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Rise of the Tomb Raider goes Xbox One exclusive. Good or bad?

Today's announcements from Microsoft at Gamescom have been pretty exciting for console gamers. We saw the announcement of a brand new theme park simulator, ScreamRide, for Xbox One and 360, as well as fresh looks at several upcoming Xbox One games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection. And hey, Quantum Break looked pretty exciting in motion to boot.

But the real bombshell of the presentation was the news that Rise of the Tomb Raider from Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics will be exclusive to Xbox One in 2015! Tomb Raider has been a mainstay gaming series since the Playstation One and Sega Saturn days, with this year's HD remake of the Tomb Raider reboot gracing both Xbox One and Playstation 4. But the sequel Rise won't show up on the Playstation 4, giving Microsoft a big peacock of a feather in its cap.

It's a good thing Microsoft had that exclusivity announcement today, because the Rise of the Tomb Raider presentation would otherwise have been very low-key. Instead of a new trailer or gameplay footage as we would typically expect from a press conference like today's, all we got were still images while the presenter spoke about the game. I'm still psyched though!

Crystal Dynamics promises that Rise of the Tomb Raider will redefine survival action. Big words considering it's likely to be very close to the previous entry, but that's not a bad thing considering how good Tomb Raider was! Players will explore vast areas in beautiful and dangerous locations around the world. The tombs will be "bigger, better, and more challenging." Shoot, I was pulling for small tombs. Oh well, I can tough it out.

The dynamics of exclusivity

The decision to make a previously multiplatform game exclusive to a single platform (even one as awesome as the Xbox One) is bound to be met with criticism from supporters of competing consoles like the Playstation 4. I guess technically Nintendo has a system too, but nobody was expecting Rise of the Tomb Raider on it.

Make no mistake, somebody always loses out when a big game (or series) goes exclusive to a single platform. Think of how annoyed we all are that Bayonetta 2 is stuck on the Wii U instead of more popular systems. But here at Windows Phone Central we are Microsoft supporters and Xbox gamers. Most of us will benefit from this exclusivity.

The Xbox One retail exclusives so far have sold okay but failed to really drive adoption the way Microsoft would hope. Was anybody climbing over themselves to get the pretty-but-shallow Ryse, or the always-sterile Forza 5? Dead Rising 3 certainly has its share of fans, although the widespread perceptions of the game's performance issues (and the series' slightly more niche appeal) have kept it from becoming a true system seller.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, however, is a game that players from the 32-bit era onward are likely to appreciate. The Tomb Raider reboot (and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition) met with praise from critics and fans alike, despite a few questionable gender issues and greater focus on action than tomb raiding. Many Xbox and Playstation gamers have been looking forward to Rise since its announcement at E3 this year. Rise is the closest thing to Sony's Uncharted series that Microsoft has, come to think of it. Some of those Playstation owners and Uncharted fans will be tempted to give the Xbox One a shot now!

The decision to make Rise of the Tomb Raider an Xbox One exclusive is a financial one. As with Bayonetta 2, Microsoft must have made Square-Enix an offer on Rise that was simply too good to refuse. As Crystal Dynamics explains in a blog post meant to pacify Playstation owners, "We know [Microsoft] will get behind this game more than any support we have had from them in the past."

The combination of Microsoft funding and promotional spending could certainly help Rise do very well. I don't think it will sell quite as well on just the one system (even with Microsoft's backing) than it would have on two, but the developers still come out ahead thanks to all that funding and promotion. Xbox One gamers are going to want Rise of the Tomb Raider, and players who haven't hopped on-board with the latest console generation yet now have another reason to do so – and hopefully go with Xbox One as their system of choice.

Note that the wording of the announcement still leaves open the possibility of the game coming to another console in another year. I heard "exclusive in 2015," which doesn't promise exclusivity in 2016. But we shall see! And Playstation 4 gamers can still get Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris this December. Being a smaller downloadable title, that one is not quite the same kind of game as Rise. But I'm very excited for it.

What do you guys think of Rise of the Tomb Raider becoming an Xbox One exclusive so soon after its announcement at E3?

