows Phone, and that's why I'm here... Windows Phone Central.
  • +920
  • Anyway most of them are paid and take ages for certification it discourages devs.ms does nothing...wp users only thing is fluidity..thats it such an potential having os which ms is spoiling..
  • Also on Windows 8, 1.49 USD
  • This Beta only has two Worlds.
    The Video between the Worlds opens in the normal WP Video-Player, which looks strange. And I think it's a little bit hard to read the Timer on Freddy.
  • The game won 30k....make it friiggin free :-\
  • Why should he? Do app designers not deserve to get paid for their work if you enjoy it?
  • Not available in the Brazilian stores...
  • Will be available in few days. Stay tuned!
  • Pls make the game free with ads
  • This Game costs 99 Cents. You don't want to spend 99 Cents?
  • Wil be available in both stores? Thanks so much!
  • For Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8
  • There are always some who expect apps and games to be free. That's their loss if they can't be bothered to spend a few pence or cents for an application that clearly deserves its price tag.