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Telegram's desktop app gets big update to version 1.0 with refreshed design and more

Telegram, the popular cross-platform secure messaging app, has given its desktop app a big update to version 1.0. That move has been a long time in the making, as a desktop version of Telegram first launched in 2013. As you'd expect, the update also happens to herald some nifty changes — namely a modern design refresh.

As the Telegram team notes, version 1.0 of the Windows desktop app packs a design that should look familiar to anyone who has experience with Google's Material design aesthetic. Also included are new animations that should make navigating the app feel pretty smooth. Most interestingly, however, Telegram has added support for custom themes that anyone can make and apply themselves.

While it's not a universal Windows 10 app, Telegram has hinted in the past that it has plans for one — though that was around a year ago. Telegram also has a Windows Phone app (opens in new tab) available for download, and it's possible we could even see this desktop app make its way to the Windows Store via the Desktop App Converter.

Download Telegram Desktop

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  • Finally! But I can't wait for the UWP version. The WP81 version of the app is sort of ugly on Windows 10 Mobile, and the unread conversations on the tile tend to get stuck...
  • i use this to play werewolves 😜 who else?
  • Woohoo! Finally! I always loved Telegram more than any other instant messaging app. Btw.. Since when does Facebook messenger support device rotation/orientation?
  • since last 2 updates
    About 3-4 weeks ago
    I discovered it by chance 😃
  • We need UWP app... common telegram
  • Yeah, I presume UWA is on the way and let's hope WhatsApp and other platforms follows suite...
  • Check out Unigram, it is UWP but still late alpha state.
  • What is the situation of telegram in your country? Esp,european countries
  • Telegram seems to be extremely widespread among students in Berlin.
  • Nearly every one uses telegram in Iran, even schools and universities contact every one using telegram.(I'very never seen anyone who own a smartphone and doesn't have telegram here), what about your own country?
  • I'm Iranian 😂
  • I wish people I know used telegram. I like it a lot.  
  • We also need signal. It's considered the most secure.
  • Seriously. Since it is open source I am surprised no one had built one :/
  • If only I knew someone who uses it.
  • 2017. DESKTOP. NO.
  • Berlin, that explains it. My daughter just moved there. Now I'm on Telegram along with my wife and son who is in Denver .
  • Nothing here in Australia, but then again, we get nothing here or it takes 5 years. We just finished the 80's. Man, those hairdo's. 😜
  • i like Telegram better than Whatsapp and Viber, however most of my friends are on Whatsapp and Viber. I have few only in Telegram but since in their respective locations Whatsapp and Viber are more popular ones so they are on it.