Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablet accidentally leaked in the Land Down Under

Lenovo already has the ThinkPad 8 available for consumers to enjoy, but the company has inadvertently leaked a 10-inch version from the same family on its Australia store. This has occurred prior to any official announcement, showing a fully populated product page with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a live product. What's not surprising is the 10-inch tablet shares much in common with its smaller sibling.

The product will contain a 1.6GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor, 4GB of RAM, 1920 x 1200 display and up to 128GB of internal storage. According to the product page, which has since been pulled from existence, the ThinkPad 10 will also have an 8MP shooter with a 2MP front-facing camera for Skype calls and those times when you're taking humorous photos. There are options promised that will include a pen for input and LTE connectivity.

A basic dock, keyboard dock and a keyboard case will also be available as optional extras, further expanding the functionality of the tablet. Lenovo didn't provide any release details or pricing, unfortunately. We can't imagine it being long before we see this tablet listed once again with an official announcement. You can expect to see the ThinkPad 10 to be priced at a higher premium point than its 8-inch counterpart.

Stay tuned for more details as they surface. Are you interested?

Source: Lenovo (opens in new tab) (now pulled), via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sounds nice, and the atom processor should give longevity and grunt. Would like to see a surface pro 3 though...
  • @Daniel waiting for ThinkPad 8 review....... :|
  • I have it in my hands right now. Its great. The only things to complain about is that the dedicated Win button is bad, very often it doesn't register, maybe I have a bad unit. Speakers should have been on the wide sides, kind of useless with stereo speakers put next to each other.
    Biggest complain is that text in Modern UI is too small on 8 inch devices with this resolution even with settings for small screen. Microsoft totally missed the point in making a new interface for touch on smaller devices. I have bigger text on my Lumia 920!!! And if I have 200% zoom on desktop mode I have bigger text there, the size text should be by default in Modern UI. It's baffling really how MS did not think about this.
  • I have had ThinkPad 8 for two weeks and the text size is just fine. The only thing missing is a digitizer, then it will be perfect.
  • Sure its fine, but far from good. Numerous colleagues of mine has already complained about it. It's just a shame that MS is incapable of coming up with well though through interfaces and missing important details.
  • Is TP8 out? Amazon still list it as not released and Lenovo website also has no release date. I got sick of waiting for it and bought Surface Pro instead.
  • There is a pretty good review here: http://winsupersite.com/mobile-devices/lenovo-thinkpad-8-review
  • Me too! But I doubt it would be the specs I want. I'd actually like it to be bigger, a place to store the pen and an additional HDMI port on the dock so I can have 2 external displays. As it is today the Pro 2 is a bit of a compromise as a tablet and a laptop. For as often as I use 'tablet' mode, I'd prefer a less compromised laptop mode.
  • If the ThinkPad 10 Tablet does get LTE and that keyboard is Bluetooth without accessories, that'd give me no reason to wait for the Surface Pro 3, unless it has those features too for a lower price. I wish evleaks would say something about tablets too.
  • Hmmm, sexy-no-jutsu...!!
  • I'd love an i5 version of this or a solid Surface keyboard dock.
  • I got the Dell Venue Pro 11 and its actuallly a better device than this one. I'm a senior network engineer and we were sent a number of devices from Dell, Lenovo, and HP to evaluate for the refresh of about 5k users' devices. This was a one the units Lenovo sent over and I have to say the Dell was much better. if you look at the place where the tablet joins the keyboard for the Lenovo, you'll notice that its at a fixed angle meaning you can't adjust it. depending on the user it can be a awkward experience. The Dell's was adjustable, had a slightly larger screen, and does have an i5 version.  I tried the Baytrail version as well. but my Steam games just wouldn't work at all. I am using the i5 version now and its close to being (if not the) the best device I've used ever.  We showed it to our users and those who have a desktop and a laptop will probably get it as a one device replacement. In the end everyone liked the Dell Venue Pro 11 over all of the other devices. There were some that wanted a larger screen and keyboard, but for most of our mobile users it was great especially since we have common areas where we are going to setup desktop docks with Keyboards, mice, and two external monitors and anyone with a tablet can just drop by and use it without any aggrivation.  I hope this helps.
  • I remember looking at that Dell in past but the trackpad seems poor - I'd really like someone to get it right. And to nitpick, it's less powerful than the Surface Pro.
  • I agree that poor trackpads are Dell's weak spot. The one on the Keyboard dock isn't as bad as in the past, but the size of any tablet convertable means you will have cramped quarters on the keyboard. The Dell and Lenovo products were no exception to that. It took some time and I got used to it, but it will be a sticking point for some users. I keep a wireless mouse as well, but find I touch the screen more offten than use it except when gaming. I personally want to see a 13" or even a 14" version with a Broadwell quad core(this one is dual) CPU and a standard size Keyboard with battery next year. That may aleviate the issue. It will give users a choice between portability with the 11" and power with the 13"/14".
  • So you judge the office/business qualities or usability of the products your review by their ability to run steam games.. Honestly, I call BS here.   I wonder what your team manager has to say about that..
