TD Bank now supports Microsoft Wallet

Another bank in the U.S., TD Bank, has now added support for Microsoft Wallet on Windows 10 Mobile. TD Bank was previously listed as "coming soon" to Microsoft Wallet, but the bank has now confirmed support is available on its website (via Winbeta).

With support for Microsoft Wallet, TD Bank customers can use their Windows 10 Mobile device to make payments using their TD Bank Visa card. Customers can use their phone for contactless payments anywhere that displays the Microsoft Wallet or generic contactless payment logos.

TD Bank follows the addition of support from PNC and US Bank earlier this year in August. Currently, Microsoft Wallet only supports contactless payments in the U.S., and it isn't clear when support may be added for other countries.

Are you planning to use Microsoft Wallet with your TD Bank card?

Download Microsoft Waller for Windows 10 Mobile

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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