Toshiba G900 Sleep Issue Patched

Bully to you, Toshiba! As much as I take guilty pleasure in super-phones not living up to expectations (mostly because I don't actually own said super-phone), I'm happy to see that you have released a patch for that pesky sleep issue. As Arne at the unwired mentions, it's just a patch (get it here) and not a full ROM update - so if you are one of the lucky owners of this superphone, be sure to store it in a safe place.

As mentioned before, Toshiba was expected to release a software patch for the Portégé G900's idle problem and here it is - just released in time: This patch is designed to resolve the issue of G900 devices failing to return to standby mode from deep sleep mode correctly, which some users have experienced and should only be installed by those who've encountered this specific problem.

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WC Staff