Probe dungeons for monsters and treasure in Time to Die: Adventures

Time to Die: Adventures is an entertaining Windows 10 game that has you navigating dungeon mazes, battling monsters and discovering treasures. You play the role of Dr. Amelia Stratus who is in search of her missing assistant, who has gotten lost in the darkness of the dungeons.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Time to Die: Adventures does have a classic gaming feel, but lacks the old-school graphics. The game's mechanics are simple and offers plenty of challenges that test your skills at combat, strategy and navigation. Time to Die includes forty-five story maps to explore and several downloadable maps to tackle.

There is a time-limited trial version of the game, with the full version currently priced at $1.99. While there is some room for improvement, overall Time to Die: Adventures is a fun game to pick up and spend a little down time with.

Time to Die: Adventures

The primary menu for Time to Die: Adventures is somewhat modest, with options to view high scores, achievements and settings (sound/music levels). There is also an option to view any messages from the developer and tapping the Play Button sends you to the game's chapter selection.

The primary game has 45 story maps to explore where Dr. Stratus is in search for her assistant and tackle other tasks. The first map includes a series of tutorial pop-up windows that cover everything from movement to combat. Each map is progressively unlocked and once you've completed the story maps, there is also a collection of downloadable maps available to extend your dungeon adventures. Time to Die: Adventures does give you the option to create an account for inclusion of the online leaderboard, but an account isn't required to play.

Once a map is chosen, Time to Die gives you the option to choose any gear that you have available and any traveling companions (pets) you have discovered. The gaming screen for Time to Die is an overhead view of the dungeon with your character(s) resting center screen. Your character's health is displayed as a collection of hearts (maximum of three) in the upper left corner of the display and the level for the current map is displayed just below the hearts. In the opposite corner of the display is your game score.

Movement is simple: all you need to do is tap an empty square on the dungeon floor and your character moves in that direction. Characters, for the most part, move in a straight line that often requires you to move at a slower pace to avoid dungeon traps and pitfalls. The game screen has a slight vignette to simulate a limited sight distance. This is another reason to move at a conservative pace because you do not know what is lurking in the shadows. The primary goals of gameplay is to explore the dungeon map, stay alive and eventually reach the exit door.

Combat is equally simple. Once a monster is adjacent to your character, tap on the monster to have your character strike out at the monster. Monsters include blobs, bats and more. Some monsters are dispatched with one strike, while others require multiple hits.

Along with monsters to destroy, Dr. Stratus stumbles upon treasures while exploring dungeons. These treasures include gems or items such as a compass to help guide you, boots to increase your speed, weapons to improve your combat strength and more. You can find a full inventory of items collected and still discoverable in the achievement section from the primary menu.

Gameplay does have a classic feel, reminiscent of classic titles such as Zelda, Dungeons and Dragons and other exploratory adventures. The only thing missing are the old school, 8-bit graphics. Time to Die: Adventures is a fun game to pass the time with. However, if you have to put the game down before finishing a map, you lose any progress. These maps have a dozen or more levels to explore and it can be frustrating to start over if your gaming time is interrupted. Time to Die really needs a means to save your progress, or at the very least allow you to resume gameplay at the beginning of the highest level started.

Time to Die: Adventures

I did experience a little lag time between tapping a navigation button and seeing the desired reaction. These delays were not interminable, but they were noticeable. Beyond that minor glitch, Time to Die: Adventures ran smoothly.

There is a time0limited trial version available for Time to Die, with the full game currently priced at $1.99. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, it is an enjoyable way to satisfy your gaming itch.

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