Why there's never been a better time to upgrade to Windows 10

The recent WannaCry ransomware issue highlighted the number of machines out there that are still running now-ancient versions of Microsoft Windows. The holes found within the old OS were used to exploit millions around the globe.

There really is no better time to finally make the leap to Windows 10 if you've been holding off.

The most secure Windows ever

This should go without saying, but the most current version of Windows is the most secure version of Windows. It's been in the spotlight in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware, because Microsoft very quickly confirmed that people using the latest version were protected.

So long as you keep Windows Update and Windows Defender activated, by default you're getting Microsoft's best support against security threats. Frequent patches and definition updates try to keep one step ahead of threats.

Windows 7 and 8 are still officially supported by Microsoft, but XP and Vista are not. Support for legacy software is something that dwindles over time. The way to look after yourself is to be on the current version.

Truthfully, if you're reliant on software that won't support newer versions, it's time to start questioning that software. IT departments in the enterprise will always have their own agendas, but if you're a consumer you still should put your security at risk.

If you're in the enterprise, WannaCry should be a startling reminder of why you need to be on current software.

Awesome features

It isn't just about security and keeping yourself safe. Windows 10 keeps adding features, and you don't have to pay for any of them. In the last 12 months alone there has been the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update, and there's another Creators Update scheduled for late 2017.

Windows Hello and Windows Ink are just two noteworthy new features, and there's something for everyone in Windows 10.

The Store continues to grow, too, and it's going to keep growing, with big names like Spotify and iTunes coming soon.

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Great for gamers

Windows 8 wasn't exactly popular with a lot of PC gamers, but Windows 10 is a different beast. Microsoft has Xbox smarts going into the OS, and at a core level you've got basic game capture and streaming capabilities. You can also stream your Xbox One games to your PC.

The Creators Update brought Game Mode, which is designed to try and make your experience even better. And while the Windows Store isn't exactly crammed with top-grade titles, it is the only place you can get your hands on amazing games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

And for access to the Windows Store, you need Windows 10.

Your advice

This is a very brief, top line comment on why Windows 10 is where you should be right now. But the Windows Central community is where the knowledge is really at, so if you have some specific advice to share to convince folks Windows 10 is worth upgrading to, drop it into the comments.

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