Todoist has a bright future on Windows with TaskCrunch acquisition

Todoist is a hugely popular, cross-platform task managing service that hasn't traditionally had a great presence on Windows. That looks set to change with the company's acquisition of TaskCrunch, a third-party client that syncs with Todoist, and the developer behind it.

Jan Kratochvil will become Todoist's first full-time developer for Windows.

"How do we know he's up for the task (pun very much intended;)? Jan already single-handedly built TaskCrunch — the most popular Todoist client available for Windows Phone, and Todoist's first ever acquisition! With this gorgeous WP app and it's talented founder onboard, it's safe to say our users can expect exciting things to happen on our Microsoft platforms in the near future."

With official access to Todoist engineers and software now, we can expect TaskCrunch to get even better. Whether it becomes an official Todoist app for Windows Phone remains to be seen. But the quality of it attracted the biggest suitor it could.

Besides Windows Phone, Kratochvil will be looking to improve the current desktop and Outlook applications from Todoist:

"For the Windows Desktop app and the Outlook app, the number one priority right now is to fix bugs and make the apps behave in a way users expect. Also key is that we want to add some features that, while not cool or groundbreaking, will make the app more comfortable to use, such as high DPI support and manual proxy settings."

With an ever increasing number of high DPI laptops and desktop monitors on the market, support is welcome. Aside from this, Windows 10 is naturally about to become a big focus and we're told to expect great things in the future. Maybe even HoloLens!

There's a great Q&A with Kratochvil over on the Todoist blog which you'll find at the source link below. Personally, this is fantastic news. I live in Todoist but have always felt the Windows experience lacking compared to other platforms. But it looks like that might be about to change.

Source: Todoist blog

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Yay great news .. :) hope the same for other third party apps... I guess it is true appreciation when your work gets recognised and accepted by originals...
  • Yeah, but what about all those nay-sayers who claim so many companies don't build WP apps because they can't justify the huge expense. More proof that all it takes is a single programmer with talent and vision to accomplish great things.
  • Wow. Congrats to Jan!
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  • Awesome, congrats
  • TaskCrunch has racked up some impressive reviews in the store. I have not had the pleasure.
  • Congratulations to Jan! Have previously looked at TaskCrunch in the store, but not downloaded. After reading this news story, I went to the Store and downloaded the TaskCrunch app to support Jan and Todoist's support for the platform.
  • Wow, that's incredible for the developer. It is a solid Todoist app and best on the market. Well deserved.
  • Even better then Wunderlist? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yes and no. Todoist requires money to get some basic features, which is annoying. Wunderlist I find is better all around, except has syncing issues between devices. And of course, I've always loved Wunderlist's design and functionality, whereas Todoist is much more minimalistic. If you have no syncing issues between devices with Wunderlist, it really becomes a matter of which functionalities best meet your needs.
  • So Todoist has a web component? If so, cool as the other side of the pillow. If not, it would be great to have one.
  • Is available on almost everything you can think of. Including the web
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  • great news!
  • Congrats to Kratochvil! Always great to hear that a Windows third-party developer attracts official attention (and acquisition). ;) This kind of news flies in the face of all the big guys that just refuse to build for the 3rd largest mobile platform, or so altogether. By the time Windows 10 emerges fully, I'm waiting to see if they will continue to make their lame excuses.