PUBG cosmetics worth the most money in Steam trades

Cosmetic items for PUBG can be bought and sold on various platforms, including Steam. As this Battle Royale game grew in popularity, so has the demand for rare cosmetic gear. Some of these items (and crates that house full sets) go for insane amounts of money, more than $1,000 in some cases.

Here are the top earners should you wish to make a few bucks playing PUBG. If you come across one of these, it may be worth holding on to.

PlayerUnknown's set


The developer (and creator of the Battle Royale game genre) of PUBG has his own set, because ... of course. And since this is PlayerUnknown's set, it'll set you back a fair amount of money. At the time of publication, the entire set, which consists of shirt, trousers, boots, a trenchcoat and a bandana, all for the affordable price of $1,655.91.

Purchasing items from the set individually is no fun, either. The bandana, for example, goes for $705.33 all by itself. $700 for a bandana in PUBG that many will likely ignore. It's an interesting way to spend money, that's for sure. Originally, this set was supplied with deluxe preorders, but since the game is already out, demand is far outpacing supply.

Ivory school uniform set

Ivory School Uniform

Who doesn't want to look like a school kid in PUBG, especially if you've seen the movie Battle Royale? This set does just that for female characters, and it goes for a pretty penny. The set starts at $694.60.

As well as the ivory school uniform, there are also black and blue variants that can be found for $534.60 and $419.11, respectively. Parents can usually attest to just how expensive school uniform can be, but we bet they'd rather not fork out more than $500 on a single set of clothes.

Tuxedo set


Another from the list of cosmetics that can be acquired through in-game crates is the tuxedo set. We agree that this set looks pretty badass, especially when you're hunting down prey in the cornfields or running down campers on the bridge, but at $259, it's a steep price to pay for the luxury of looking like someone who frequents casinos.

Instructor set


This set will cost the purchaser at least $189, allowing them to take on the role of instructor and attempt to dominate other survivors in an authorative style. Whether this is worth nearly $200 we'll leave up to you.

Honorable mentions

Here are some other cosmetics you should perhaps keep hold of to sell on the marketplace, regardless of how good they look on your character:

  • Twitch prime set: $153.46.
  • Hotpants (blue): $141.30.
  • Camo hotpants: $110.92.
  • Grey shirt: $70.12.
  • Coat: $69.72.

Things change, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on price fluctuations on Steam (and other trading sites you may happen to use). A reliable source of data on trade pricing is Steam's own price tracker, which can be sorted by descending price.

View the Steam community market

By taking advantage of these prices (and the levels of demand for said items), it's possible to make some money while enjoying this addictive game. Are you selling rare cosmetics you come across in crates? Let us know in the comments.


Rich Edmonds
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