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • How is this a question? Epic coup!!!
  • It's never a good thing because: 1. It gives Sony incentive to do this, so they could buy up something and keep it from Microsoft, like how they used to have MGS and Kingdom Hearts. 2. It is a sign that Microsoft has to throw money to try to sell consoles. However, they could have helped themselves in a better manner by dropping the price further, rather than buying a have that isn't going to be a system seller.
  • Sony can't funding developers like Msft could do. Sony lacks the $$$...
  • Sony funds plenty of exclusive development as well. It's less common for them or Microsoft to reach an exclusivity agreement after a title has already been announced though.
  • Sony lacks money? Are you kidding me?
  • No, he is not kidding. Sony has been hemmoraging money from every oraface other than their gaming department. With major sellouts such as the TV and VIAO divisions Sony still posted a loss in that quarter. All sony has left are phones which is a HUGE money pit for Sony even though they are amazing phones and they have the PS4 which has been the overall best seller in this generation. However with the mistakes they are making lately PS Now, No EA Access, and losing major games to microsoft, the industry is seeing Sony start to fall very slowly which is sad but the truth.
  • Yeah, and they've pretty much doomed the Vita to its death. 'Tis a shame, since it had so much potential.
  • Definitely a shame. I still want one though!
  • Yeah, and Microsoft screwed up with XBL on WP, which means I'm more than happy with my 3DS. I'll get a Vita eventually, since JP dev support has been stunning for the platform. What I don't understand, however, is the double-standard I keep on seeing with regards to the Wii U, the XBOne and the PS4. So, if Nintendo and Microsoft pay for exclusives, they're automatically bad? But, Sony gets a free pass? Gah. Makes me not want to see the PSDomination this gen,
  • Sony has been bleeding money for years, and hasn't made a profit in eons. They made a tiny profit a couple of quarters ago, but that was only because they sold off a lot of assets, ie buildings. They've sold their PC division. It won't be long until they've sold off their TV division, as it's getting slaughtered by the Korean giants.
  • Sony makes loads of money on life insurance man....
  • That money is a drop in the bucket compared to what they used to make, and I doubt they're taking profits from insurance and using it to buy exclusives.
  • So much wrong here.
  • Firstly no its not a good thing. I PC game, and Xbox. Secondly, Microsoft did not start this buying of timed exclusives or straight up full time exclusives. Sony started this years ago to battle Nintendo. Grabbing up franchises like, metal gear, final fantasy, ratchet and clank, dragon quest, the list goes on and on. All sony paying out. It got worse when Microsoft came in. So Microsoft started doing the same to compete. Everyone loves to hate Microsoft. But no one see's what Sony has done to this business. Straight up lying to the public about the power of their systems, (ps2/3) stealing the ps1 tech from Nintendo. Buy out to stop multiplats, the list continues. I've been gaming since 84. And watch Sony wash out the industry with lies and money. Watching as they continued to try to kill of Nintendo like they pushed Sega out. So do I agree with getting exclusives, it makes business since, turn a customer to your console for exclusives means they wil get live, buy accessories, games. Long term if you have the right exclusives it works. But I think that it effects developer image, which is why I wont touch final fantasy, or metal gear. You can't complain about this when there have already been a slew of announced exclusives not owned by Sony coming to ps4 like no mans sky. So get over it. The money was exchanged and nothing the Sony folks say will change that, Xbox fans begged for metal gear, final fantasy, ratchet which now Sony owns the game. And others, and they never came. Its business buy both consoles if its that important to you.
  • GOD of WAR anyone?
  • What?/s
  • Bad for fans without an Xbox 360 in their possession.
  • I agree, I don't care about playstation bit I was hoping for the 360 version
  • They didn't say that it won't come out on the 360 but come on people, 2015, buy an X1. If you really want it, you will get one.
  • Meh...I just don't see spending $399 (or $499) to buy/play a $60 game lol I need backward compatibility to make it worth my while. I've got only got about two dozen boxed 360 games but I've got boatloads of of DLC/DLG that I wouldn't be able to play on the X1 plus I'm all tapped out on HDMI connections on my receiver...and I'm not buying another receiver either then it would be $399 (or $499) plus $799/$899 to play a $60 game...does not compute...   Techiedude
  • By your "plus $799/$899" comment it is clearly visible that you're trying to find ways not to buy one.. I mean, really? And it's not just one game.. There's plenty more coming.
  • Pipe something through the xboxone, it has HDMI passthrough.  TV or 360 work well. Saying you need an another HDMI connection is not a valid excuse.
