TouchMail for Windows 8 updated, bug fixes and few new features in tow

Today one of the most beautiful email applications for Windows 8.1 received an update. TouchMail delivers your inbox to you in one of the more attractively designed apps we have laid our hands upon.

The client currently supports Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and any IMAP provider you can throw at it. A super friendly touch user interface, color coded messages, and beautiful animations are just the surface of this app. To check out the recent changes, read after the break.

The update takes TouchMail to version and includes a collection of both bug updates and new features. If you live in the United Kingdom and use Yahoo mail, you may have noticed an issue using your address with TouchMail – the latest update aimed to fix this issue and now any users with “” accounts should have no problem logging in and accessing their content.

The software update has also brought more customizability for IMAP configurations, so there should not be any issues no matter what service you are using. New additions allows IMAP server settings to be configured more manually, so you have complete control no matter you server’s port usage, security settings, etc.

Lastly, the update also brings a new visual tutorial to the table. The tutorial itself launches when you open the application for the first time and showcases the touch based gestures the client supports. These gestures include pinching in and out to zoom, deleted mail by holding down on an item, swiping to navigate the various parts of your inbox, and more.

If you have never tried out TouchMail for Windows 8.1, we highly recommend checking it out. It may not be the best solution for those who have tons of emails flooding in and the app has yet to receive push notifications, but for the average email users – it is a blast.

To check out our full review of TouchMail, you can click here. If you want to grab the app directly from the Windows Store, you can click here.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of TouchMail!

Michael Archambault