Why there's never been a better time to upgrade to Windows 10

The recent WannaCry ransomware issue highlighted the number of machines out there that are still running now-ancient versions of Microsoft Windows. The holes found within the old OS were used to exploit millions around the globe.

There really is no better time to finally make the leap to Windows 10 if you've been holding off.

The most secure Windows ever

This should go without saying, but the most current version of Windows is the most secure version of Windows. It's been in the spotlight in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware, because Microsoft very quickly confirmed that people using the latest version were protected.

So long as you keep Windows Update and Windows Defender activated, by default you're getting Microsoft's best support against security threats. Frequent patches and definition updates try to keep one step ahead of threats.

Windows 7 and 8 are still officially supported by Microsoft, but XP and Vista are not. Support for legacy software is something that dwindles over time. The way to look after yourself is to be on the current version.

Truthfully, if you're reliant on software that won't support newer versions, it's time to start questioning that software. IT departments in the enterprise will always have their own agendas, but if you're a consumer you still should put your security at risk.

If you're in the enterprise, WannaCry should be a startling reminder of why you need to be on current software.

Awesome features

It isn't just about security and keeping yourself safe. Windows 10 keeps adding features, and you don't have to pay for any of them. In the last 12 months alone there has been the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update, and there's another Creators Update scheduled for late 2017.

Windows Hello and Windows Ink are just two noteworthy new features, and there's something for everyone in Windows 10.

The Store continues to grow, too, and it's going to keep growing, with big names like Spotify and iTunes coming soon.

Windows 10 Creators Update review

Great for gamers

Windows 8 wasn't exactly popular with a lot of PC gamers, but Windows 10 is a different beast. Microsoft has Xbox smarts going into the OS, and at a core level you've got basic game capture and streaming capabilities. You can also stream your Xbox One games to your PC.

The Creators Update brought Game Mode, which is designed to try and make your experience even better. And while the Windows Store isn't exactly crammed with top-grade titles, it is the only place you can get your hands on amazing games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

And for access to the Windows Store, you need Windows 10.

Your advice

This is a very brief, top line comment on why Windows 10 is where you should be right now. But the Windows Central community is where the knowledge is really at, so if you have some specific advice to share to convince folks Windows 10 is worth upgrading to, drop it into the comments.