  • Clearly Steam Games wasn't a requirement, but when evaluating the graphics and CPU capabilities beyond Office, our custom applications, and the standard media capabilities, I like to test gaming for those who don't want to have to carry a gaming personal laptop as well as their work device. It impacts use for mobile users and what they will have to lug around all day. Most of the people here are interested in a multipurpose device that could provide entertainment when down. Steam games like Borderlands 2, Batman Arkham City, and Skyrim, are standard fare and give a decent evaluation of how well a device will perform for that category. While I could not run them at high or ultra, medium was acceptable at a decent frame rate (>30fps on the core i5 not the Baytrail which wouldn't even run Borderlands 2). I just wanted to provide a reference as last year's Clovertrail based devices wouldn't play any, but the simplest games. It's progress. I think that with Broadwell CPUs and DirectX 12, it may be possible for tablets to truly be able to run at high or ultra settings.
  • You won't be playing games at ultra 1080p on a tablet in the near future.
  • So if your not that worried about having the full version of windows. Would you still get the VP 11 over the surface 2?
  • I have to agree, and disagree.  I have a Dell Venue Pro 11, I also have a thinkpad tablet 2 and am still deciding whether I will upgrade to the TPT10.  The fixed angle keyboard on the Lenovo looks horrible, why they wouldn't just have a regular clamshell type keyboard dock is beyond me.  I think the major achilles heel for me with the Dell is the incredibly HORRIBLE Synaptics digitizer.  I have the latest firmware, the latest A02 stylus and it's the most horrible time I've had writing on a screen digitally ever.  Contrast that with the Wacom on my last generation thinkpad tablet 2 which is incredibly smooth and accurate right out of the box.  The achilles heel for the Lenovo though is price, the rumors I've read have it at around $900+ for the digitizer version.  Even if you factor in the "retail" cost game that these companies play I couldn't see it being available for less than $700ish.  The Venue 11 Pro is $499 regularly, and I just got a refurb from Dell for $321, which they have plenty of.  I'm still undecided, but the incredibly bad performance of the Dell digitizer may force me to spend more money on the TPT10 with Wacom.  The Dell is so bad that it is truly not usable so it basically has no digitizer in my eyes.
  • I think you have a defective unit. Mine works without any problem. In fact with the firmware update, the old pen improved a lot but i had to get the new one. I might upload a video on how the new pen works. The only problem i have is the battery. It doesn't last for more than 4 weeks(Dell had promised a year).
  • Yes this is awesome! I've been looking for a Win 8 tablet for a while and can't say I'm happy with any of the offerings. Have a Surface RT but don't want to fork out the cash for a Surface Pro. Been looking at the Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo 8" offerings but each one has something I don't like and I need something slightly bigger to do some coding when I have some spare time on the train ride to work. So this could be it! And yay the page was in Oz which means we should get it here soon :)
  • This will be the same price as the pro or right near it. There is a thread on laptopmag with pricing.
  • ah nuts...
  • Cannot wait for a Surface 3 with LTE in Ireland. Hello Microsoft the US and the UK aren't the only countries with LTE
  • Personally, the Dell Venue Pro 11 is a better device because it also has a Desktop dock with support for two external monitors, which means it can be your one device for desktop, laptop, and tablet experience. This has the same specs, but no support for a desktop replacement. There's also an i5 version of the Venue Pro.
  • Wish HP would release a dock for the Omni 10.
  • "...for more details as they surface." Haha SURFACE, get it?! Oh wait, its a Thinkpad... Nevermind. Joke doesn't work anymore :(
  • ''Stay tuned for more details as they surface. Are you interested?''   I like what you did here
  • you can head to the thinkpad 10 forums in tabletpcreviews to view the other pics.. I'm excited for the promise of this device, however the elitepad 1000 and next gen atmel pen is really looking as a good alternative. I'm just waiting for the reviews to come out and decide between the two.
  • Have that song in head now. Arghhhh :P :D
  • ThinkPad 8 with WACOM digitizer any built-in stylus silo. Then, some king of folding trick in the case to prop up the tablet on a table. All else equal. That's the perfect 8" tablet.
  • Change from ThinkPad 8 to Surface Mini and now you're talking.
  • Surface Mini will probably be Windows RT. Since I like microscopic desktop icons, I prefer full Windows.
  • I have a Thinkpad Tablet 2. When I was pulling a sim card out, I broke the contacts. Is that covered under warranty or would they consider that negligence?
  • Can atom support win 8 64bit yet? We have a bunch of win8 builds at work and would like try out an atom machine but ideally keep the same image across all machines in the environment.
  • as far as I know, windows 64bit is supported not just connected standby initially.. however, the new atom products would now support connected standby even in 64bit, that includes the newer ThinkPad 10 and elitepad 1000.. and I think even the newer sku of fujitsu q584
  • Rounded corners? Atom processor? I think my next tablet/laptop will be a Surface. ThinkPad is not what it used to be anymore.
  • This may be the tablet I have been waiting for.  When the ThinkPad 8 came out, I was very interested, but wanted it in a 10 inch version.  When this shows up for purchsae I will likely be getting it unless something drastically better is in the pipeline for release.      
  • This is what The regular surface needs to be.
  • I saw this on their store like 6 months ago saying 'pending release' and its been their ever since. Now its gone
  • Same here waiting for surface 3
  • if it was haswell supported, yes.
  • If it has no nub it is not a ThinkPad...
  • So much ugly
  • Land Down Under..