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Good news for those who reside in Poland. The HTC Titan and Radar handsets, running Windows Phone Mango, have appeared on RTV EURO, an online retailer in Poland. The devices are available for pre-order are are priced at 2599zł (£500) and 1799zł (£350) respectively. Poland now joins the UK among other countries who are preparing to release the second generation HTC handsets.

Head on over to the product pages below to kick-start the ordering process.

Source: RTV EURO Titan and Radar product pages, via: wp7.com.pl

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Nokia Ace to have 4.3 AMOLED display and HSPA+

This is fairly interesting, but take it how you will. My Nokia Blog has received an anonymous tip containing specifications of a high-end Windows Phone handset from Nokia. The device is the "Nokia Ace" and is rumoured to be announced at the upcoming Nokia World in London later this month.

The "Nokia Ace" specifications make this device slightly more power-packed than the Sea-Ray, indicating that the handset that was unveiled earlier this year (and is presumably going to be the launch device) is mid-level with features to rival the Samsung Omnia W and HTC Radar. According to the tip My Nokia Blog received, the following will be featured in the "Nokia Ace":

  • 4.3" AMOLED
  • 1800mAh
  • Carl Zeiss
  • 8mp AF
  • Windows Phone Mango+
  • HSPA+ (AT&T/T-Mobile)
  • CBD
  • 1.4 Ghz processor
  • 16GB internal storage

    Let's see what both Nokia World and Q4 2011 bring to the Windows Phone community, but all is looking well for the future Nokia portfolio of WP devices.

    Source: My Nokia Blog, via: PocketNow

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    Hands on with the Radar 4g

    Here's a hands-on video of the HTC Radar 4G that is headed to T-Mobile. Technobuffalo got their hands on one during a dinner party hosted by T-Mobile and was impressed with the phones' build quality and all the goodness of Windows Phone 7.5.

    Technobuffalo wasn't a fan of the double-chin bottom that gives the phone an appearance of being thicker than it actually is. Still, the first impressions were good and unfortunately, T-Mobile wouldn't tip their hat on a release date beyond "in time for the holidays".

    There's no word if one of these demo units were left at the bar of the restaurant but we'll keep an eye on Ebay just in case. Still not sure if the white body works or not.  What do you guys and gals think? Will T-Mobile customers be happy?

    source: Technobuffalo via: wmpu

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    Good news for those wanting to get their hands on the HTC Radar or HTC TItan--Phones4U, a UK-based retailer, is spreading the word everywhere that tomorrow, they'll be the first to sell the new phones.

    In fact, if you go to their website, both are listed with pricing and contract information (Radar, Titan) for pr-orders, but not that they won't deliver till October 7th. That bit of discrepancy gives us pause a bit-- after all, if you can walk in and buy it, why can't they ship it to you faster? Still, putting out a newspaper ad (Metro.co.uk) sort of commits you to the offering, so we'll be curious to see how many of you go and pick up these bad boys. Do let us know!

    (For the record, I personally had the chance to play with both phones a few days ago and although I'm usually a bit harsh on HTC, these two devices really shocked me on their quality. It's as if HTC built a completely different phone from Gen1 devices, with some of the nicest screens I've seen.)

    Thanks, Rob E., for the tip and @beckett1 for the image!

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    While we were just gazing at that HTC commercial for the TITAN in their "Reveal" series, we came across another one, but now for the Radar. In fact, this is the same on played during the London presentation--but now all hi-def like. Even cooler? It's posted by the director himself, Roman Ruetten via 1stAveMachine studio.

    We're not sure why but we like this version even more--something about it seems quite epic. And now that we know it's going to T-Mobile with 4G on board, it certainly seems to fit the part. Also the music reminds us of Kill Bill.

    Watch the "making of" here, for you video nerds.

    Source: Vimeo; Thanks, Danny, for the tip!

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    Look at that, just a few hours after we posted about the Radar 4G existing and then speculating that it was destined for T-Mobile, pics of that device come forward. And we were right.

    There's not too much else to know: it's a 3.8" screen device with a metal unibody design, 5MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front-facing one for video. While the Euro version is just 3G, those in the U.S. will be getting 4G as seen in the shot above. No word on release date or pricing, but obviously this thing is close--TmoNews is hearing "October/early November". This is the only confirmed Mango device for T-Mobile so far, but perhaps there is room for a Titan as well?

