Teach your kid something new with $50 off the Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit has dropped to $249 on Amazon for Cyber Monday. That's $50 off the regular price and one of the lowest prices ever for this kit. We haven't seen it drop from its $299 price since Prime Day back in July. If you were looking to save, now's the time.

Piper computer kit

Piper computer kit

This is some straight-on STEM learning. Not only does your kid put together a little PC, but he or she will also progress through a series of challenges and stories about electronics and wires. Even learn the basics of coding.

This is a great STEM learning toy and a way to educate your children on building computers, learning to code, and all of that fun stuff. It might stir their imaginations or inspire them to pursue more advanced learning. Whatever it does, it does it in a fun way.

The kit comes with everything you need for your kid to build a fully functioning computer, and it comes with all the instructions you need to do it. It even has a speaker and amplifier, and a new 9-inch monitor with 600p resolution. A lot of the building comes in the form of puzzles and games, too. Solve in-game puzzles, build power-ups, and use the physical controls, switches, and lights with no technical knowledge required.

Kids can then progress to a guided series that includes engaging challenges. The StoryMode gives kids a sense of progression as they make their way through secret missions where they'll attach wires and connect electronic components to progress.

The coding basics come in the form of 11 progressively challenging projects that use drag-and-drop visual programming language. Kids will accomplish tangible, physical tasks through coding and gain confidence in their abilities as they go.

The kit is designed for kids aged 8 and up. It's designed to be easy to learn and harder to master. Beginners can eventually progress as far as learning the pre-loaded Python language.

This version of the kit is re-engineered for multiple rebuilds so you can tear it down and build it back up again. It also comes with a carrying case and more educational coding challenges.

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