Thinking of installing the Windows 10 preview on your phone? Read this first

The latest build of the Windows 10 preview for phones will open up the list of supported devices massively, and as such there's a lot more Windows Phone users that might be thinking about installing it.

Whether you're wondering if you should, how you go about it or even just want to know a little more on what we've seen so far, we've got you covered with everything you need.

Check out the links below for everything you need to know so far on the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones.

Richard Devine
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  • Last time not many people could install. This time it's a whole lot more of our readership. So we're doing what we can to help :)
  • I got just single windowsphone
    I think will wait till builds and stick to the reviews and videos by windowscentral and joe belfiore
  • I'm in the same boat. Going to hold off a bit and see the initial results/reactions. I don't have several phones laying around like alot of people here.
  • Same here, going to wait for reaction and news about problem they are facing with windows 10
  • I have a Lumia 525, my first and only phone. I don't care if there is gonna be bugs, shall install TP anyway. First of all, my Whatsapp is kindof android friends are not able to send me / reply messages since last saturday. But I can send them messages!!  Told the issue to Whatsapp support and they don't have a reply!! Wasted 2 long years waiting and waiting for something better. Heart is almost torn apart, I don't care.....i don't care enough to care!! #depressed
  • Its a background task bug. Try restarting or soft reset. If that doesn't help re install app after un installing and restarting your phone, if nothing works format your phone.
  • tried restart and uninstalling the app. It may be some kind of issue outside of phone. On previous day, I tried Whatsapp using android apk from some site on Chrome web browser on my pc. Had to reverify my whatsapp account again when switched back to whatsapp on my phone. My account may have stayed deactivated duing this period which may have caused the problem. Basically, when my android friends send me message, it never gets send and shows that clock sign beside it.. edit: I also remember having updated to latest version of whatsapp on saturday...
  • Even I have the Same bug !! Last two days have been hell for me
  • for real?!! you mean messages send from an android phone to your phone never gets delivered?! on additional note: it happened after I got the whatsapp update from saturday..
  • God you really need to shun your phones and get a real life ! Its just a little instant messaging service, its NOT life for god sake...  
  • "Its just a little instant messaging service". HAHA REALLY?!!! I'm a college student and lots of things happen over there which are part of life!! So STFU old faq!! Also, I paid for this phone and whatsapp and as a consumer I have the right to complain if it doesn't work the way it is supposed to.Okay?! So please stfu and ignore this message thread if you are of no help!
  • The right decision, unless you really can't wait to have a jumbled OS with completely different looks from page to page and occasional crashes.
  • Here’s when the new Windows 10 for Phones build will be available in major time zones! United Kingdom – 18:00
    India – 22:30
    Brazil (Brasilia) – 14:00
    Netherlands – 19:00
    Italy – 19:00
    Poland – 19:00
    France – 19:00
    Germany – 19:00
    Spain – 19:00
    Pakistan – 22:00
    Bangladesh – 23:00
    New York – 13:00
    China – 01:00 (Saturday)
    Australia – 03:00 (Saturday)
    Japan – 02:00 (Saturday)
    Canada (Ottawa) – 13:00
    Mexico (Mexico City) – 12:00
    Bulgaria – 20:00
    Romania – 20:00
    New Zealand (Wellington) – 05:00
    Russia (Moscow) – 20:00
    Dubai – 21:00
    Thailand – 01:00 (Saturday)
  • Thanks alot
  • Wow man you're a saviour :)
  • You're welcome. We're in this waiting game together :) Counting down the hours/minutes/seconds...
  • Really bro counting each and every second from the very next moment when gab anounced that Friday they will rollout ...cant wait ...
  • Finally Pakistan is considered to be listed.
  • Right? That was a nice surprise.
  • You rock ! Thanks :) so i guess 17:00 in Morocco
  • No problem amigo. If your country isn't listed, you can always check/convert your time zone here:
  • Esta bien jajaja gracias 6 pm in Rabat :) only 3 hours left yeaaah :)
  • Thanks alot bro ...great thing you have done ...thank u ...
