Must-have Windows 10 apps for NFL football fans

Football is back in full swing this month. You can enhance your NFL experience with these apps available on Windows 10.

Watch us predict the Super Bowl winner in NFL Blitz

Tonight we prepared for the Super Bowl by playing NFL Blitz from EA Sports. NFL Blitz is a fast-paced arcade-style sportsball game. Read on to watch us have a blast predicting the Super Bowl's outcome and more in the full video replay, plus check out our quick impressions and contest winners.

Follow the football season with the official NFL app for Windows 10 and Xbox One

Football season is here, and Microsoft is making sure you don't miss the action on Windows 10 and Xbox One. The NFL app keeps you up to date with the latest scores, watch and analyze replays, check out the highlights, deep dive into the stats, and even follow your fantasy team. We go hands on with the app on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Surfaces on the sidelines lead the Seahawks to victory

Things may have been off to a rocky start when the NFL started using Surface tablets earlier this year, but today brought a pretty cool little story about how the tablets have helped out Washington's own Seattle Seahawks. In an interview with Washington's King 5 News, quarterback Russell Wilson said that the ability to instantly review plays on the tablet has helped the team win.

Surface Pro 2 to catch NFL games from the sidelines

The NFL will be employing modified Surface tablets on the sidelines of games beginning this season. As part of an existing deal with Microsoft, the NFL will deploy Surface Pro 2 tablets beginning with the Hall of Fame game today. The tablets, modified externally with a thick blue case, will be used to review plays instantly. Each sideline will have a temperature-controlled cart of Surface tablets, which will remain locked up at the stadium when not in use during games. Additionally, the tablets will be locked down to prevent cheating, according to Engadget:

Relive your favorite football goals in this new sport puzzle game for Windows Phone

Remember those fantastic goals you've seen on TV that you wish you could recreate? Now you can with this latest Windows Phone game from aptly titled First Touch Publishing. The game, Score! World Goals, puts players in charge of netting those classic football goals from around the world. Your fingers are in control of famous goals, but do you have the skill to get past the opposition's defense?

FIFA 14 lands on the Windows Store; Xbox LIVE enabled and free

After being arguably the most popular soccer game for Windows Phone devices, FIFA 14 has now arrived on the Windows Store for Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

The Xbox LIVE enabled game would satiate your craving for authentic soccer experience with real players, teams, and leagues along with new touch controls that deliver the feel of every pass, shot and tackle.

Get ready for this year's Super Bowl with NFL Connect for Windows 8

Are you ready for this year’s Super Bowl? This February 2, the Denver Broncos will face off against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. Your check list for the Sunday event should include a ton of hot Buffalo wings, a six pack of your favorite drink, and of course – the NFL Connect app for Windows 8.

Windows Phone apps for the armchair Quarterback in all of us

Windows Phone Central App and Game Roundup: Are you ready for some Football?

This time of year many will find themselves pre-occupied with the American pastime football. Be it fixated on Saturday with College Football or glued to the screen on Sunday with the NFL, we love our football.

The sport now transcends the weekend with games during the week as well as on the weekends.  For the times we can't be anchored to the couch, taking in all the games, our Windows Phones are a great way to stay in touch with the sport.  This week's Windows Phone Central Roundup focuses on those gridiron apps.  Apps that focus on delivering all the news, scores, stats and standings from the football field.  We also throw in a few football games for good measure just in case you need something to help you pass the time with during those extended t.v. time-outs.

Fan of football? You'll want to check out 1st4Fans for the latest on your favorite team

Football is a huge sport on a global scale, but it's particularly special here in the UK. There are numerous ways to remain up-to-date with leagues, fixtures and results on Windows Phone and Window 8, but what about individual teams? How does one check latest news and other data for their favourite squad? Cue 1st4Fans for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

NFL Mobile app updated, Fantasy Football features fixed

NFL Mobile is a feature rich Windows Phone 8 app designed to keep you up to date with all the Pro Football action. One of the key features for NFL Mobile is the ability to manage your fantasy football teams directly from your Windows Phone.  

