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More football clubs, players, and IKEA plan to enter the esports arena

Big clubs supporting esports is nothing new, but more names are being thrown into the pot, including Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs. Not only are more financial backers making their way into the arena, but retailers are looking at ways to tap into the huge gaming market. Ikea has announced plans to offer gaming and esports equipment in the next few years.

Ikea gaming room

Respawn chair

Ikea has announced plans to offer gaming and esports furniture. If you thought you had everything already when it comes to cushioning your backside for those long sessions, the Swedish company says otherwise. Ikea has teamed up with medical company UNYQ and Area Academy for the new line.

When will you be able to get your hands on new gaming equipment at your nearest store? 2020, so it's some time away but it's interesting to see the brand take heed of the growing esports scene and the massive gaming industry as a whole. Ikea wants to offer a unique experience for gamers that isn't the same as what we have right now — similar offerings.

Watch this space as you'll be cruising through a gaming room at your Ikea in years to come.

Fuchs esports dream


Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs is starting his own esports team for FIFA, according to a report by the UK's Daily Mail. According to unnamed sources, Fuchs is also planning to venture into and support other titles, but it's not known what they will be.

The seasoned veteran will be joining other professional footballers in supporting football esports, as well as teams like Manchester City, Paris-Saint Germain, and West Ham. Not only are these organizations recognizing the demand for esports surrounding the familiar sport, but also other genres and games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke also owns Los Angeles Gladiators from the Overwatch League.

It's reported more than 200 players and clubs have already made the move into esports, and this number is bound to increase.

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