  • You just sent him to the burn ward.
  • @Simphf - Lol, nah I'm good.   @Wael - once there are more games, I'll consider it. By then the console price will be down and *maybe* MS will have a means of backwards compatibility with the 360 (or by then it's possible I won't care as much lol...)...and it's not that I'm trying to find ways to *not* buy an XB1...maybe I'm trying to find a way to buy a new receiver hahaha   @OnlyOne - hmmmm, good idea. thnx for the heads-up on that! (damn, there went my new receiver %^&*^##&*$*#@!)
  • New receivers aren't terribly expensive. You can also get an HDMI switchbox for much cheaper if you're really hurting for ports. I think some of them are good for games and some aren't, though. But yeah, if you don't mind having to have the Xbox One on while using another device, you can always take advantage of the console's HDMI passthrough.
  • Dude, its a new generation, you paid 199-399 for a 360 tht in a few yrs will be obsolete due to the hardware...... Common sense, you might want to invest in the new generation of console gaming if you want to keep playing new release games. I'm sure MS will slowly stop companies to build 360 games to sell the x1. Either way you look at it. You're being like the the first Gen of Xbox owners... You'll eventually have to switch just like they did when the 360 came out. And even then games cost $60 but eventually declined.
  • I have both systems so it is not a big deal to me... Just pony up the extra $400 and have both systems. For those who say "But I can't afford another system" I say then skip your next iphone upgrade and you're halfway there.
  • Haha, at least if they brought an x1 they would actually get an upgrade! Lol :D
  • At gamescom has been said "exclusively on Xbox" ,like FH2, that will be available also on 360. Although CD tweets that is exclusively for XO, but I'm pretty sure that the next TR will be released also on 360,maybe later in time, maybe developed from a different studio like FH2.
  • This has really been xboxcentral recently, I'm not quite sure what's up with that
  • It's almost like Microsoft had a big Xbox One presentation at Gamescom today!
  • Well that would explain the 11 Xbox-related posts in the past three hours, certainly, but not why they're on Windows Phone Central
  • Because like windows 8 and WP the Xbox is also apart of the MS ecosystem.
  • Yeah, if this site would be Microsoft Central, I shouldn't have a problem with it. Now, I have.
  • It's a Mobile Nations philosophy to retain you on their site rather than force you to go somewhere else... iMore has iPhone, iPad, iPod, AND wait for it... Mac. Android Central has Chrome and ChromeCast, etc. CrackBerry has Crack AND Berries. (Just kidding, but you get the idea.) Would you rather have more features or less? Inside the forum, simply collapse the sections that don't apply to you. Inside the news feed, simply skip pass the articles that do not apply to your interests. One day you wake up and say, "Where's that dang game review? Gotta find a bday present for da nephew." Then you click on back here.
  • You need to understand one thing.. The majority of us here, are Microsoft enthusiasts. I own 3 Windows Phones, one laptop with paid Windows 8 license, a Surface 2, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. And I'm not the only one. So yeah, as long as it is Microsoft, post it here.
  • Well. If the majority of the people are Microsoft enthusiasts, then why is this site still called WPCentral ... ?
  • I am perfectly fine with a name change. When I talk to my other Microsoft buddy, I always refer to WPC as "Central" cause WPC is too long and irrelevant now. Microsoft Central would be nice. Or MSCentral.. MSC sounds a lot better when you say it.
  • Why are you whining about it, whinerbaby? What does it effect in your life? Nothing? Exactly.
  • You're disgusting me.
  • Racist;)
  • I'm racist to annoying human beings.
  • No, towards white people;)
  • Wpc did a survey couple months back of what people would like to see on wpc and I guess the majority wants wp and anything ms related. So end of discussion.
  • Daniel Rubino already announced months ago that the site will be rebranded. WPcentral covers all Microsoft-related news. This has been known for months.
  • By enthusiasts you mean fanboys? because these are two different words with different meanings
  • Nope. I love my products because they serve me well, not because they have the Microsoft logo on them.
  • Please enlighten us. Lol
  • Or you could keep scrolling and not comment on post you don't like. That surely takes less energy and concentration.
  • +925
  • Donebrasko likes this ^^^^^
  • Daniel said awhile ago that a name change would be coming very soon. I haven't seen it yet.
  • They've been covering all aspects of the Microsoft ecosystem for a while now and are currently working on renaming the site.
  • Can all of you stop this? Learn this: You will see news about Windows and Xbox here, stop asking the same over and over.
    To WapCentral: When will we see some mods here?
  • WPC has said on several occasions that their reporting will become officially if it isn't already more Microsoft Ecosystem Centric.