The app was recently updated to version and while there's not an official change log, our tipsters are pointing to fixes with the Fantasy Football features that were a little buggy on release.  It is our understanding that the update now fixes bugs that prevented you from switching players, managing lineups and held back other key Fantasy Football features.

Never miss an NFL game with the official NFL Game Pass for Windows Phone

I can hear all you reading the title shouting “YES!” at the top of your lungs. At least you would be doing that if you’re diehard NFL fan, never want to miss a game, and happen to live outside the United States and Mexico. NFL Game Pass is now available for Windows Phone.

Football kicks off today, grab the official NFL Fantasy app for Windows 8 and Xbox 360

Today, the 2013 NFL season gets underway. The opening game will see defending Super Bowl XLVII champions Baltimore Ravens up against the Denver Broncos. Both teams met in the playoffs last year, but only one went on to become champion. Should be an exciting game that helps set the tone for this season. What better way to enjoy the 94th regular season of the National Football League than with companion apps on your Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 device. Oh, and your Xbox 360 is getting in on the action too. Ready? Break!

Ready for football season? Here are a few Windows Phone apps to help you keep up with all the Gridiron action

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Football Apps
Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Football Apps

Our Windows Phones are great tools to keep up with life while on the go.  Be it checking your email, making calls, surfing the internet or checking in on your favorite social network.  With football season being right around the corner, many will be turning to their Windows Phones to keep tabs with all the scores, standings and stats from their favorite College or Professional football team.

To help you get ready for some football, this week's app roundup, we take a peak at four football oriented apps for our Windows Phone. 

ESPN Fantasy Football updated, push notification management added

It hasn't been long since the ESPN Fantasy Football app lost it's Nokia exclusivity and became available for all Windows Phones and now we are already seeing an update push out for the fantasy football app.

The version update adds the feature to allow ESPN Insiders to manage push notifications. While the change log is brief, very brief, we are also hearing that more team controls may have been added (don't hold us to that).

Meet the FC Barcelona team with Nokia India and the Lumia 620 competition

Reside in India and own a Lumia 620 Windows Phone? It could well be your chance to meet one of the top football teams in Europe - FC Barcelona. Nokia India is running a competition that will see consumers who own the smartphone competing against one another for the opportunity to watch the team play and meet the players. So how does one enter?

THE Football App adds another high quality sport experience to Windows Phone

There are a number of football apps available for our Windows Phone, enabling consumers to keep up-to-date with what's currently happening in the world of sport. We previously looked at a handful of such apps, but missed THE Football App, which was released soon after our app round-up.

We've decided to take a quick look at the app and see what it's all about. So grab a beer, throw on your team's shirt and join us on this wondrous adventure.

Taking it to the End Zone with Touchdown Run for Windows Phone 8

If you're looking for a simple game for your Windows Phone 8 device to pass short bits of time with, give Touchdown Run a try.

The game is about as simple as it can be but challenging enough to make it interesting. With Touchdown Run, you play the role of a football player fielding a kickoff or breaking away from the line of scrimmage heading to the end zone.

You have to navigate your player through a sea of defensive players, without getting touched, and make it safely to the end zone.

Test your Gridiron knowledge with NFL Trivia

With the Super Bowl just days away, many will begin touting their vast knowledge of the NFL. NFL Trivia is a Windows Phone app that will test that knowledge and may give you a leg up on the competition.

The trivia game is laid out about as simply as you can get with two modes of play, Simple and Trivia. Simple Mode presents you with ten questions and awards you points for each correct answer. Trivia Mode also offers you points for each correct answer but has an endless string of questions.

NFL Trivia may not have many bells and whistles but it isn't a bad test of your NFL knowledge.

Get your sports scores lickety-split with QuickScores

QuickScores is a simple Windows Phone app that delivers scores for six major sporting leagues. QuickScores doesn't have many bells and whistles but if you're looking for a quick and easy way to check scores, it might be worth a try.

QuickScores provides scores and game times for:

  • The National Football League
  • Major League Baseball
  • The National Basketball Association
  • The National Hockey League
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Basketball