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Microsoft to shut down Bing Rewards in India just a few months after launch

Microsoft has sent emails to Bing Rewards members in India stating it will shut down the program in that country after September 30. Microsoft started offering the program in India in mid-March.

Microsoft is making big changes to Bing Rewards, including its name

Microsoft is emailing members of Bing Rewards, informing them of some major changes to the program that offers a way to earn points towards purchasing gift cards. One of those changes is that the program will now be called Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft will end Surface donations to schools through Bing Rewards on June 30

Microsoft is ending a Bing Rewards option that allows users to donate their points to their local school so they can get a Surface 3 tablet. The donation program will end on June 30.

Bing Rewards continues to expand, now available in India

If you've been anxiously awaiting Bing Rewards to arrive in India, you don't have to wait any longer. You can now sign up for and use Bing Rewards thanks to some recent expansion of the service.

Bing Rewards members can get more points by going to MSN website

Microsoft has expanded the reach of its US-based Bing Rewards program by adding new ways to earn points by going to certain pages on the MSN website every day.

You can now enter for a chance to win a Lumia 950 XL through Bing Rewards

You can now spend those Bing Rewards credits you've been hoarding for a chance to win a new Lumia 950 XL.

Bing Rewards members can snag a Dell 15 i3 for $300 from the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is currently running an exclusive deal for Bing Rewards members that marks the Dell 15 i3 down to $300 — a full 50 percent off of its retail price of $600.

Microsoft adds faster ways to earn Bing Rewards on mobile browsers

Microsoft has updated its Bing Rewards service for use on mobile browsers so that subscribers to the service can earn points faster and also redeeem their points quicker for things like e-gift cards and more

Bing Rewards members can get 2,000 points if they pre-order a Surface 3 this week

Microsoft has launched a new promotion that will allow members of the Bing Rewards program in the US to get 2,000 points if they pre-order a new Surface 3 between now and May 4.

100GB free OneDrive storage through Bing Rewards is now available for everyone

Feeling left out that Bing Rewards' 100GB OneDrive storage deal was U.S. only? You're in luck, as the offer is now available globally. All you have to do is head to this link after signing in to your Microsoft account to claim the free storage.

Bing Rewards updated on Windows Phone to be a little more native

The official Bing Rewards app for Windows Phone has picked up an update. Bing Rewards provides credits to you every time you do a search through Bing. You can redeem those credits towards cool prizes like Microsoft gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards and other prizes. The official app on Windows Phone launched in June and was met with some initial criticism. The Bing Rewards app was just a web wrapper at the time, but today's update changes that.

Bing turns five today, Microsoft celebrates with a look back at its best homepages

Microsoft's Bing search service turns five years old today, and the company is celebrating the event on the website with a look back at some of its more memorable homepage images, along with extras for Bing Rewards members in the U.S.

Bing Rewards for Mobile gets official on Windows Phone 8.1

A few weeks ago we reported that users were receiving mobile credits for Bing searches on their Windows Phone 8.1 devices. At the time, Bing Rewards still had Windows Phone listed as “coming soon” on their site, but starting a few days ago that has lifted as Windows Phone 8.1 is now listed on their support page.

Bing Rewards is a program from Microsoft that rewards you for using Bing search. The more you use it, the more points you can collect. Those points can then be used to redeem gifts from the site, including gift cards, OneDrive extra storage, entering contests and more.

Some users report earning Bing Rewards credits through Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program is a stellar way to earn gifts using Bing. The Bing Rewards program was launched by Microsoft back in 2010 and has been really successful where available. You earn credits by doing Bing searches that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes and other items. It does have two little faults: Bing Rewards isn’t available everywhere and you couldn’t earn points on Windows Phone. That’s how it was, but it looks like credits can now be earned through Windows Phone.

Redeem Bing Rewards points to selected frequent flyer programs in the U.S.

Bing Rewards is a neat program from Microsoft that enables web surfers who utilize Bing to earn rewards for using the service. Today, Microsoft announced integration with US carriers for converting points to air miles. If you're not familiar with air miles, airlines have their own frequent flyer programs that reward customers with savings and promotions on point schemes. If you search with Bing, you'll be able to convert points earned to miles with participating programs.

Get 100GB more OneDrive cloud storage with Bing Rewards

Microsoft has actively given away terabytes of OneDrive storage to consumers over the rebranding period already, but fear not if you've missed out on previous promotions. The company is giving away 100GB of storage through Bing Rewards. Whether you store your massive photo collection from your Windows Phones or enjoy collaborating and sharing content with others, this extra space will come in handy to many.

Microsoft launches Bing Rewards on iOS and Android; coming soon to Windows Phone

Microsoft has a Bing Rewards program set up to enable you to earn credits by simply using services available. By earning said credits and redeeming them for rewards, you can pocket awesome items like gift cards for Amazon, Xbox, Skype and more, or even donate your hard-earned credits to schools or charities.

Previously, Bing Rewards was only possible through web browsers on a laptop or PC, but Microsoft has today announced that the program will hit Android and iOS today and soon Windows Phone.

Bing Rewards giving 5% discount at the Microsoft Store this weekend (US only)

If you have a Windows Phone, you probably use Bing and if you have PC or Surface, you probably use it as well. Good news then if you’re enrolled in the Bing Rewards program, because for only 2 credits, you can redeem yourself a 5% discount coupon from the Microsoft Store.

The offer is only good through this weekend but that also means that you can stack this on top of the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales expected to go live soon.

Microsoft Giveaway: Use your Bing Reward credits to win a Lumia 928 or Xbox 360

Looks like our contest isn’t the only way you can potentially win a Lumia 928. If you’re in the United States and use Bing as your primary search engine you should be using and taking advantage of Bing Rewards. You can potentially win a Nokia Lumia 928 and more through the Bing Rewards program. Details below.

Cash in at the Windows Phone Store with Bing Rewards

The other day we mentioned how you use your Bing Reward points for a chance to win an HTC 8X Windows Phone. Did you know you can also use Bing Rewards to make purchases at the Windows Phone Store?

Redeeming 170 Bing Credits will get you $1.25 worth of Store Credit that can be used to buy apps and games.  Note, this is the same redemption offer we mentioned earlier this month but it appears the $5.00 Store Credit option is no longer available and it is only available for Windows Phone 8 because of the Wallet feature.

You'll need to sign up for the Bing Rewards Program and credits are earned each time you use Bing for your search needs. It's an easy way to pay for your Windows Phone Store purchases. Now if we could only get gift cards...

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