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Rumors abound in regards to Windows Mobile 7, HTC's HD2, and Microsoft's purported Chassis 1. Speculation stems from the story that Microsoft has a "reference chassis" for Windows Mobile 7, and the fact that the HD2 is the only device which qualifies based on the rumored hardware requirements.

The latest round of conjecture is based on an XDA post detailing the response that he received when he asked HTC about Windows Mobile 7 for his HD2. The core of HTC's response is as follows.

"What we do it ROM Upgrades from our website, however 6.5 windows mobile has only been out 2 months and windows mobile 7 hasn't even been developed. This wont be out until next november at the earliest. But when it is available it will be a free download."

Overlooking the underwhelming English skills, let's break this down. First of all, HTC does indeed release ROM updates from their website. Windows Mobile 6.5 was released in October, so this is more or less true. The statement that Windows Mobile 7 has not been developed is probably not true, but we can be fairly certain that it is not a finished product at this point. The statement about November is very noncommittal, and doesn't seem to come from anyone with actual knowledge of the timeline. The final statement, that it will be a free download once it is released, is simply in line with HTC offering free updates for their devices. While you could read into the response and take out that HTC is committed to bringing Windows Mobile 7 to the HD2, the response doesn't actually say that in so many words.

My personal prediction is that the HD2 will get Windows Mobile 7, at least unofficially. Until Microsoft shows Windows Mobile 7 to the world, speculation about what devices will get the upgrade is simply speculation. Stay tuned for news out of Mobile World Congress next month.

[via RedmondPie]

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Those of you in the UK looking to pick up an HTC HD2 can now do so with Virgin Mobile for free with its 24-month £30 tariff. Up to this point the Snapdragon toting beast has been available unlocked, on O2 and T-Mobile.

Have any of our British mates been lugging an HD2 around recently? What carrier are you rocking? Regale us with tales of your device superiority in the comments.

[via CoolSmartPhone]

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T-Mobile U.S. makes HD2 official!

Well, we've known for a few weeks already, but nothing like an official announcement (via Twitter) that T-Mobile U.S.is indeed getting the HD2:

T-Mobile will be the exclusive U.S. carrier of the HTC HD2 –slated for launch this spring! Sign up for e-mail updates 

They even give a link for sign-ups for more information (found here) and we imagine a pre-order.

"Exclusive" , eh?  Guess that may put a kabosh for the rest of us not on T-Mobile.

Read the official press release here for more details.

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It's been awhile in the making with lots of false releases and half-fixes (Soft SPL anyone?), but at last the full Hard SPL is now available by the DarkForces Team (bepe and Cotulla) for the much coveted HD2 (see hands on and review)

(And yes, it should work on the U.S. T-Mobile version, but we'll have to actually wait for its release to verify)

Get it here.

Not much else to say except find your favorite chef and forum and start browsing for some custom goodness.  As usual, be aware there is a risk with flashing a Hard SPL and using custom ROMs, so feel free to wait on the sidelines for 48 hours, m'kay?

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If you ever need more confirmation that the HTC HD2 was going to get an update to Windows Mobile 7, we'll point you to the facts that (A) The original tweet saying an upgrade was coming was quickly deleted and (B) the above non-denial-denial recently posted by HTC. OK, we get it. That the HD2 might be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7 is "unconfirmed." Sure thing, guys. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

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Update: The Tweet you see above has been deleted. Validation!?!?! (Good eye, Mxx!)

We're really not fans of seeing "official" sources break news on Twitter, but so be it. Here you see a translation of a Tweet from @HTC_Ru, HTC's Russian Twitter account. And it clearly says that of the Windows phones currently available, only the HD2 is slated to get an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7. That's something we've been quietly expecting for a while now, especially given the supposed WM7 chassis specs. The HD2 has the 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It's got a capacitive screen. And it's hulking size means I wouldn't want to tell it it'd be stuck with Windows Mobile 6.5 forever.

As for other devices getting an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7? We'll go ahead and say that the bunch we saw recently in that HTC leak are a pretty good bet, assuming they're not actually launched with Windows Mobile 7.

Twitter via Pocketnow

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One neat feature that often gets left out of discussion on the HD2 (see review) is the built in digital compass.

Although occasionally useful, one major downside is it can't be used by third-party apps e.g. iGO, Google Maps, etc.  Well, that is until XDA member Mach2003 decided to play with and alter the GPSModDriver.

Stressing that this is still beta, the .cab file will allow interaction of the compass with those GPS apps, though each one will vary in terms of action.

For instance, Google Maps won't rotate the map for you  (shame) but it will give you a constant blue arrow for direction status (sort of like when you a driving, but now it will work at all times and be more sensitive).  iGO8 in 3D mode will "...rotate with the entire screen according to your compass heading, as long as you have a GPS fix"

Of course this is the tip of the iceberg and we're sure digital compasses and GPS on Windows phones is just starting.

[thanks you know who for the tip!]

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With that leaked ROM for the upcoming T-Mobile HD2 for the U.S. market comes a new version of TouchFLO 2.5 (aka Manila). 

One of those features is a new "documents tab" which evidently lets your browse through your \My Documents folder right in TouchFLO.

Goes to see HTC is not resting on expanding the reach and depth of Manila.  We suppose you can look forward this enhancement from your local chef in a short bit.