    See more pics at TmoNews.

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    This morning we posted a few new device names that have been documented using the app "I'm a WP7". Those devices include the HTC Ultimate, HTC Radar 4G and the Samsung Haden.

    While looking at Elbert Perez's stats for his collection of 13 games, we can at least verify that the HTC Radar 4G pops up there as well, lending more credence to the idea that this device is real. Once again, it's not too difficult to imagine such a device--just pop in a new Qualcomm chipset for the 4G and you're good to go. And since Mango supports 4G, this is a no brainer for US markets.

    The big question of course is who is this for: T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon? We're now thinking T-Mobile as we remembered this post.

    Source: Occasional Gamer

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    We love stats and today we have some from 'I'm a WP7' which were sent to us directly from the developer, Scott Peterson. Going through the list of makes, models and code names is always a challenge. This morning we have three devices that caught out eye (besides the already known Nokia 703 and 800).

    • HTC Ultimate - first we've ever heard of this device. Ironically, there was a fan-designed Android device back in early 2010 going by the same name--guess HTC liked the idea. Before we jump to conclusions though, this could be just a carrier branded version of the Titan e.g. think AT&T.
    • Radar 4G - So far only Samsung with the Focus S on AT&T gets the nod for first Windows Phone with "4G" (yes, in quotes). But if true, this will show that HTC has something up their sleeves. Our bet? We're looking at a Sprint or Verizon phone, with more confidence in the former carrier.
    • Samsung Haden - Searching for Haden returns the 'Hayden' aka Samsung l870, but that's too old to be relevant. However, it is a portrait slider device ala Venue Pro and Samsung does have an i677 in the works, which traditionally are front-qwerty phones. Maybe we're reading too much into that, but it's fun to guess.

    (Note: The Eternity X310e is just the Titan)

    So could we still see some new devices this fall? We think so and we'll be keep an eye out for more info, especially if it happens to land in out inbox.

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    HTC Radar available October 1st?

    Phones 4u, a U.K. website, is reporting to have an inside track or lead on getting the new HTC Radar. A lead that is expected to land the Windows Phone on their shelves on October 1, 2011.

    While most of the press release from Phones 4u deals with an Android release, Scott Hooton, Trading Director at Phones 4u did share this tid bit.

    "Our customers want the very best and latest in mobile technology, and so its important that we’re able to offer them only the very best smartphone range, the very latest technology and value for money. Our ongoing and successful working relationship with HTC means we’ve been able to add even more great smartphone exclusives to our widest ever range of exclusive white devices we’ll be offering across contract and prepay this quarter.."

    According to the press release, as a result of their successful relationship with HTC, the Radar will be a hero product for Phones 4u in store from 1st October. Pricing is reported as "free from 26 pounds a month on a choice of networks". 

    Granted this is a European release but you've got to hope that the sooner Europe gets these new Windows Phones, the sooner the U.S. market will.  You can read the full press release after the break.  The Radar information is towards the bottom.

    source: eurodroid Thanks goes out to Alex for the tip!

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    HTC Radar shows up on Orange UK

    The HTC Radar has made its way onto UK mobile site Orange UK in the "Coming Soon" section.  While no timeline is given for availability, it is a good sign that release is imminent.  With a 3.8" screen, 1GHz processor, and 5MP camera, it is meant to be a lower-price point to its overgrown counterpart, the Titan, and was shown to be a little behind it when the two were put through their paces recently.  That being said, the Radar still proved to be a pretty nice addition to the HTC WP7 lineup when we took a look at it hands-on.

    Source: OrangeUK (Thanks for the tip, Alex!)

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    Looking to pick up the a new HTC Titan or Radar when released? Have questions about the Fujitsu IS12T? Or just want to discuss why these devices are totally 'leet? Then hop on into the WPCentral Forums where we've recently created dedicated sub-forums to these upcoming phones, in addition out our cadre of existing devices.

    So come on by and add your two cents...  http://forums.windowscentral.com/

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    Clove is offering the HTC Radar for £285 (ex. VAT) and the Titan for £498 (inc. VAT) with pre-orders for international shipping. It states that first stock is due early October, which confirms the 15th date set on Amazon. Among the feature icons found on the product page is DLNA, FF camera and more. Looking good!