  • And the truth is, you cannot keep a site like this static. If the site continues to post only Windows Phone news, then the front page will stagnate. As we all know, there's not a Windows Phone news coming out on  a regular basis. Yes, they can put all the reviews of different new apps, but would that be enough? I was part of the admin years ago, and if I have just kept on waiting on Dell Axim news, then our readers would have left the site because nothing new was being posted.
  • Good for Microsoft, bad for the true gamers* and tomb raider fans. *People who play games without being a brand fanboy.
  • You can own an Xbox One without being a brand fanboy though. And you can be a Tomb Raider fan and have an Xbox One. ~ ~
  • Out of US Xbox One is just a disadvantage, nobody except fanboys are buying XO
  • And in a lot of markets (Like my home country, the Netherlands) the XBox One is still not available. Microsoft launched it in 13 key markets and kept the rest of the world waiting. Sony launched it PlayStation 4 in 72 markets, that immediatly explains why the PS4 is outselling the XBone globally. This fall they will launch Xbox at least here in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), so this would help sales this year's Holliday season :-) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Of course. But exclusive games are bad for gamers as a whole. I have an Xbox one, so I don't mind this announcement, but it is upsetting whenever there is a game announced not on the Xbox that I'd wanna play. It would be ideal if all games were on all systems (ideal for gamers, obviously not companies).
  • Are you serious. Halo would look stupid on the PS4
  • Hi Paul! I don't know if you know any details about this but it's a "pure" XBox exclusive or it's like Titanfall and will also be released for PC?
  • We don't know for sure yet. I think PC will come in 2016 if it happens.
  • You can be a PC fan without brand fanaticism too. I'm upset it wont be coming to PC because the last one was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't imagine it without the hair physics, 1080p, or 60 fps.
  • I had ps1,2 and 3. Now I own a XOne and a Pc, and today I learnt that because of this I'm a brand fanboy. Thanks psychoetc, I prefer to be a brand fanboy than a Ps/true gamer looking how "true" became PS community.
  • Yay!!!
  • I say the same for Infamous  
  • Sucker punch is owner by Sony so its first party game. Yeah its a shame its not on xbox but in the same way that its a shame zelda isn't on playstation. You wouldn't expect a first party developer to release titles on competing systems.
  • Sony did the Same with MetalGear a long time
  • Sorry that makes no sense whatsoever. Infamous was an exclusive right from the start. Whereas this one is a direct SEQUEL to a game which was released on all platforms. Good for MS, but what SE have done is absolutely ridiculous and makes zero sense to me.
  • You haven't noticed the insane amount of marketing muscle that Microsoft has thrown behind third-party exclusives like Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and Sunset Overdrive? Microsoft has almost single-handedly exponentially increased the value of those franchises--franchises they do not own--to the enormous benefit of the IP owners. They will now do the same for Tomb Raider. That's why it makese more than "zero sense" for companies to sign on with Microsoft. The real question is why Microsoft would do it. They'd likely be better off investing their money in their own franchises rather than spend so much money building up franchises that could go to other platforms (see Dead Rising 3).
  • xbox is made by MS, who also created windows of both want to read about other/associated MS products. if you didnt want to read this article you should have skipped it.   i just thought id get this on before the usual whiner rants about 'what dis do with winpho?'
  • Yeah.. +920
  • Exclusive for Xbox ? Not complaining, but where's PC ??
  • Same.... PC 4 life
  • It's probably exclusive Microsoft, so PC is included.
  • Yeah! Hope it's a Titanfall like XBox exclusive... I would be happy to get an XBox One and was looking forward for it when they anounced DRM believing I could be getting Steam prices in a console but they killed it. 60€ for a game is ridiculous when a couple of months latter you can get it for about 25€ in some Steam sale and half an year latter you can get it for about 10€ in the next Steam sale when they still ask 60€ for the XBox/PS version.
  • So far I don't see any mention of PC. I hope that it's only a time-exclusive and we'll get a PC version eventually.
    If not then Microsoft once again has shown that they don't care about Windows Desktop gaming AT ALL, no matter what lies their PR guys spew. Well Microsoft, you can take your x-bone and shove it! None of your exclusives make want to buy your box, it only makes me hate it more.
  • Hating a platform because it has games that you want to play doesn't make sense. That's like reverse psychology.
