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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free for Xbox Live Gold members, Tekken 7 due in early 2017

Microsoft announced at its E3 2016 press event that Xbox Live Gold members can download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Xbox 360 for free via its Xbox One backward compatibility feature.

Also, Tekken 7, the next game in the long-running fighting game series, is due in early 2017.

The game will remain free to download for the next week for Xbox Live Gold members. As far as Tekken 7 goes, publisher Namco Bandai says that it will feature a cinematic story mode that will blends seamlessly with the game's combat.

Stay tuned as we wlll have more from Microsoft's E3 2016 press event.

  • Been trying since I saw it in the LiveBlog.  Still showing as $19.99 in the US.
  • Same here.
  • Same here. Where's the price drop MS? Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Just came up free went to the game on Xbox one, clicked show price and it said free downloading now
  • I am also downloading on my xbox 360. Happy
  • Me too I checked limbo bc they said it would be free so I could compare limbo is saying it's free but ttt2 is still saying $19.99 US
  • Same here. Where's the price drop MS?
  • Still waiting in France Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just confirmed the buy (free) here in Belgium and I have Limbo for free aswell now  
  • It is now free. Enjoy
  • Love Tekken. My favorite fighting franchise after Smash Bros.
  • Ooooooooooooyeeeeahh!!
  • When the demo started, I thought they were bringing Street Fighter back to Xbox!  Oh well, Tekken is good too along with the free TT game. With all of these goodies announced, I'm glad I purchased a large external drive already. 
  • Why is akuma in the video image? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you didnt know. Akuma is in tekken 7 . He's in it due to Kazumi asking a favor of him incase of her death, which did happen in the Tekken storyline. So Akuma is in to kill off Heihachi
  • Link?
  • Finally free. But stuck on 0% installing. Cant stop it or delete it. Xbox one is so frustrating.
  • i dont see it free in canada. odd.
  • Yeah I just see 'bundle only"
  • The offer is based on region.  I tried to redeem it here in South Africa, and it tells me not available in my region...
  • Same here .MS better fix .Paying for Xbox Live the same as everyone else and Tekken Tag 2 had been released years ago.