    On a quick funny note, it seems as though one can pick up the Radar for £0.00 including VAT. So the taxation of the product is actually reimbursing the customer the price. We know it's a mere error but still caused a few giggles.

    Source: Clove, via: WPSauce

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    HTC Radar appears on the radar

    We've seen ads for the HTC Titan and Radar over at Amazon.com's UK site and now we are seeing the HTC Radar make an appearance on the UK mobile phone site, IntoMobilePhones. While there isn't an out of contract price listed for the Radar, the monthly rental is running 26.88 Pounds (about $44 U.S.). The out of contract price, while not listed, has been reported to be $568 U.S on the Amazon.com listing.

    The interesting part of the advertisement is the availability date. The Radar is currently being offered as a pre-order with stock expected around September 20th.

    If true, the Radar will be available long before the "first of October" date we heard at the London unveiling. There is a double asterix after the date which likely means "give or take a few weeks" just in case supplies are delayed.

    source: intomobilephones  Thanks goes out to Ross for tipping us on this!

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    While we published a summary of the evening, we haven't yet posted our capture of the main presentation and the unveiling of the HTC Titan and Radar. Feast your eyes on the above video. The atmosphere and music through the presentation and handset videos was superb, you could sense the excitement in the audience (even though we still believe some were expecting Android devices).

    Philip Blair, vice-president of product and operations, was the bringer of much happiness and unleashed the charged crowd onto the demo tables (it reminded me of the Spanish bull run).

    Huge thanks to Alex Dobie from Android Central for coming along and capturing the footage!

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    Start those countdown clocks boys and girls, as the HTC Titan and Radar are now listed on Amazon UK's website. Fetching for the quite hefty £529.99 ($860) for the Titan and £349.99 ($568) for the Radar, the SIM free devices are set to be released on October 15th--just a few short weeks away.

    Of note is the fact that Microsoft is officially calling this Windows Phone 7.5 to differentiate from first-gen devices. Guess old habits are hard to break.

    Source: Amazon.co.uk 1, 2; Thanks, Ross "H3ALY" H., for the tip!

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    HTC can't modify the OS at all, but that won't stop them from bringing their styling to Windows Phone. And we know they will be offering dock accessories for the Radar and Eternity but lots of folks were wondering, what's the point if Windows Phone doesn't do landscape?

    Ah, well that's where HTC steps in with their HTC Dock app. As can be seen in our hands-on video, HTC have created an app that is very Sense derived. Let see what we can gather what this app does:

    • Clock/Alarm
    • Weather - the background is the current weather and dynamic, the temperature is below the clock
    • Media player - Music
    • HTC Watch - Movies, video
    • Photos - Near the bottom we can see your latest photos. one could imagine tapping them starts a slide show

    Sure it doesn't make up for no-landscape support, but as a bed stand or desk accessory, we can't help but really like the idea of having this. You?

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    Here we are folks, the above video is our quick run through with the HTC Titan, which truly is a beast of Windows Phone Mango. Below we have the same with the HTC Radar, both sporting FF cameras, higher quality rear cameras and unique designs. Interestingly we also found some new features in settings such as "pocket mode" ringers and a "flip to mute ringer", hard to say if these are HTC only features or part of the final Mango build just yet. Check out the full summary of the London HTC event for more juicy info.

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    HTC has gone and made their site page on both phones live. Featuing videos, details, specs, photos and all, it's everything you can want besides, you know having the phones themselves. Both phones won't launch till October and are reportedly fetching for 599 euros ($855) for the Titan and 399 euros ($569) for the Radar.

    Hey look at that, a swanky video on their new fanagled cameras--a camera were pinning a lot on for HTC as they really need some improvemnents there.

    via: Bloomberg; Thanks, Filipe, for the heads up

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    Notice the "loudly" replacement of "quietly" in the title? The London HTC event was sure enough a night club with some phones displayed. Three hours later and my ears are still ringing the bells louder than ever, but was it a well worth visit? Absolutely. I was joined by Jay Bennett (our app developer) along with two strays we found on the street, Alex Dobie and Richard Devine from Android Central.

    While merely being about two upcoming Windows Phone Mango devices, the HTC Titan and Radar, the event was full of enthusiasm, music, free drink and a cracking presentation. Overall it was a superb evening where we conversed with Microsoft and HTC employees, experienced the new handsets for ourselves and began to get drunk in the process for free. Head on past the break for the round-up.

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