Take your tunes into the shower with this $20 speaker

Showers can be boring (especially the lonely ones!), and shower thoughts can just end up making you feel way less relaxed than a show should. Some people also happen to sing their best when in the shower — or so we tell ourselves.

Enjoy your tunes when wet for $20

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Whatever your reason for wanting music in the shower, you need a speaker in your bathroom. Cords probably aren't the best idea (you know — death by electrocution), so you'll want a convenient Bluetooth speaker that lets you wirelessly blast your tunes. Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal, however, so you'll need something that's at least water-resistant so that you don't fry it the first time out.

Enter the XXL shower speaker, which has a driver twice the size of usual shower speakers, blasting out your music at 3W.This powerful speaker retails for $99.99, but through Windows Central Digital Offers, you pay just $19.99, a savings of 80%.

The XXL sticks to any non-porous surface via suction cup, making it perfect for shower tile, glass shower doors, mirrors, and more. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and has a large battery that usually requires charging less than once a month, so you can go a while without missing out on shower tunes. You can even take and make calls, thanks to the convenient microphone.

If you're looking for a great shower speaker that has a large driver but a compact body, then check out the XXL shower speaker at Windows Central Digital Offers. It's $20, down from $99.99, so you save 80%.

Sing in the shower to your hearts content!

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