Torrex Beta app arrives on the Xbox One Store ahead of testing

The beta app for the popular Torrex BitTorrent client is now on the Xbox One Store, but testing isn't ready to kick off just yet. And though the app is running on a game console, it sounds like the experience will remain very similar to the experience on Windows 10, where the UWP app first launched in beta in early August.

According to the folks behind Torrex, the beta app doesn't feature any UI changes on the Xbox One, but they will come in time. In fact, a mouse emulator is being used for interaction for the time being.

Another hiccup involves .torrent files and magnet links, neither of which will open in Microsoft Edge on Xbox One. As a result, you'll only be able to start downloading files using a .torent file on a USB stick. To get around this, the Torrex team says it will release its own browser for Xbox One that will allow downloading .torrent files and open magnet links.

While the beta app is now showing up on the Xbox Store, the beta test isn't ready to kick off just yet. Torrex says it is "planning to start Beta test in the near future and will notify when it comes." We will, of course, let you know once things kick off as well.

For now, you can check out the TorrexBeta listing — which carries a humorously prohibitive $999 price tag — on the Windows Store and on your Xbox One. And if waiting to try things on the Xbox One has you anxious, you can sign up to test the app on Windows 10 now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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