  • No sweat, you know what they say: bro's before h...... anyways, counting down! Not long now!
  • Thanks for posting the timings. Makes waiting easier
  • I really like the countdown they offer. Windows Central should implement one too :)
  • I agree!
  • Thanks 2:15 to go :)
  • 2h 15m left!
  • Last 1 hour to go....
  • South Africa isn't listed. Where did you get this list from?
  • Huh, someone removed the source, I typed it below the time table. I got it from WMPoweruser.
  • No live for south Africa???
  • It's 19:00 hrs for SA I believe. Check out if you want to be sure.
  • Argentina?? igual que brasil??
  • Almost there!
  • Another half hour of wait. Lets see what have i got for my 1020.
  • Thx mate (or fe-mate???) :)
  • I'm lucky to have my trusted 928 for testing while my dialy driver is my Icon. Should be an interesting ride.
  • Very nice follow up! I will continue testing on my 635 and hold onto my 925 until I find that it is stable enough or a later build. ;)
  • I want the technical preview now
  • Hah...obviously getting the update..being using the tp for like 2 months and was counting on MS hoping that they would release it soon.NOW IS THE TIME XD
  • They need push it out already my 1520 is hungry for windows 10
  • Same
  • How is it
  • Mine 1520 is also very much hungry ..
  • HUNGRY @_@
  • Last one had poor battery life and was not a daily driver (there were bugs like Alarms did not sound in Quiet Hours, so no 6am alarm call). This has a lot more features, but this is still going to be raw in places. Probably great to use on a spare phone but I would wait for a week before considering putting on your daily phone after people write about the issues. Saying that, love that Microsoft put this out so early for feedback!
  • Just gimme.  
  • What a useless, nothing article. Why even bother writing this just to link to all the other articles WC has written on the subject?
  • Everything cannot be rewritten right? If it is rewritten then people will say this is already posted earlier. So they are showing us the links so that we can have a go through over them again before installing win10 on our devices ;)
  • following your logic then index pages of books are useless?
  • Maybe to put all information together, so users don't need to search each article for information.
  • I found it quite useful, actually.
  • Because I'm not rewriting everything we already wrote in February. This practice is nothing new.
  • I should say this was actually very helpful to find all the information needed before installing preview. It is great to have all in one place. I was hoping one for Windows 10 TP, it would be useful for someone new.
  • Will you do it again when win 10 shows up for regular consumers?
  • Good round-up, thanks! :) I will wait for others to try this new build first before installing it on my 920, though. Waiting to see if it is stable enough for a phone, which is in daily use.
  • useless for you doesn't mean it is useless too for other people who might use windows phone for the first time today and wanna go crazy by installing WP10 technical preview
  • I found it quite useful too, because I disnt know that there were articles already covering those. And that time my phone was not supported so I didn't really care. But now I need them so this article is just in time for those like me.
  • I found it helpful. Thanks
  • What a useless, nothing comment.
  • I was actually hoping they would post this... Am going balls deep in this update tonight and I need to know all about what am getting myself into
  • I'm going all the way up to my there.
  • I'm going in to find the keys. Not sure if I'll stay or drive out.
  • DEEP @_@
  • Sad you find it as such but to many users this may be a boon.
  • Because a lot more people are gonna be thinking about flashing the upcoming build on their phones.
  • Useless, nothing comment.  If you don't find somethine useful, ignore it and move on.
  • Selfish and self-centered. No idea other people exist.
  • Use your brain to think, you should be able to come up with the answer.
  • I'm all ready!
  • Diving headfirst into the shallow in with my 830
  • You'll hit you head hard in the shallow end. Better go to the deep end. ;)
  • No! Don't! :))
  • Hm.. You better masturbate first homie
  • Will install it on my old 820.