Edit:  Ignore the WM6.5.x in the pic--part of a custom ROM, not HD2 which is WM6.5.

thanks Muttim86

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We're calling it folks: we now believe T-Mobile is the U.S. destination for the famous HTC HD2 (watch our hands-on here).  Sorry to the other carriers, thanks for playing. We're also hearing a tentative release window of March.

How do we know?  One of our trusty ninjas hooked us up with the still-in-testing ROM files for said device.

Having dumped the .nbh file ourselves, we can verify that indeed this sucker is a T-Mobile HD2 ROM (see below screen shot).  And no, we will not share this, so don't bother askin'.

Here are some stats:

  • Leo ROM 2.01 (big jump from v1.61 leak)
  • WM6.5 build 21869
  • Opera
  • OzIM_US_1.
  • Teeter 2.0 (ooh, a new version)
  • TMOUS_Manila_Core 2.5.1921401

Of course that's just a drop in the bucket from the External Packages folder, but you get the drift.

So T-Mobilers, a huge congrats.  And to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, as far as we know, curses to you.

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We knew it was coming. Heck, it's been in people's hands for awhile already.  Regardless, HTC officially let loose the 1.48 ROM update for the HD2.

Improvements are as follows:

  1. Flipping back and forth between songs is easier than ever.  Whether you are listening to a defined playlist, or letting your phone shuffle your songs for you, your music will play continuously and fluidly.
  2. Taking full advantage of the G-Sensor, Opera can switch seamlessly from portrait to landscape mode to allow more flexibility and allow for you to browse your websites however you want.
  3. Staying connected to your loved ones is as important to you as it is to us, and we’ve enhanced our voice quality even more in this update.  Now updated, we’re delivering crystal clear sound quality, making it even easier to feel close to your loved ones, even when you are on the move.

Get that update here.

Of course, there already is a 1.61 ROM update leaked.  Gotta love that.  The leaked version reportedly addresses some radio issues (poor HSDPA performance) and incorporates the camera fix.  And at least according to Fards (via Twitter), it gets a whopping "150% speed boost over the 1.48 rom".  Sweeet.

Finally, on top of the ROM update, there is a "SMS function patch" as well.  You'll want to apply that after the 1.48 ROM update.  Whew, patch that sucka!

[via HTC and MobileTechWolrd]


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Vodafone is/isn't ditching the HD2

There's a little bit of confusion regarding whether Vodafone is letting the HTC HD2 die on the vine as it prepares to launch the iPhone 3GS.

A report from Electric Pig (and picked up by Engadget) says that Vodafone wouldn't be restocking stores in order to deal with a current backlog of orders. And that's just the case. Not that Vodafone is "ditching" the HD2. Not that the iPhone 3GS has anything to do with anything. Subsequent forum posts from Vodafone spell it out:

We just wanted to update you all on the current situation with the HD2:

We haven't recalled or stopped selling it, at the moment we have simply ran out of stock. When our next batch of stock arrives, this will be used to fulfil our outstanding back orders but we won’t be taking any additional orders via Telesales.

Now everybody simmer down. You Vodafone customers should consider yourselves lucky to be on the same continent where the HD2 is selling! :-/

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Anybody remember the Great HTC Leak of 2009, in which we learned about the likes of the Snap line, the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 revisions as well as a slew of Android fare? It's time for the 2010 sequel, folks, courtesy of XDA Developers guru B3ler3fonte [via BGR]. This is all gleaned from an October presentation in Switzerland, apparently.

On the Windows Mobile side, we're looking at a smaller, less powerful version of the HD2 form factor, an updated front-facing QWERTY, and another version of the Touch Pro 2. (Check out our pals at Android Central for that end of the leak).

Join us after the break for the whole WinMo breakdown.

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We're all used to basic builds of Windows Mobile leaking out. It's also not unusual for full-on official ROM releases to squirm their way into our fat little fingers. Such is the case with the latest for the HTC HD2. The 1.48 ROM (up from 1.43) purportedly fixes issues with the calendar and provides some overall speed improvements (which is saying something when you're running a 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the first place).

The above video from YouTuber Xmoo123 shows off the before and after. It apparently is running Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 21869, up from 21864. (By comparison, I'm running 6.5 Build 21877.) All that said, this may be an "official" release, but it's not been officially released by HTC (when it its, you'll see it here), so consider yourself warned. [HTCPedia via wmpoweruser/pocketnow]

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What's going on with the HTC HD2

We promise we'll go all out on the HTC HD2 once it's more widely available in the United States. Really. We will. (And because you'll ask: Yes, it's coming to the U.S. early next year. No, we don't know exactly when or on which carrier.) In the meantime, here's what's going on:

  • Our pal Matt Miller from Nokia Experts has the HD2 in hand and is giving it a thorough run-through in his ZDNet blog.
  • The HD2 is now available on T-Mobile in the UK. [via Tracy and Matt]
  • The HD2 has 802.11n WiFi available, though it's turned off by default. Here's how to turn it on. [XDA via MoDaCo and Engadget]
  • HTC acknowledges there's a problem causing the HD2's camera to occasionally go pink. A software fix is on the way. [via wmpoweruser]
  • HD2's now on sale with O2 in the UK. [via Coolsmartphone]
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