Top 10 things you should know before playing Titanfall 2 multiplayer

Titanfall 2 takes your standard twitch shooter and adds enormous mechanized robots, known as Titans, piloted by you and other players. The thrilling campaign is a perfect place to learn the game's basics, but some of you might want to jump straight into multiplayer. Here are 10 things you should know to immediately succeed in Titanfall 2's multiplayer.

Master pilot movement

Playing as a pilot means you're relatively susceptible to damage, especially if there are already Titans roaming the map. One of the best things you can do to elongate your lifespan is master the wall-run and slide. A lot of Titanfall 2 is based on speed, and wall-running allows you to move way faster than usual. Likewise, sliding into cover or around corners makes you harder to hit while you can still aim and shoot with precision.

If you're using the Grapple tactical kit, make use of the grappling hook to chain together wall-runs. You'll get around faster, and you'll also be incredibly hard to hit by both enemy pilots and enemy Titans. It will also make for an impressive highlight reel.

Experiment with pilot kits and weapons

There are seven different tactical kits to choose from for your pilot:

  • Cloak: Limited invisibility.
  • Pulse blade: Toss a throwing knife that emits a sonar pulse.
  • Grapple: Latch onto surfaces and pull yourself through the air.
  • Stim: Run incredibly fast and heal quickly for a limited time.
  • A-wall: Toss down a small disc that puts up a shield. It blocks incoming shots and increases the damage of outgoing shots.
  • Phase shift: Teleport to a new location.
  • Holo pilot: A holographic copy of you will mimic your actions on the battlefield.

Each of these pilot kits can be used with any loadout, so experiment with each and see which weapon you prefer. Once you've figured out your preferred playstyle, consider spending some hard-earned credits on a high-level weapon.

Use your grappling hook to rodeo Titans

If you find yourself using the Grapple pilot kit, don't forget to use the grappling hook on enemy Titans. Get in range, launch the hook, and you'll go flying through the air to land on its back. Try attaching the hook to the back of the Titan so that the pilot doesn't see you coming until it's too late.

While you're riding around on the Titan, also known as rodeo, you will pull out the battery, effectively lowering the Titan's energy. Watch out for countermeasures in the form of electrified smoke, and make sure you hightail it away once you've removed the battery, as the Titan will be looking for you.

If you land on a Titan who's had its battery removed already, toss an explosive into the port to deal significant damage.

Let your Titan roam

When you call down a Titan, it will wait for a few seconds for you to hop in and take control. If you don't embark, the Titan will eventually begin operating on its own.

You can hop in and out of the Titan as many times as you want as long as it's alive, and it will follow you around when you're not in it. Use this knowledge to your advantage while playing Amped Hardpoint, as your Titan normally won't fit into the area necessary for capture.

While your Titan isn't nearly as effective on its own, you can equip it with the assault chip Titan kit that increases its precision and enables all secondary and utility attacks.

Use batteries in your Titan

When a battery is pulled from a Titan or picked up off the ground, it remains on the pilot until they die or it is placed into another Titan.

If you have a battery on your back, jumping into your own Titan will automatically add a secondary layer of energy. This goes an incredibly long way, as you're essentially getting two lives.

If you have a battery on you but don't have your own Titan in the vicinity, you can jump onto another friendly Titan — you will automatically insert the battery. Talk about teamwork!

Purchase a powerful boost

There are 12 boost options available to all pilots — they are unlocked as you level up, or are available for purchase with 125 credits.

These boosts can be used multiple times in a match, and can really change the tide of battle if used properly. Depending on your playstyle, you might want to purchase a powerful boost before you reach the level required to unlock it.

For example, if you love playing Last Titan Standing, investing in a battery backup will automatically double your Titan's energy at the start of every round. This boost is unlocked at pilot-level 28, which normally takes quite a while to reach.

Contribute to taking out enemy Titans

When it comes to removing enemy Titans from the battlefield, every little bit of damage counts. If you're in a Titan and see a friend engaged in combat, do your best to help them out. Two Titans will always beat one Titan.

You can still contribute even if you're just a pilot. The anti-Titan secondary weapons available actually do a significant amount of damage and are a great way to earn points toward your own Titanfall.

If you don't have an anti-Titan weapon in your loadout, don't forget about jumping onto an enemy Titan and removing its battery.

Use your Titan's melee attack

Your Titan has a powerful melee attack that is triggered using the R3 button. This is especially important when using the Ronin Titan, as it has a powerful sword attack.

Pilots can be hard to hit with your primary weapon — especially if they're wall-running and grappling — so hit them with a melee attack for a guaranteed one-hit kill.

When an enemy Titan has reached critical damage, you'll notice that their health bar becomes striped. Performing a melee attack at this point will result in a powerful finishing move you can watch from a third-person perspective. Careful! Some Titans have a self-destruct feature that, if triggered in time, will literally blow up in your face.

Drop your Titan strategically

Using the dome shield for your Titanfall kit protects your Titan for a few seconds, allowing you to get to it before it starts taking damage.

This dome shield will deal damage to any enemies inside of it, and will also reflect any projectiles. While it's tempting to drop your Titan in a safe area, dropping it onto an objective or a chokepoint can seriously hinder your enemy's ability to operate.

They won't be able to get close to the objective, nor will they be able to launch any projectiles past your Titan. Beware — when your Titan's dome shield falls, it will most likely be targeted immediately.

Use defensive kits for your Titan

Most veterans of the Titanfall series will agree that the Titans in Titanfall 2 are significantly squishier than those in the first game.

For this reason, it's a good idea to choose defensive kits to better protect your killing machine. The counter ready kit is available to all Titans and provides you with an extra electric smoke countermeasure.

Your Titan's specific kits will usually also have a kit that bolsters your defensive ability, like Scorch's thermal shield or Tone's Particle wall.

Your tips

Do you have any tips or tricks to pass on to newcomers to Titanfall 2? Drop them in the comments section below!

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