  • Still I couldn't find answer. If I install this technical preview , will I get further updates till the final build(stable) of windows 10? Without flash, without pc?
  • Can I upgrade 640xl to win 10 technical preview?.. Plz tell anyone
  • Hell yeah! You can!! Btw congrats for your 640xl :P Edit: I thought you can :( too bad
  • Lumia 930, Icon and 640XL excluded due to scaling issues.  
  • The Icon is on the list he linked in this article. Which is odd because I thought the Icon and 930 were essentially the same phone. 
  • No they aren't. Icon was released in 3-4 months before 930, exclusive to Verison, I guess. Icon is basically Lumia 929.    
  • Aside from it being a Verizon exclusive their specs are nearly identical.
  • The Icon was on the list, but dropped, while the 930 wasn't on the original list. Gabe Aul noted that on the Windows Weekly podcast and referenced the scaling issue for both. One of the drawbacks of publishing a list early. Things can change.
  • My 930 shows win 10 fast update. I have downloaded it but I don't know if I should install it or not!
  • Are u it available for xl..because am going to buy the mobile tomorrow only because for win 10...
  • Sorry...!! 640xl is not eligible for the Tomorrow build.just weird since it is mentioned as "Windows 10 ready".don't worry.u will get it on official launch or maybe in next keep rocking with the 640xl
  • This is I have to wait til the year end for official launch...
  • Or you know... the next build? There is no need to be so dramatic - It is pre-release software after all
  • Well that really takes the cake! Can't have it on my 930 now, or my 640XL when I get it. !#%@ it!
  • No
  • Nops. It's not in the list.
  • I presume it will work like the Windows 10 TP for PC where you get updates to the actual TP, but not sure if you will get the final version of windows 10 through the insider app, or through the regular phone update service Edit
    My reply was supposed to be somewhere else. Common windows central app. Seriously?
  • The app does have a lot of issues. Many times it can't even connect to Passport or Windows Central.
  • Yes!!!
  • Yes
  • Windows Insider is the Preview for Developers of Windows 10. But right now since its not RTM both branches will have alpha builds. But it will work like PfD, if you stay on TP you'll get updates as usual.
  • That is incorrect. Both apps are still around and both have a separate purpose. Preview for Developers is RTM or very close to RTM code just earlier. There was very little 'beta' in that program.  
  • Yes you are correct, and another point to add is that preview for developers still exists and is still active (I'm on pfd) and the current pfd version is windows phone 8.1.1
  • Bring it on now!!!!!
  • My old 920 is ready!! *super excited for Windows 10*
  • Same and Agreed!
  • I saw the leaked images and still not convinced to install windows 10 with not much features and that horrible new UI i will wait until Microsoft surprise me with something more
  • If you're expecting a drastically different UI I think you're headed for a disappointment regardless of what they do. Although I'm not sure why you'd want there to be lots of superficial changes to the UI. It's the best smartphone UI as it is imo. If it ain't broke don't fix it. 
  • The Problem is that MS tried to fix a lot of not broken things. Instead of staying with the WP / Modern UI language they've created something with a bit of Modern UI, a bit of Android and a bit of iOS and everything doesn't really fit together any more.
  • You are super idiot.
    It's amazing and it's not even finished
  • Metro/Modern UI is terrible for Desktop users --- they need a UI that also works for the Desktop. Simple as that.
  • Desktop applications aren't going anywhere as far as I know.
  • Not much more features?
  • Gimme anything but blue blue blue royal blue... (8)
  • I'm not ready
  • That's what Sony told you during the launch of the first playstation. U R Not (red) e.
  • #I'm waiting!
  • Imma ready! :D brought my charger to school to make sure I have the juice to I stall it!
  • Just waiting for On Air....ready for Anything
  • anyone have a problem with insider app? it crashes when i click on "get preview builds" every time :(
  • Coz its not available yet. Wait till its available. And make sure you've signed in with your Microsoft account to become an insider
  • No it don't when i am using it even though no builds are available for me i suggest u to uninstall and install it again
  • Actually yes you are correct it doesn't crash for me, just says no builds. So yes, reinstall it and try again
  • How much time still left...
