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TextTwist 2 becomes the 100th mobile Xbox Live game this week

We first caught wind of TextTwist 2 coming to Xbox Live back in August when GameHouse announced multiple Windows Phone projects. The publisher later decided to publish a few of those games as indie titles under their RealNetworks label, but TextTwist 2 has kept its Xbox Live status. And now it’s finally coming out this week.

TextTwist 2 is a word-finding game that plays a lot like Boggle. The game presents a random assortment of letters which players then use to create as many words as possible. Multiple game modes include Unlimited (no time limit), Standard (timed), Daily Word (try to find the longest word possible once daily), and Letter Mania (fill an anagram grid before time runs out).

Achievement hunters/OCD sufferers note that TextTwist 2 has a few Achievements that don’t end in a five or zero. Still, if they’re anything like Collapse!’s Achievements, it shouldn’t be too hard to get all 200 GamerScore in short order.

TextTwist 2 debuts this Wednesday, January 18. We don’t have a price yet, but we’ll update as soon as we know. As for the 100th Xbox Live game designation, I believe that count includes a few non-game apps and delisted games, but it’s still a nice thought.

Update: It will cost $2.99.

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  • Awesome! Hopefully it will only be 2.99.
  • Shameless plug (sorry):
    Similar to TextTwist, WP7 exclusive WordMix is out now for FREE:
    (with ScoreLoop instead of XBL).  Massive Multiplayer version coming next week!
  • do we know already what will be the deal of the week?
  • Nope, not yet.
  • :(
  • FLIGHT CONTORL is now DotW. für CHF 3.49... so around $2.99?
  • according to your review it has always been $2.99...
  • Really? Fook sake! And how can it be on sale for 2.99 if its normally 2.99?
  • flight control is in the prominent spot when you start the marketplace and then select 'games'. usually there's the dotw game. which is normaly reduced in price... not this week though...
  • As long as there aren't any glitches achievements and there all possible, then I don't mind the irregular gamerscore. Jet car stunts bothered me because you get a 2 right away and then the game gets hard and I couldn't get any other odd numbers to even it out for awhile. I wish it was an Xbox live rule that all achievements were at least 5g and in increments of that.
  • I wish my games did the odd increments I find it refreshing to see a 6,3,7 or whatever is the amount I mean if ur going for a full 200 it dosn't matter but yea hopefully no glitches
  • Hoping for $2.99, I love games like this.
  • Hopefully Microsoft will stick with the 2.99 price point, anything higher is non sense.
  • Where da fook is the game?
  • any idea what the hold up is???
    (and what the deal seems to be with flight control???)