'Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice' lands on PC today, Xbox Wednesday

Are you looking to get a little more Game of Thrones in your life between seasons? Well, there's some good news, as Telltale Games has announced that episode one of its Game of Thrones series, titled "Iron From Ice," is available on PC today, with Xbox One and 360 versions expected to hit the consoles' digital store tomorrow.

The series will follow the story of House Forrester over a span of six episodes. Additionally, the game takes place somewhere between the third and fifth seasons of the show, and it features the voices of the actors you've come to know and love (or despise) in the television series.

While the game is only available on PC and Mac today, Telltale is running a staggered release that will see the game hitting other platforms as the week goes on. For right now, you can go ahead and grab the game on your PC from your choice of Telltale's online store or Steam at the links below. Also be sure to check out our time with the game on Xbox One in the video below.

Come back tomorrow for our full review!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hodor!
  • Hodor?
  • Hodor.
  • Oder? Or flow??
  • Totally best first comment. Love to hate Hodor.
  • Hard-core! (totally not playing on Hodor)
  • Can't wait! Super excited! Their borderlands ga.e was also very fun!
  • I think you'll like this one too. We have a review coming up tomorrow. :)
  • Btw, no spoilers Paul,please. :P
    Being one of the biggest GoT fans,I want to play this game myself first :P
  • I go into even less detail about the plot than in my Tales from the Borderlands write up. :)
  • I'm a huge Thrones fan, of the books and the series. Was excited about this. But from the looks of the animation, gameplay, and quality of the voiceovers....I'm thinking this is more like a $4.99 game. Overpiced. Course, I don't have experience with their other titles so maybe I'm wrong. But so far from what I've seen isn't enough to convince me to buy it. The upcoming review might help with that.
  • You are wrong. TellTale games is an incredible studio. Excellent story telling.
  • Haven't you played "the walking dead"the award winning game by telltale
  • Hope they'll make it on Windows Phone too... 
  • From it's looks, it seems like a pretty light "game", more of a animated choose your adventure...but in the GoT world, that sounds like a pretty great thing. I expect there's a fair bit of real gameplay in between these expanded interactive cut scenes, but having not played much of these types of games that's just a guess. Anyways, I'll be buying this for my new XBOne - delivered today!
  • You're right on the money about it being a "choose your own adventure" game, but I wouldn't say there's more to the gameplay than what was shown in the video. In past TellTale games, the gameplay consists of some point-and-click style puzzles, branching dialogue trees, and QTE action sequences. The strength of the games lies in the story-telling and the emotional impact of how your choices affect the story. Check out The Walking Dead Season One, which is available on XBox One and was TellTale's first game of this type...still a masterpiece of tugging on the heartstrings.
  • I'll try this today!!
  • What? No Sega Genesis port? For shame Telltale, for shame.
  • LOL!
  • Sega port is like asking for WP port...
  • Is that price just for the episode or for the whole season? As normally tell tale stuff is a lot less that that per episode.
  • $4.99 per episode, 6 episodes total. You can also get 2-6 as part of the season pass for an additional $19.99, saving $5
  • That makes sense, although it'll be more around 30-40 for the season here. Will worth it.
  • Tempting. Very, very tempting. What are the requirements. Will it run comfortably on a Surface Pro 2?