  • 4 hours now
  • Only 4 hours to go....
  • 3hours
  • 1:45 to get the ball rolling.
  • 20 min
  • I was born ready
  • Will update my 920! I wonder when the rollout will be today! Can't wait!
  • After 3hours
  • 10 AM Pacific (Redmond) Time
  • Release it first then ask me that Q
  • Waiting so hard
  • if someone installed win 10 tp in l520 using the loophole what should he/she  do?
  • Install the one which is going to release!
  • I'm ready and willing to it.
  • HM. After the last build I'm not convinced.. didn't like the ui changes at all.. But we will see ;)
  • Obviously there will be many bugs but are we expecting this build to be acceptably stable?
  • 4 HOURS LEFT!!!!!!
  • Waitin...
  • im going to install it on my 520 for a week than my go up the lumia line
  • by the amount of people whining, i will wait till full version. Don't wanna risk my beautiful L830.
  • Party like it's Summer 2015.
  • My 720 is ready! ... been waiting since February.
  • Waiting again and again
  • ready in the UK wih my 925 :)
  • My 535 is hungry for win10, so yeah, i will definitely install this tonight!
    3h, 50m to go!!
  • Yeah, even with touch screen issues?
  • Yes i will install it. But this is the last chance i give to windows Phone. If I am not convinced by the tp and remains a lack of significant Apps on Windows Phone like banks, bullshit games, local services as buses, taxis etc... And all the Apps that are trend, now that i can leave my carrier I am thinking to change carrier and Terminal and acquiring a s6 edge or an iPhone 6 + (Since the change of carrier they make very succulent offers) as there are not flagships of Microsoft...
  • Me too. This will be the last chance.
  • Just leave now, then. This is a technical preview. There will be problems and there will not be a magical appearance of the apps that you want in the next few hours. That's a lot of expectations for the impossible.
  • Damn right! Well said!
  • This is beta software and while it has more features will be too buggy for you to enjoy, and won't change apps at all today. If you want another phone, just go get one. Bye!  
  • My face when I saw PMT: :) :):) :| :| :( >:( >:@
  • Where's your face lol?
  • My Lumia 525 is hungry!
  • Hoping this build is more stable than the first. I put it on my 830 and took it off within 15 minutes. Got my daughter the 630 for that 29.99 deal the other month and am going to put on her old 520 to test this morning first :)  
  • Lumia 1320 also hungry
  • Ready with my L1320 and SUPER EXCITED!!!
  • 1520 waiting hungrily in India here! Bring on the goodies!
  • MY W10 on Phone wishlist is as follows............ 1. Actually release it for the Lumia Icon 2. Bring back fully transparent tiles, and allow gaps between tiles, whatever size I want, without the need for borders on the tiles..........give us options on how to set it up, and simple tutorials and examples on the phone showing the differencies for the newbies. 3. Allow custom images / custom tiles for launching any app - allow us to specify if we want a custom tile, and the image - I know, you can do this now, but it doesnt work for all apps. 4. Continiuum on the phone - connect to monitor, and switch up the start menu, and the way apps display (I really hope that this comes).   I would also like a bluetooth / wifi direct connection to my PC that allows me to send sms, and use whatsapp, etc. from the PC, via the phones connection 5. Allow a pinned tile to be locked in a position - ie. If i want to lock my Phone, or People or settings to a specific place on the screen (kinda like an app drawer on android)......but with any size tile, and on any location on the screen i want. 6. NEW FLAGSHIP.......on wallet is waiting..........please dont force me to switch to another carrier, my unlimited data will keep me.
  • Waiting with a hard on..... Errr eagerly! :D
  • Anyone know what character that is sitting next to the phone? I think I've seen it somewhere before but I can't remember. I'm quite curious.
