Titanfall 2 is now free via the EA Access 'Vault' for Xbox One

Earlier this month Electronic Arts detailed a wave of new titles on the way to its subscription-based Xbox One game distribution service, EA Access. Among these titles were two of last year's blockbusters – Battlefield 1, and Respawn's sleek mech-filled shooter, Titanfall 2. It now appears that Titanfall 2 is now playable for free with an EA Access membership, via the service's free-to-play library of titles.

When Titanfall 2 first released last October, many praised the huge variety in the package at the time. While its new single-player campaign was a huge draw, Titanfall 2's stylish multiplayer also made a return with a new coat of paint. Although several other shooters that released during the period overshadowed Titanfall 2, the game is still a great well-rounded shooter with some improvements upon the first installment.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 (Image credit: EA)

It should also be noted that unlike several games available via EA Access, Titanfall 2 doesn't offer up any season pass or post-launch content to purchase. Instead, all the game's updates are entirely free for all owners, with new maps and modes being rolled out on a regular basis. Most recently Titanfall 2 also got its "Frontier Defense" mode, which adds four-player cooperative play, built off the core competitive multiplayer mechanics.

To get started with Titanfall 2 via EA Access, simply navigate to the service's application on Xbox One and track down the in-app page. For those on PC with an Origin Access membership, Titanfall 2 is also available for free to all players. This can be installed via the Origin desktop client, with an active membership. Let us know if you're planning to pick up Titanfall 2 in the comments.

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