Over the last few weeks, we have been reporting on the forthcoming new game from Press Play (and published under Microsoft Studios). Named 'Tentacles: Enter the Mind', the game is an exclusive Xbox LIVE title for Windows and Windows Phone, with cloud synchronizing of game saves and data. The games have been available in Press Play's home turf of Denmark for a few weeks as a soft-launch, but as of today, the game should be available globally for everyone.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind is the sort-of-sequel to the previous Tentacles game, which came out years ago for Windows Phone. In the new version, the gameplay has changed to a more 3D view, along with a new story line, goals and that highly-desired cross-platform sync ability.

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From the game's description:

"Play as the adorable and fantastical creature, Lemmy, and tap or click your way through the layers of Dr. Phluff's outrageously bizarre mind. Dispatch enemies, collect eyes and secret eggs, gain powers and abilities, and play against your friends. And when you get to the end: survive as long as you can. The Doctor has gone mad from the creatures and only you and Lemmy can save him!"

We managed to do the region-switch trick last week and have been enjoying our time with the new game. Now, you can do the same, and since it is an Xbox Live title, you get those achievements too. Tentacles: Enter the Mind is free, with optional in-app purchases. The game is available for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, in addition to Windows 8.1.

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