  • Any leaks that showed Cortana in upcoming build? I missed Quiet Hours feature last time when I opted for first build.
  • This will be my last chance to WP, before go back to android. Hope MS did a good job.
  • iOS is better than Android. Just saying.
  • You're bashing your decision on a pre-beta technical preview? Might as well head to the store now.
  • My glitchy 1020 says bring it on!
  • I'll be patient this time. My 930 is barely a couple months old.. I don't want to slap developer or technical previews on it. I'm still just enjoying the phone as it is. It surely helps that the update is not available for it.
  • Bring it on
  • I can roll back to WP8.1 with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool right?
  • Yes you can. Whenever you want :)
  • I will give it a try on my old 720. Anyone knows what time the download will be available?
  • This place will still blow up with complaints and demands that Microsoft "FIX" stuff instantaneously!!1 /grabs popcorn
  • •United Kingdom – 18:00
    •India – 22:30
    •Brazil (Brasilia) – 14:00
    •Netherlands – 19:00
    •Italy – 19:00
    •Poland – 19:00
    •France – 19:00
    •Germany – 19:00
    •Spain – 19:00
    •Pakistan – 22:00
    •Bangladesh – 23:00
    •New York – 13:00
    •China – 01:00 (Saturday)
    •Australia – 03:00 (Saturday)
    •Japan – 02:00 (Saturday)
    •Canada (Ottawa) – 13:00
    •Mexico (Mexico City) – 12:00
    •Bulgaria – 20:00
    •Romania – 20:00
    •New Zealand (Wellington) – 05:00
    •Russia (Moscow) – 20:00
    •Dubai – 21:00
    •Thailand – 01:00 (Saturday)
  • Thanks dude! :D
  • Welcome you can see the timings also at
  • Hopefully that means the same time in Sweden as in Spain.
  • That is because spain don't use the correct hour that corresponds to the Greenwich meridian. We use the same our than Germany ( with Franco we change our hour to coincide with Berlín and so it is today)
  • Well you have the same time as the rest of Europe (CET)
  • Really... Why not make it go back, do you guys miss Franco? Lol, jk sorry... Highly insensitive of me =[
    Go to this site and convert 10am PDT to your time zone.
  • What about time zone for Mozambique? When the build will available?
  • Your search engine should include time zone conversion or perhaps a world clock app? Very useful stuff... ;)
  • Definitely installing on my Lumia 920 since the Xperia Z3 is my daily driver. Can't wait to watch Windows 10 develop, provide useful feedback, and see if Microsoft brings enough to the table to win me back to the OS I fell in love with. Really also just waiting for a flagship for T-Mobile. That will most likely be the deciding factor for me.
  • My next WP depends upon this update.
  • Getting excited..for win10
  • Video of 10 doesn't work on my phone...irony, or just wc screwing with me?
  • I only have one phone, a 520. So I'm holding back for now. :P
  • Hi bro well I am in same boat :D well I am also waiting when someone try on 520 and give some feed back..
  • Excited and worried too. If it causes to have crashing bugs on my phone. I know its a preview that's y nervous.
  • Me too :(
  • Can i update through mobile date
  • Yes you can.
  • I have the 930 so no TP for me this time out, but looking forward to seeing lots of vids of the new stuff #stillexcited :)
  • I hope they're at least internally testing on non-Lumias. 
  • Be sure you technically inclined 1520 and 920 owners show up in the forums to discuss your experience with this build. 
  • ^^ this. I'm technically inclined but I will hold off on my 920 until I see some posts about it
  • Call Cortana in the car don't work yet. No support for the Microsoft Band yet. At least in the first preview I have on my 830. These things keep me from using it
  • Band software features limited compared to 8.1. Doesn't come with Denim either
  • Does it still sync workouts and guided workouts?
  • when update available for malaysia
  • which features are add on latest Windows10 technical preview update ...pls tell this one....
    for Lumia 730 navigation bar option is there in this update?????
