Thrustmaster Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition headset looks cool but disappoints

Thrustmaster is no stranger to gaming accessories, being known primarily for amazing steering wheel peripherals. I had never used one of their headsets until recently, and for around $100, I've certainly used worse. Unless you're a huge Far Cry 5 fan and simply want this set for its design alone, are you getting good audio bang for your buck here? Listen up.

Thrustmaster Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition design and comfort

Outwardly, the Thrustmaster Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition is an attractive headset, sporting iconography from the game, as well as other types of branding. The inner cups show off the in-game cult's logo, and the modified American flag adorns the headband, which sports predominantly black coloring with red accents.

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Drivers:60mm .
Audio:7.1 virtual surround, bass boost.
Connection:3.5mm audio.
In the box:Headset, 3.5mm audio cable, and in-line powered amplifier.
Compatibility:PC, Mac, mobile, game console.

Ultimately, whether or not you like this design will come down to whether or not you like Far Cry 5. But Thrustmaster also offers an identical non-branded version in black with orange accents. As relatively attractive as this headset is, looks can be deceiving.

Thrustmaster touts this headset's comforting design as a selling point, but personally, I've found it to be one of the least comfortable I've used in recent times, and I use a lot of headsets. The ear cups are really small, which I found unpleasant even on my relatively small ears. The cushioning on the cups and the headband is also very thin compared to the vast majority of products in this price range that I've used, particularly across the top. As I write this, I can still feel pressure on the top of my skull from wearing the headset for a few hours.

The Y350CPX at least feels sturdy, with metal supports running through the band, and the plastics have a dense, creak-free feel. I just wish they'd put a bit more effort into making this thing more comfortable.

Thrustmaster Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition audio experience

This is one of the few headsets I've used that comes bundled with an in-line amplifier, providing mic monitoring and 7.1 surround sound, and honestly, it's a pretty good solution. Besides the fact that you have to charge the amp manually via USB, the set up is very convenient, and it's easily transferred from your phone, to your PC, and your console, with minimal fuss.

The sound isn't as rich as a premium headset might offer, but I find it to be decent enough at this price range.

The mic monitoring is loud and responsive, which is critical for party chat, and the sound quality on the microphone is solid for communication. The mic can also be detached and adjusted, but I wouldn't fiddle with it too much, as it doesn't sit very well in the cup.

When it comes to audio, the Y350CPX offers a fairly decent sound experience. The sound certainly doesn't come across as rich, clear, or as punchy as a more premium headset might, but I find it to be decent enough at this price range. Perhaps the best thing it offers is sheer volume; you can really crank this thing up. The fact you can disable 7.1 and adjust bass boost via toggles on the cable is also very handy, helping you find the perfect sound for you.

Speaking of bass boost, it's not often you see a gaming headset offer optimization on the lower frequencies. It makes the headset surprisingly decent for music (when combined with high volumes), as well as deep roars and explosions you might hear in other games. Maxed out you'll get an unmanageable amount of distortion, as you might expect.

Final thoughts on Thrustmaster Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition

For $100, there are better headsets out there, both in terms of comfort and sound. The audio experience is solid, not what I'd describe as exceptional, but it's grand that Thrustmaster included mic monitoring and offered some bass control for good measure. It also feels sturdy, and looks quite attractive. Where this headset fails is in its ergonomics; it's simply uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time when compared to the vast array of other headsets I've used.

Pick this up if you're a big Far Cry 5 fan. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

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