Titanfall picks up massive patch, introduces private matches and more

Have an Xbox One? Then you probably should be playing Titanfall, especially if you’re a fan of first-person shooters. There’s a patch to Titanfall rolling out today that will make gameplay even more fun. Let’s check out what’s new in Titanfall.

Fire up Titanfall and you’ll be asked to download an update. That’s if the system doesn’t already automatically update the game in the background when you’re away from the console. Here’s what you can look forward to for Titanfall on Xbox One:

New features

  • Private matches: private matches can now have between 2 to 12 players with 1 to 6 players on each team. There is no XP gain, challenge progress or achievement unlocking while in a private match. All private matches played via the Xbox Live Cloud Compute.
  • Party colors: green is in, while blue is out, for seeing party members and titans on the mini-map. UI on the HUD and other places is also now green for friendlies vs. blue.
  • Auto-Titan color in obituary: your auto-Titan now shows up in the obituary with the gold color that your name does.
  • Menu changes: Multiplayer is now the default option and located at the top on the main menu.
  • Party app shortcut in menus: All menus now have a shortcut to open the Xbox One’s party app.

Game balance changes

  • Gooser challenge: Gen 5’s nearly impossible “Gooser” challenge has been reduced to killing 5 ejecting pilots from the 50 it was at previously.
  • 40mm magazine capacity and Extended Mag: Default magazine in the 40mm was too powerful and has been reduced to 12 rounds per magazine from the 20 it was at previously. Extended mag has been dropped from 25 to 16.
  • Titan Quad Rocket mag size change: default magazine has been increased to 5 from 4, while the extended has gone to 6 from 5.
  • Titan Quad Rocket damage vs Titan shields: Now only takes 4 shots with the quad rocket to take down a Titan’s shields. Previously required 5 shots.
  • Titan Quad Rocket ‘Rapid Fire’ Mod’s mag size change: Increase the Rapid Fire Mod’s magazine to 18 from 16.
  • Amped Kraber Titan damage change: This burn card now does a lot more damage against Titans. It’s now a “small arms” weapon against Titans. Does 800 damage vs. 100. Insane. Can’t wait to use it.  
  • Hardpoint Domination and CTF scoring changes: Numerous changes to how scoring works on both Capture the Flag and Hardpoint Domination. Way too many to detail, you’re going to need to hit the source to read all the changes to these game types.

Bug fixes

  • Titan shields now protect friendly rodeo players from explosion damage.
  • Archer now locks onto top of a heavy turret rather than the base.
  • Grunts now show up on mini-map when they shoot.
  • Many, many more bug fixes. Check source below for full list.

Future update

  • More custom loadout slots
  • Ability to rename custom loudout slots
  • Last game summary to show scoreboard from previous match
  • And much more!

We’re digging the changes that Respawn Entertainment has made to Titanfall. We can’t wait to get home and play the game. Let us know if you’re already rocking the patch (on either Xbox or PC) and what you think of all the changes.

Source: Titanfall

Sam Sabri