  • I played halo 1 and 2 on PC. I've been stuck on that annoying Halo 2 cliffhanger ending since 2007. So if halo didn't make me buy an xbox, then surely tomb raider won't either even though I loved the first one. I hate it because they take a multiplatform game and prevent tons of people from playing it the way they like! If Tomb Raider was exclusive from the start I wouldn't care. It's simply a matter of ethics, but well $$$>ethics, sadly. So If I have to buy some silly box with no backwards compatibility and mess around with those stupid analog sticks just to play a sequel to a multi-platform game I might as well not bother at all then. If that x-bone had proper M&K support I'd at least consider it. I know that for console people it might be hard to understand, so let me translate it into something more relatable for you: If exclusive software was really that persuasive, then nobody would be using Windows Phone. Windows Phone is really lacking when it comes to apps and even more so when it comes to games. So why do we use it? Perhaps we like something about it other than apps? WP had a youtube App. Google blocked it. Did that make me get an Android? No it made me HATE Android & google even more. Same thing with this whole tomb raider exclusivity thing.
  • No one is preventing anyone from playing the new Tomb Raider. Certainly not Microsoft. 
    WP had a youtube App. Google blocked it. Did that make me get an Android? No it made me HATE Android & google even more. Same thing with this whole tomb raider exclusivity thing.
    But you can get youtube on a PC so you might not really need an Android device. No need to "hate" MS or Sony if they do get an exclusive game.
  • Is anyone else signing up for the ToDo DONE beta for windows phone? 
  • So its exclusive to xbox or microsoft?
    I game on the PC and this article just mentions how it wont be on PS4.
  • The announcement didn't make the existence of a PC version clear. I am guessing it will come to PC in 2016.
  • I'LL wait till it comes out on PC like dead rising 3. If the Xbone get more exclusive RPGs or flight games I might get it down the road.
  • I am picking up a PS4 next month to go beside my xbox one and this is disappointing to me so I like each console for certain game genre's Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • What question is this obviously it's good
  • Bad for gamers who don't own an Xbox, great for Microsoft. The One is trailing behind in sales and opinion, best way to counter that is with exclusives but they don't have enough internal studios for that. I would even say they shouldn't stop at Tomb Raider, they should try to make other similar deals.
  • That is the problem with MS, they should be more active on making own games by own studios first. Not really complaining about announcement as i decided this Gen to not miss out and by both consoles but not everyone is that lucky
  • They need to utilize lionhead outside of Fable and Rare, that could turn things around for the XBox.  They have the resources, just dont know how to execute, or at least before Phil Spencer.  hopefully he gets some new IPs going with those studios. 
  • I agree they need more studios and IPs, unfortunately starting a new IP takes time and doesn't guarantee success. Ryse didn't do well and I have a gut feeling Sunset Overdrive won't be the hit it's supposed to be. Best way to buy time is making deals with existing successful franchises, which they've done.
  • Agreed. "Think of how annoyed we all are that Bayonetta 2 is stuck on the Wii U instead of more popular systems."  | Wii U still has a lrager userbase than XBone, and AFAIK similar sales figures since MK8 released. ;) I'll likely end up with all console eventually anyway so I don't really mind. MS really needs XBONE exclusives (not XBone + PC), if they want to sell their console (as multiplats will almost certainly be better on PS4 or PC).
  • Have you heard of this thing called "Windows"?  I hear you use it on these things called "computers" to play games?
  • Was just about to mention this, this is really frustrating for us PC gamers.
  • Yep same thing with destiney that grinds my gears
  • Not cool. So not cool.
  • Cool. So Cool
  • Unexpected honestly. At least there will still be a PC version right?
  • Wow, what a surprising announcement! I knew Microsoft was going to announce another exclusive. They've really done a fantastic job securing AAA exclusives for Xbox One. But it hasn't really paid off for them yet. The AAA exclusive list so far is heavily lopsided in favor of Xbox One--so much so that it's been embarassing for Sony so far (they'll have their exclusives coming in the next few years, but for 2013-2014 so far, and now apparently 2015 as well, the Xbox One is routing the PS4 in quantity, quality, and variety of AAA exclusives). Despite that, though, it hasn't really helped Microsoft out in sales, which is really vexing. They're doing all they can do make the Xbox One the better system but the mass consumer doesn't seem to get it or doesnt' seem to care. I can't quite understand why because I see the Xbox One as having more features, more apps, and more exclusive games, yet the majority of next-gen sales have gone to the other guy.
