Touch Diamond gets hotfixes for audio skipping, reminder repeats

HTC has released a couple of hotfixes for the original Touch Diamond that should take are of a couple of annoying bugs. (As opposed to the bugs we like, I guess.)

The first hotfix (opens in new tab) takes care of problems a number of people were having with audio playback skipping.

The second involves the Sounds and Notifications settings, specifically that you couldn't uncheck the Repeat Reminders option. So, apply this fix (opens in new tab), and all should be well.

Note that these are hotfixes and not a full-on ROM update. Hotfixes install just like any other program. So if you hard-reset your phone at some point, you'll need to reapply the hotfixes or risk having the problems again.

Via Slashphone

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  • "Installing Hotfix. Please Waiting." I love chingrishese!
  • Fair warning... may not work on custom roms. Just loaded it on mine and had to hard reset.
  • Hmmmmm. Wondered about that. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Hotfix for resolving skipping during audio playback for HTC Touch Diamond is not on HTC site anymore, maybe it creates other problems. But it defintately fix the sound on exactly every 5 minutes problem.