  • Tried W10 TP when it first came out, but reverted to W8.1 after a week; was too sluggish, camera was barely usable and other quibbles made it too rough for my only phone. Now that my 830 finally got the real Denim, I don't feel the need or urge to jump into the next W10 TP...  It's been running pretty damn good on Denim so far : fast camera, HDR, no more random reboots, happy camper!  Will wait to see the feedback on this release, but I'll likely be sitting this one out.    
  • I'm going to wait for people before diving right into it. My 630 got laggy when I installed a couple of weeks ago but I think the user interface will be glorious on my 1520. Still, I need to rest assure the performance will at least be manageable. Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android!
  • The IP was supposed to be out at 10 PT today! Where's it been waiting for it since morning...guess workers at windows are sleeping or I guess there's some typing error Gabriel aul made yesterday! :/
  • Where do you live? As for India...the converted time is 10.30 p.m.
  • Umm, it's not 10 PST yet...
  • anybody plz help me......I had downloaded the windows 10 for phone when it was available for Lumia 830.....due to some problems I recover my phone to 8.1 but now I tried to update my phone to windows 10.....i am not getting that again
  • don't will get latest TP after 3 hours.
  • The update to this does not remove any data (should not) from the phone correct? It is just like doing any other update really?
  • yes...but last preview needed you to hard reset the phone for smooth functioning... don't know about this one.
  • Last insider for phone preview or preview for developers?
  • He meant the insider build.
  • Clicking view links never works in the app
  • I think m gonna wait for people to first review this TP and if it's stable, m gonna get it :) :O :( :/ No no no no just give it to me 530 is soooo hungry....!!!
  • HUNGRY @_@
  • What about Samsung Ativ S?
  • Just wait for official release.
  • 13:00 Dominican republic
  • Sure
  • I can't wait for this.
  • I'll see how it is first before installing it to my old 920. No rush and not much in Win 10 to be excited about yet. My 830 however is ready for DENIM!!!!! :(
  • I use Whatsapp, 6tag and Facebook on a daily basis on my phone. Would these apps work with the W10 tech preview?
  • Oh, man, can't wait for it!! Finally to arrive on my Lumia 620... That will be the night to remember!!
    Like someone already said: Here goes my Friday night!!
  • This has probably been said before countless times but we really need a new flagship. The 1520 I have was great when o first got it a year or two ago and it still runs smoothly and it doesn't look aged at all. I'm really looking into a new phone and I might drop windows phone for the dang iPhone, I just want a new daily phone and Microsoft hasn't announced squat and there hasn't been a leak for a flagship at all. Their hardware just hasn't progressed in long while and that's what I want, new hardware.
  • It's. Coming. Chill.
  • I really wish they would have released the McLaren, even without the 3D stuff. That prototype just looked so good.
  • Why would you downgrade from a Lumia 1520 to an iPhone 6 or 6 plus just because youth want newer hardware? Would you go back to using a Commodore 64 if they sold them brand new today? In almost every way imaginable the old Lumia 1520 has better hardware than the newest iPhone... Are you just that disconnected from Tech... That you don't know that Apple released a phone in 2015 with 2012 specs?
  • Bring it on...!! I'm all ready.
  • Central Time Zone: 1200 release for WP10
  • What time will that be in brussels, my dear friend....
  • Central Time zone in the US, that will be 7pm in Brussels
  • Thanx for the info...grtz
  • Hey guys can I know that this update is only the expansion for larger variety of devices or with new features too..... Bcoz I'm getting bit confused now. Sorry for troubling.
  • New features
  • Does wp10 will support background downloading and nice multitasking, no resuming screen.....? Will Microsoft provide new API for app development? Apps in windows store are not of better quality due to API restrictions.
  • I have an Icon, so I'm still out of the loop.
  • You wouldn't happen to have a spare $50? You could get a L5xx really cheap and try that... =D
  • I need this background. Please.