  • What's been the most embarrassing thing for the ps4 so far? The sales, the games, or the third party exclusivity? And why are AAA games so important? Seems like despite all the deficits you mention, the real "rout" is happening to the Xbox. I'm not trying to start some kind of console war here, but its disappointing to see when someone thinks "securing" AAA titles that aren't first party as anything but damaging to the video games industry. It's gaming when Sony does it and it's damaging when Microsoft does it.
  • The most embarassing things about the PS4 so far is that the console is lacking greatly in features, apps, and exclusive games in comparison to the Xbox One. By a long shot. That said, they're doing fine in sales so there is little incentive for them to improve their product. But we at WPcentral here all understand that sales does not equal quality (see Android vs. Windows Phone). I have no problem with companies securing exclusive games (who cares if they're first-party or not? games are games). Exclusive content and exclusive features are the only way you can make your product stand out in a crowded field. Also, I don't see exclusive games as "damaging" the industry. I think they're better for the industry. They keep console makers honest. And they allow developers to focus on making 1 great game for 1 platform rather than trying to port it to a bunch of platforms. That takes a lot of resources and time.
  • Let me make this simple for you: There is a big difference between spending money on developing an exclusive first party title and having a third party title being released on your platform anyways, versus taking the money that could be spent on developing a first party title and spending it on third party exclusivity. If that doesn't make sense to you, I can't put it anymore simply how damaging that is to gaming as an industry. Furthermore, AAA titles are not the be-all end-all way to play games. That's a very juvenile way to measure things. Just as it's extremely short sighted to see "securing" third party exclusivity (read: Buying out) as anything but bad. If the fan reaction to this news (see: The internet) hasn't made this clear yet that buying third party exclusivity of a well established franchise that historically sold better on other platforms does NOT increase demand for your system, then nothing will.
  • Let me make it simpler for you: it's a hell of a lot more cost effective to outsource work than to acquire workers. Anyone who has studied business and organizational theory can tell you that more efficient firms do it the Microsoft way. The amount of money it cost them to secure this exclusive is infinitesimal compared to how much it would've cost to buy the studio and develop the game from scratch. As for it "damaging the gaming industry". Quite the contrary! Microsoft is now the most developer-friendly publisher in the industry. They are the only big publisher who lets developers keep their IP. Sony would never let that happen and there are many instances of them strongarming developers into signing away IP rights to them. Sony's method is bad for developers.
  • Uhh... Remind me why Ryse 2 got cancelled again?
  • Because Crytek has horrible management and have been bleeding money for years. Also, because Ryse 1 wasn't as good as it needed to be. Crytek is a perfect example of a company that would be better off getting acquired so that they can focus on making games. A better example of the scenario I described is Insomniac Games and Sunset Overdrive. They're much better off owning their own IP and Microsoft let them.
  • Microsoft let them own it by cancelling Ryse 2 because Crytek wouldn't sell it. Microsoft is no more likely to allow the developers of Microsoft-published games to keep their IPs than Sony. Probably less so, historically. The freedom that ID@Xbox developers receive is not the same kind of situation at all. Edit: Darn it, don't edit after I've already replied. Now I can't tell if I misread the original comment. ~ ~
  • The only thing I had edited was  adding in "Also, because Ryse 1 wasn't as good as it needed to be." I still think the Ryse/Crytek example isn't a fair one. Basicaly, Microsoft built up that franchise from nothing to something with their marketing muscle, Crytek underdelivered by giving us a subpar game (I thought it was all right, but the critics were less forgiving). Microsoft was willing to keep the franchise going but they wanted rights to it, which was understanble given how much they had already invested in it, the fact that Crytek underperformed, and the fact that Crytek was in a vulnerable financial position (I'm not saying Microsoft are a bunch of non-opportunistic saints), but Crytek scoffed at that, shortchanged their staff for weeks, sold off another franchise to another company (seemingly out of spite), and began porting Ryse to PC instead as a kind of middle-finger to Microsoft. I'm sure there is a lot behind the scenes we don't know about, from the outside, I'd put more blame on Crytek than Microsoft for  Ryse 2 not being in production right now. That said, the fact remains that Crytek still owns the IP and that is an asset that they otherwise wouldn't have had Microsoft not agreed to it--something that Sony has been known to scoff at in the past (i.e. letting developers maintain ownership).