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  • Did you get paid from Micrsoft for this?  The same old scare stories, it is people who click on things they should not click on that causes the problems.  The company I work at still uses windows 7 and yet have had no problems, even the local NHS trust have had no problems. while others have. So how can some avoid it and others can't using the same operating system?   Have a look at this on you Tube and then say if Windows 10 is more secure.   i can understand that newer software should be better and more secure and maybe windows 10 is, but so many problems to do with privacy which Ms do not seem to care about.  I have ordered some updates for my computer today, I am hoping I will still bne able to run windows 8.1 on it, we will see, if not then i will have to find ways to sstop 10 spying.    
  • What issues with privacy are you talking about?
  • this https://www.theverge.com/2017/2/21/14682256/microsoft-windows-10-eu-privacy-concerns https://www.theverge.com/2016/7/21/12246266/france-microsoft-privacy-windows-10-cnil and more... yes, some things are fixed... some others still not and wont be because...
  • Yeah, you can basically turn it all off, and the very minor telemetry that remains is the same diagnostics stuff in 8.1. Basically if you are smart enough to keep your older OS safe, then you are smart enough to tick the right boxes when installing Windows 10.
  • You can turn it "off", but it doesn't seem to matter. https://voat.co/v/technology/comments/835741 read up the above. It was done on an Enterprise version, which offers more controls then Home or Pro.
  • Neither article actually mentions what is being collected; just that the EU is concerned that collection is happening.  Or may be happening.  Perhaps they have more proof than the Verge knows about. I've yet to see any other company face privacy concerns as Microsoft has.  Does the world simply not care how much data Google collects from its users?  Or Twitter, Facebook, Apple, etc?
  • Yeah, definitely been punched in the head, more than once I suspect...
  • Doesn't matter what OS you use, your being tracked if you have an internet connection. You're ISP knows every website you visit, every file you upload or download. Your cell carrier knows where you are, has your call records, the NSA is listening to calls, your texts are all saved on a data base. Even chat messages in video games can be monitored. Accept you're being watched or live off the grid. Live off the grid or accept you're being watched.
  • See I don't care because I know I'm not that interesting. I know I'm going to get targeted ads, the occasional junk email, etc, but the fact of the matter is... that's it. I know I'm not being spied on by any Government because I'm really not that interesting and it would be a waste of their time.
  • These tons of personally identifiable data being mined with no way to turn them off: https://youtu.be/wPFbAqICUJo Turning a blind eye to what they collect doesn't make it stop...
  • I suspect this guy is shoveling every bit as much bull**** as he accuses MS of doing. 
  • WTF is this idiot talking about?
  • I guess you forgot you posted a link? Or are you convinced he's full of bull as well? BTW, that is Ms. Idiot to you. ;-) 
  • Merely calling what claims and backs with credible sources "bull" without any facts to back your statement just shows what a blind fanatic you are...but sadly, that's to be expected on this site.
  • I offered as much proof as he and you did.  MS is a for profit company. Of course they want people to buy the new product, but there are practical reasons for updating. I can't help but wonder how many who haven't and who succumb to viruses, etc due to a lack of new updates swear at MS for not doing updates.  I'm not crazy about what any company or government collects on people, but Google built an empire on collecting such information.   
  • "I offered as much proof as he and you did." No, you merely came ignorantly suspecting with 0 logic. "MS is a for profit company. Of course they want people to buy the new product, but there are practical reasons for updating. I can't help but wonder how many who haven't and who succumb to viruses, etc due to a lack of new updates swear at MS for not doing updates." How TF is that an excuse to bend over for the spyware they've integrated with windows 10? "I'm not crazy about what any company or government collects on people, but Google built an empire on collecting such information." So, in other words, you realize they're stealing and selling people's personally identifiable data for profit, yet you just bend over and accept it like a blind sheeple 'cause others are doing it too? That's just retarded, to say the least.
  • Honestly mate, no one cares about your data.
  • If they really don't care, then they should simply give an option to turn the spyware off. Can't be saying "I don't care" yet keep stealing everyone's data...
  • If you do not know b y now then you have either had your head buried in the sand or think the data coilletced in Windows 10 is not a privacy matter.  
  • Wow! You actually have a problem with this article? lmao!!
  • That video had nothing to do with Windows 10.  It just shows that Microsoft Defender did not protect against a specific piece of malware, which would have the same results on other versions of Windows.
  • There's a petition about the spyware called windows 10 going on: https://www.change.org/p/jerry-berg-microsoft-needs-to-add-an-off-option...
  • He did say Windows 10 in the video and also since defender in Windows 10 is suppose to be the only security system you need according to Microsoft it is not much cop if it can not defend.  
  • Was thinking similar when I read the title. Now's not the time to downgrade to Windows 10, not while it remains an uncontrollable spyware haven: https://www.change.org/p/jerry-berg-microsoft-needs-to-add-an-off-option...
  • Privacy concerns, IMO, are irrelevant if one has Gmail, a Facebook account, Instagram, or any type of social network service account. It makes MS one of many.
  • None of those are linked to your personal files, except the ones you upload to them. You blind fanboys really need to learn the difference between a web service and an OS...
  • The difference is you use these services knowing that they use tracking that is how they make their money, the same if you have an Android based phone. If i use windows I do not expect Ms to be tracking me.  
  • Sigh.
    Stay on Windows 7, heck go back to XP. Break all the system with your regcleaners blockers and patches, whatever. Get hacked. Buy a chromebook. Good riddance.
  • The Athena / Hera spyware can still infect Windows 10!
  • They should allow Windows 7 & 8.x users to upgrade to Windows 10 S for free.  If they want Pro, then just let them pay the $49 upgrade.  Many people would be fine with 10 S, the rest would be getting a deal from what the Pro upgrade costs now.
  • It is still free. I upgraded a Windows 8.1 tablet with the MS Upgrade tool yesterday; no problem.
  • I have friends who say they won't upgrade until things are more stable with Windows 10. It's been over 2 years. I've been using Windows 10 on all my computers since it first came out and have had next to no issues with using it. In fact it gets better with every update/upgrade. With all the negative underground currents and trolls spreading 'fake' reasons for not going to Windows 10 I'm amazed people do upgrade. When I tell people I use Windows 10 mobile they 'feel sorry for me.' And I mean most mobile sales people in my city. Even though they've never used one or even know useful details. It is like some unspoken horror. My sister recently bought a new Android phone and she wanted it to be able to sync with her Surface Pro. The guy tried everything he could to talk her out of it using every negative rumour and innuendo he could think of to get her to 'rethink' using windows and to go with a Chromebook. She said she was almost swayed; but loves her Surface Pro and has me her Windows loving sister. It is sad the Microsoft is getting a bad rap for actually making good software and hardware. Go figure.
  • I would love to upgrade, but since they took out WMC, I am unable to. I am a very small minority, I know. My wife had her laptop upgraded, without her consent, and it slowed her computer down  to a crawl. I think it it had something to do with her harddrive, we rolled back to 7. 
  • There are reasons to stay on W8.1 though, which have still never been addressed. Especially on touch screen devices. I won't go over them all yet again, we all know what they are. Worth considering not getting an update to W10 and instead buying a stand alone copy of W10 pro. That way you can use a VM to run both, dropping to W10 when you must but benefitting from the excellent touch features and great UI+UX of W8.1 as well. You can have your cake and eat it. Tuck in!
  • No thanks. Windows 7 runs all my software (audio, video), that windows 10 can't..   I see no advantage whatsover on my machines: surface pro - 8.1 desktops - 7 fujitsu tablet - xp   everythig just works. i have tried windows 10 briefly, and recently, and there are no changes or features  that i need or use.   for me, as long as its not broken, there is no need to fix it.   same with windows phone 7.8, runs just as fast today, with more features that i use (ZUNE), than anything on windows 10 mobile.   later -1
  • I hated Windows 8.1 on my Surface, IT WAS BROKEN. Windows 10 has been the greatest improvement to that device I could hope for.
  • Let's be honest here, initially W10 was absolute tripe, but it's gotten a hell of a lot better.
  • you gotta love the mentality of if it ain't broke dont fix it.  We would still be in the stone age if ppl followed that mentality when it came to Technology.  Progress people, Progress.  But that goes to show that we as human beings are habitual and love our routines and things to stay the way they are (working). I am glad we are moving forward and making the OS better, with or without the "ifitaintbrokedontfixit" people.  Its not a straight path but we will get there.
  • Best time ever is when it was free! Upgraded 4 computers last year at no cost, 2 desktops with Windows 7 and 2 2in1 devices on Windows 8.
  • i just fell off my chair...Windows Central actually advocating a...*WINDOWS* system (gasp)...wonders will never cease.
  • Obviously the biggest advantage is that it is compatible with your Android or iOS device.