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We’re here in not-so-sunny San Francisco (seriously, it’s cloudy and humid) but we’re still gearing up for tomorrow’s early keynote speech from Microsoft. It starts at 9AM PT/12PM ET (or your localized time here) and we’ll be in the front of the audience to cover it live, all for //build/ 2013.

What will Microsoft reveal? We’re not sure as the whole event is shrouded in mystery this year. We can bet they will focus in on Windows 8.1, Xbox Music, maybe some Xbox One news and maybe even throw Windows Phone users a bone (there are quite a dozen or so 'Phone sessions, which is good news). You can read our "what to expect" article here for more info.

Regardless, this is where CEO Steve Ballmer takes the stage and whoops it up for the developers, fans and media. You’d be crazy to pass it up, so make sure you join us for the event tomorrow morning!

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