  • Crytek definitely made some dodgy business decisions during that time. I don't even know why Ryse is so important to them, given the built-in limited appeal imposed by the setting. What examples of Sony strong-arming IPs away from developers are you thinking about? The way Sony pays developers to make games for them is something that has always been a practice and an important part of the console business. Microsoft just forgot about it for a few years, allowing Playstation 3 to catch up both in sales and mindshare to the Xbox 360 by the end of things. Microsoft had its own studios for that exact purpose, but either sold most of them off, closed them up (very bad), or forced them to make (mostly) awful Kinect games instead of working with the IPs that Microsoft bought the developer to get.
  • Yes, I'm also interested in hearing about this "strong-arming" that Sony has been doing. I'm also interested in hearing how Microsoft is helping the industry by buying third party exclusivity of multiplatform games? I'm not sure how what you said invalidates what I said.
  • Yeah, sure. Insomniac Games's new Sunset Overdrive is a perfect example. Insomniac shopped that game around to many publishers, including Sony, who insisted that they own the IP, leading Insomniac to go with Microsoft instead, who let them retain rights over their own new IP (IGN reported this). Another good example is Limbo. Playdead originally approached Sony with the game but Sony said they'd only put it on PSN if Sony could own the IP and make it exclusive. Playdead scoffed at that and the game became a timed exclusiv on Xbox 360 instead (and paved the road for a nice relationship with Microsoft in which Xbox One now gets Playdead's next game, Inside, first as well). Another example is the Amplitude franchise by Harmonix, which Sony demanded control over and now they own. Harmonix has long wanted to make a sequel to the 2003 game but couldn't because Sony needed to green light it (it now seems like that will finally happen, though). In contrast, Microsoft didn't demand Harmonix give them ownership over the Dance Central franchise even though they are publishing Dance Central Spotlight, leaving full control with Harmonix. Sony's strong-arming stems from them losing franchises like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot in the past, coupled with their arrogance after completely dominating the sixth generation of consoles with the PS2. If they PS4 dominates like that again, we'll likely see a resurection of strong-arm Sony, which isn't good for the industry. The industry has shifted in recent years, following the lead of the music industry where artists are now demanding they keep the rights to their music instead of losing them to the labels. Microsoft lets developers do that, which is much more developer-friendly than Sony, who has historically demanded control over the IP.
  • There is a war going on, both sides getting exclusives. This game doesn't feel quite right as an exclusive though. Sony themselves said they thought fayboy wars is good for gamers so there you go. Both companies are doing what they can to sell consoles, it's just business.
  • Awesome. Brings more value to Xbox One.
  • Great for me since I own an Xbox one. There are alot of pissed off people on Twitter though. Even took to tweeting Camilla Luddington the tomb raider model about it.
  • Listen... Everytime they say exclusive its only in 2015. This will come to others in 2015. Listen.
  • 2016
  • Nooo, not this one!
  • It's good that Microsoft got it but I doubt anyone will spend 400€ on a console just for it. And since the PS4 keeps beating the XboxOne on consumer preference and sales, I don't think it's a very smart move from the developers. Specially if the game ends up released in 2016 for other consoles. PS4 owners will not pay 60/70€ on 2016 for a 2015 game.
    Ultimately, it's only good for current Xbox One owners who like Tomb Raider.
    I personally am a bit disappointed BUT I would want the PS3 version anyway and God knows if that one was gonna come (much like AC Unity).
  • Xbox is launching in 29 new markets soon. That will help turn the tables or at least balance them.
  • Maybe. Let us remember those markets have had the PS4 for a year. Many people who could be undecided between both consoles will probably have already gone with the PS4 since that one was available.
  • Those markets have also had the XBone for a year, just not one from "official" sources. I don't see XBone getting much improved sales from that. Exclusives on the other hand will do that, especially when they have enough of them.
  • Yeah, I think too many people are imagining a scenario in which Rise of the Tomb Raider is the only compelling piece of software for Xbox One next year. That is silly. The 'bone will have plenty of good games by then, which is a context that makes an exclusive like Rise a lot more compelling. "Hey, I can get all of these games I want if I buy an Xbox One... including Rise."
  • Don't kid yourself. Yes, some markets could have access but only by importing them. Something that either fans or really determined people would do. And that would also cost more than retail price. Had to get mine on Amazon UK cause Sweden was removed from the initial markets.
  • Why do you keep d