  • Is this update available for 730
  • Yes it is
  • Thanks...
  • It's nice to have a L520 fully charged waiting for dl.
  • I will install it on my main phone. I'm desperately waiting for full Word editor in native email client. Cant wait!!!!!
  • I only have one WP device, the 520. But eagerly to try the new build if available. Switching to my Android side for daily driver if something goes wrong. And I mean if and only if W10 is not usable as daily driver. If it still within my tolerance albeit many bugs, then I still use it as main device.
  • Anyone's phone stopped working because of windows 10 preview ah
  • Ian sure the new tp will,be more stable compared to the 1st one ...and,now,it's available for,more daily driver is,Lumia 1020...will,install on tat....if I find it very buggy and,slow will,revert back to,8.1....been waiting to,try windows 10 since it was announced....
  • No love for south Africa???
  • I am having OS version: 8.10.14234.375 on my lumia 730 will i get the upgrade through insider app. I live in India and I have registered with the Windows Insider Program.
  • What time is it?
  • It's 18.28, UTC +2.
  • I won't be getting it, because I develop apps on my phone, and I don't want to be stuck without a way to do that.
  • You only have one? @_@
  • I see the List of Suppo phones that the Lumia 810 will be able to pick up the new build. I recently purchased an 830 just so I could use my 810 for the preview, but the Insider app is telling me that there aren't any eligible builds available for me. I signed up for the Insider program when it first came around, so the issue must be with my phone. Any input on this?
  • T-Mobile killed the 810 a long time ago... =(
  • I see on the List of Supported phones that the Lumia 810 will be able to pick up the new build. I recently purchased an 830 just so I could use my 810 for the preview, but the Insider app is telling me that there aren't any eligible builds available for me. I signed up for the Insider program when it first came around, so the issue must be with my phone. Any input on this?
  • Cant wait for my L830
  • My phone's body is ready...
  • Two more hours and my 1520 will be raring to go! There has been enough time between now and when the first preview was released. Most of the bugs should be gone by now. If not, there's always recovery tool to keep me busy for a little while.
  • What about time zone for Mozambique? When the build will available?
  • My 1520 it's still waiting for it, even my Windows insider app isn't showing the New supported list of devices!!!
  • At what time it will gonna release ??
  • Is there a list of known bugs for this one like last time?
  • 1.45 h more!!!
  • Hopefully this will speed up my sluggish 1020..... Spotify is tooooo sloooooow :-/
  • Does Technical preview support USB OTG?
  • Yeah probably!!
  • I hope so but i doubt it'll be available for older devices of series X20 lumia, mine is L620.
  • On the Insider's WP 10 supported page, it listed 8.10.14219.341 or earlier. However, my carrier just rolled out 8.10.14234.375. I'm wondering, should I roll back to 8.10.14219.341 using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool?
  • I think you're good to go. No need to roll back right now!
    If its unavailable then you can roll back.
  • Thanks Rahul! Was hoping to avoid that extra 30 minutes.
  • How easy it is to uninstall the Windows 10 Mobile preview on a phone? I'm 35 years old. I installed the Windows 10 (desktop) preview on my Windows convertible but I have used computers for 23 years, on phones I don't know how to roll back a OS installation so maybe I'm a bit old for this.  I'll just wait for Windows 10 Mobile release for my phone.
  • It is very simple..
    Step 1 install Lumia software recovery tool on your pc..
    Step 2 open the app
    Step 3 connect your phone to pc
    The recovery tool will detect the device and show you the latest os version available for your phone.. download and install it..
    Note: do not disconnect your phone or turn pc off while installing the software.
  • Windows Phone Recovery Tool page
  • I can't wait to get this on my HTC Touch pro! Posted via Windows Central app for HTC Touch Pro.
  • Does anyone know if there's a way to install the new Tech Preview as a Clean install?  Will there be an option when installing it? I want to install it on my 920, but I don't want any left over stuff from 8.1 to ruin the 10 experience.
