Tile Me! animated GIF

We’ve covered Tile Me! a few times in the last few weeks as the simple idea as transformed into a more feature rich application. For those who aren’t familiar, Tile Me! allows the creation of a JPG or PNG image that replicates the Me Tile on Windows Phone. The idea is to then use that image for your profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to give your photo a little Windows Phone flare.

Now, the $0.99 version of the app has another notch under its belt: GIF animation. Quite a few people wanted a non-static Windows Phone image and now with version 2.5 on the Store, users can generate an in-motion photo of themselves, replicating their Me Tile. While GIF support for profile images is limited to certain networks, for posting to blogs and forums, the animated version adds a neat twist to the application.

Other features of the $0.99 version include high resolution output (1000x1000 pixels), PNG format support and SkyDrive integration, while the free version shoots out a basic JPEG image along with custom text.

Tile Me! is a clever app and useful for showing your Windows Phone support. The $0.99 version is a drop in the bucket for what has turned out to be a surprisingly feature rich idea and we encourage you to download either option.

You can pick up Tile Me! Free here and the paid, version 2.5 with GIF and PNG support of Tile Me! here.

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Tile Me! Free

Tile Me! Paid
Tile Me! Paid