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Here's your first look at Watch Dogs 2, thanks to a Twitch ad released ahead of announcement

Watch Dogs 2 is set to be released by Ubisoft this year as a successor to the 2014 hacking and vigilante title that was met by mixed reviews. Before we are met with an official announcement, which was originally teased for June 8, there's an advertisement on Twitch that shows off the next game in the franchise.

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As noted by Kotaku, the advert on Twitch confirms that Watch Dogs 2 will be released on November 15. The video was removed from YouTube, but remains live on Twitter, for now. What do you make of footage shared thus far? Sound off your thoughts (and fears) in the comments and be sure to remain tuned to Windows Central for today's announcement.

Update: It appears as though the video is being removed from all social media. Here's another listing:

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  • Yea need to update this article lol Please downvote me. I'm aiming for the most.
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  • Hip-Hop and anti-society, I prefer this one
  • Amped, I loved the first and now looks like I shall love the sequel
  • Me too! I get that people were disappointed by the whole graphics thing, but I thought it was great. Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • Yes!! 1st one is one of a best game I have played.
  • Hoping that Xbox Live gives us WD1 for free soon so I can play it before WD2 comes out...The reviews were so negative that I don't want to spend my money only to agree with the reviews...Love open world games and always wanted to try it out.
  • It wasn't bad, just didn't live up to the rampant hype beast that preceded it. And I hated the final mission. The ending was kinda pants.
  • Agreed. Kinda anti-climactic ending in all honesty. But I loved the game except for that :D It sad though that because it didn't live up to the hype and everyone's expectations (that the hype had caused) it got bad reviews. If they played the whole game first and appreciated it ignoring the failure hype, the media's story may be a bit different :p However I do know that obvs some people just wouldn't have liked the game in general as well +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • I didn't read into any of the hype really so I did end up enjoying the game - Agree the last mission was rubbish. I thought the combat in the game was really fun and enemies reacted better than in some other games of the time from getting shot as well as being reasonable at flanking you. If you started taking a group out with a silenced pistol without being seen the others would start to get worried and panic that you were picking them off so efficiently - I liked that they reacted to what was happened better than some other games where they might just shout taunts no matter what approach you were taking
  • Removed
  • Video removed...
  • Damn it too late... :(
  • I am going lose my job this year, watch dogs 2, wildlands, pes, forza, battlefield in the space of six months. I am not done with the division, rainbow six siege and just picked up arma 3. Good year for gaming in my opinion, not so good for work productivity.
  • Say bye2 to low end pc
  • Fool me once, shame on Ubisoft, fool me twice, shame on me. Im not the slightest bit interested in a sequel to the trash that is watch dogs. The first was such a letdown with crappy graphics, repetitive and shallow gameplay, weak ending etc. I pride myself on keeping every game/console I ever bought, but that trash was the first and only game I ever traded in.. I will be skipping WD2
  • Try this link in glorious SD:
  • Yeah, well, I'll be moderate and just say that you should not get influenced by preview videos of ubisoft games, especially if it's Watchdogs. Some people still need this kind of advice.
  • Maybe I shall start to play the first one.
  • I might finish the first game got it on sale one time.