  • You could do a hard reset after installing the update.
  • ههههههه!!یه دفه این گابی بیاد کیر بزنه بهمون بگه منظورش جمعه هفته بعد بوده‎:D‎:D‎:D‎:D
  • Are you sure about this news because I don't think so!!
  • 10 mins left
  • cant wait
  • 37more mins here! Daytona beach fl :)
  • Exactly like the hamburger buttons
  • Almost.....
  • Going for it I like the bleeding edge
  • Someone help... Windows Insider not working on my L730 in India after DENIM update... Plz help I want to go WP10 TP..
  • 18Mins to go..
  • Download it again.
  • Mine not showing any much time left...
  • Takes another 16Mins.
  • A perfect wait after a long long time.
  • Srsly
  • Will Windows 10 technical preview release for Lumia 925..?
  • 11 min to go..
  • 10 mins to go. zzzzzzzzzz
  • Yes! Ofcourse
  • Does the recommendation in the "Should you install the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your phone?" article still apply? They've supposedly fixed a lot of the bugs (although there are bound to be new ones). I would reevaluate the recommendation once people have played with it more and see how stable it is.
  • Mine is a Lumia 925.
  • Is it available for 730
  • Yes
  • Thanks
  • I expect servers will be down once milions of geeks start downloading new build :D
  • I would imagine haha
  • 7 more minutes windows 10 buddies
  • Is it available for Lumia 730?
  • I just hope Windows 10 runs properly on older hardware
  • How old is old?
  • Just 6 minutes to go
  • Most of the Bugs got fixes. Don't know whether new issues arises after installing the latest is just a Statutory warning .. LOL
  • 5 mins
  • Come on MS make us happy haha
  • 4
  • Damn you "time" go fast
  • I'm waiting
  • 2min...
  • Adjust your time to your local time that matches to release the Build @Abhi
  • Hmm
  • 1min...
  • Nothing yet
  • 1minute
  • 40 seconds lads
  • Please confirm
  • Where is the preview
  • Gabriel sir is also counting the time soo pls ..
  • Time on
  • ?????
  • Still no 1520. Still hoping...
  • Wtf Microsoft is doing
  • Killing WP one day at a time.
  • Have anyone got any good news ...
  • Nooo....Noooot yet....waiting
  • No
  • Pls release the preview
  • Nope
  • Still no limia 830
  • It's over 4 mins
  • ...
  • Server down on the insiderprogram. Shit
  • You always provide links but they never open in the app. Fix your apps first!
  • I will try again and report
  • Can anyone check whether there is a build for your windows phone 8.1 to wi does phone 10?.,coz for me its showing some server error even though the time date and internet is totally OK
  • Same here, at&t 1020
  • Mine too
  • I have got it
  • Get the procedure
  • It's about 453. Mb
  • Have you got it....? :-o:-(
  • Yup
  • Downloading it
  • Same here. Not yet for L925IN
  • Fuckoff
  • Where d f*** windows 10
  • Is it available for l520
  • Yes
  • ?
  • Any one here
  • K I will try
  • Yes you should
  • Windows inside keeps on loading
  • Nothing yet, no response from Insider server
  • Does anyone got the update for L925?
  • ?
  • double post
  • When trying to download the preview i get the error: Server error
    A connection error prevented us from downloading programs for you. Please check the date/time of your device and its network connection and try again. I've tried adjusting my time manually, and resetting it back to automatic with no luck... anyone else getting this?  Thanks.
  • Yep same here in the UK
  • Same here in the netherlands
  • Something happening! "loading...." message coming up now
  • That's an App crash. Don't install this os.
  • ROTFLMAO!!  I'm reading though the comments, especially the clock count down.  Funny stuff.
  • Everybody dying to install a buggy unpolished update. I'LL pass for now.
  • Yep. I can't turn on mobile data, airplane mode. Stuck in loading... For 3 hours.
  • Get new friends, or get Viber : )