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hong kong

Microsoft India has kicked off a new Gold Rush promotion for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. The promotion is open for all gamers with a Gamertag profile registered under India, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea and continues till June 30, 2014.

Xbox LIVE Gold is a premium multiplayer gaming network that offers free games, exclusive member discounts, and entertainment for your Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Previously we reported that Microsoft will be giving a special white edition of the Xbox One console to team members of the Xbox division. If you are consumed by the fire of jealousy, consider this to be some good news: supposedly an insider source in China revealed that the white next-gen Xbox One will be available to the consumer market some time after the console's initial launch in late November.

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The grey variant of the Lumia 920 Windows Phone has been spotted on the Nokia Hong Kong Facebook account. Yes, it actually exists. The device has been expected to arrive in multiple markets since the Lumia 920 was announced last year, but we're yet to see the colour made available in numbers for consumers to get their paws on. Not only has it been published on Facebook, but to lower the mood even further, it's on sale in Hong Kong.

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The recently announced Nokia Lumia 920 is set to be priced in Hong Kong at just HK$3,900 (approx. $500 / £300), according to a report over at WeloveWP.hk. Consumers will also be able to pick up the new Windows Phone with a Wireless Charging Base and a Bluetooth headset for just HK$4,399 (approx. $570 / £350), which would aggressively compete with the HTC 8X that has been priced at just £399 including VAT (approx. $650) at a UK retailer.

The price conversions from Hong Kong Dollars would be before VAT is added on, so we'd be looking at around about the same as the potential HTC 8X tag for the Lumia 920 once it reaches UK shores. No official word has come from Nokia (or HTC) regarding pricing, so we should of course take this with a cup of salt, but we can see Nokia pricing their new hardware to undercut both HTC and Samsung. This would almost fit in with Lumia 800 pricing when the Windows Phone was released last November.

Alas, it's always fun to speculate and have our dreams taken to new heights with great deals, right? How much would you be looking to pay for both the Lumia 920 and 820 SIM-free?

via: WeloveWP.hk

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While our Windows Phones are busy smoking the competition they may need something to blow away all that fiery aftermath, so it only makes sense to have a special fan for the occasion.

Microsoft Hong Kong has evidently commissioned a limited number of special portable fans just for these situations but they have a little trick up their sleeve. As you can see in the images above and the video below, when the fan runs an electric banner scrolls around the blades with "Windows Phone" and "Simply faster".

As we're fans of all things geeky, we're very impressed and think it's a brilliant little promotion tool.

Our friends at the Hong Kong site We Love Windows Phone (www.welovewp.hk) managed to get their hands on a shipment of these little bad boys and are planning on giving them out to some lucky people (and yes, worldwide shipment is an option). So you'll want to head to their site and maybe even give 'em a "Like" on their Facebook page to learn of the details as soon as they publish them.

Pretty cool Microsoft, pretty cool.

Source: We Love Windows Phone (HK) (Bing Translation)

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Looks like the Smoked by Windows Phone phenom is spreading to the Far East. Starting yesterday and continuing through the weekend, over in Hong Kong the Windows Phone team is taking challenges to their OS--from iPhones to Android phones, all are fair game. From Simon at We Love Windows Phone:

"The “Smoked by Windows Phone” Hong Kong version (「挑戰」, a local Hong Kong slang meaning challenging each other) was organized by Microsoft HK starting from yesterday (Friday in Hong Kong) to Sunday. The event yesterday was held for 2 hours and for the remaining two days it would be held for 4 hours each day. Challengers using iOS, Android or Blackberry devices are all welcomed to join the challenge. There are more than 5 challenge tasks that people can randomly choose from to compete with Windows Phone (details of tasks would be shown after the series of event is finished by our site in order to increase the excitement for contestants)...If the challenger wins, they can get HK$1000 (~US$130) in cash as a reward; while if they lose, they get a specially designed Windows Phone tee!"

So far it's going well as yesterday that had 11 challenges and 0 losses, which ain't too shabby. For more photos and details, head to We Love Windows Phone!

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Hong Kong. The land of gadgets, bright lights and even brighter colors. They also know how to celebrate a phone's launch, specifically the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710. Announced about two weeks ago for the region and delivery by mid December, the Lumias look to take Hong Kong by storm.

As you can see in the photos above, Nokia still knows how to throw a party. And yes, that's a Voltron-esque giant Windows Phone created out of nearly 550 Nokia Phones (yeah, we did a quick count). In short, it is awesome.

The event was part of an electronic roadshow in Mong Kok in front of a Nokia Flagship store that is opening soon. They evidently had three sections setup: one for the backdrop, gaming, one for Windows Phone and one for general promotion. Perhaps more importantly, people could stop by and play with the phones to get a hands-on feel of the new devices or just get information (leaflets).

Very cool stuff and good to see Microsoft-Nokia going big there.

Source: We Love Windows Phone (Hong Kong)

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Good news for those in Taiwan. Just days after announcing that the Nokia Lumia 800 (and 710) will be coming to Hong Kong , it looks like Taiwan will be getting the device too. The price is set for  18,900 (800) & 13,900元 (710) and preorders are expected to take place this Saturday.

Nokia is making a big push into markets that typical Microsoft OEMs have had not much luck getting into or dominating. Asian markets like Taiwan and Hong Kong are key to the OS's success and it looks like Nokia has it all figured out.

Source: Mobile01.com; Thanks, Jean-François A., for the tip!

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HTC Mozart owners residing in India are receiving an update to be able to use Internet Sharing, according to a report at welovewp.hk. Aviraj Ajhekar, an employee at Microsoft India, has published an article stating his Mozart received a firmware update and was then able to tether.

Unfortunately, welovewp.hk  reports that a similar update received in Hong Kong doesn't enable the feature, which further confirms the final decision being up to carriers. We've recently covered ThreeUK allowing Internet sharing on the Samsung Omnia 7, as well as LG Germany.

Have you received a firmware update that enables this WiFi feature?

Source: wplovewp.hk, Aviraj Ajhekar  Thanks Simon!

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Microsoft's strategy for launching Mango in various regions is a bit up in the air--in a lot of places it's up to the OEMs/carriers to roll out the update or release new devices.

If you go to this page: http://www.microsoft.com/taiwan/promo/wpmango/ You'll notice the big ol' "Coming soon on 9/9" which last we checked is today (in HK, tomorrow for us). The fan site We Love Windows Phone HK notes that marketing in Hong Kong and by assumption Taiwan, don't speak of dates or promotions unless that product has been launched already. Translation: this date could be the very same date that Microsoft begins to push out Mango--either by promotion or perhaps carriers.

On the other hand, this could be an older page, dates could have changed, etc. We do know that Mango is close for a lot of folks and this is clearly one more indication.

update: And like all things too good to be true, this looks to be a misunderstanding. Evidently there were two promotional events for Mango launched by MSTW and neither is the actual launch.

via: We Love Windows Phone HK

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