Transparent wallpapers are all the rage

A few days ago, a hobbyist developer named keyboardP did a proof-of-concept trick using a modified PNG image as a lockscreen wallpaper for Windows Phones. The result is a transparent effect whereby you can see through to your homescreen. Kind of neat if you want to check the temperature without unlocking the phone.

The first one he did was simple: claw marks that made it look like someone had torn your screen.

Since then, members over at XDA have started to create many different variations, coming up with some real unique designs. Over at keyboardP's site, he has also accumulated a mini-gallery that is growing as users submit them.

Now, there are three things to know about doing this: one, you must email yourself the PNG file as syncing won't work (Zune only recognizes JPGs), two, the trick only works once you "touch" the screen and three, it won't work if you have your device password protected. Other than that though, it's pretty sweet and easy to do. You can see in the picture here that I went for a very simple all black that goes smoky when activated. Anyways, if you're bored, give it a go. Feel free to discuss and post your creation here in our forums.

Source: Phone 7, Gallery, XDA Forums

Daniel Rubino

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  • Where can I find the one in the pic that's being used.
  • Hi 1jaxstate1,
    I've uploaded a fully transparent one and Dan's smoky black one in the gallery.
  • I have a few game related here I created,
  • Pretty nice! Now, if one of those developers can figure out a way to make the tiles transparent with just the text or app name showing, that would be cool too, especially if Microsoft starts including wallpaper to set as a background or having colors other than light or dark.
  • Just what i been thinking!
  • How can you get the screen to stay "live" a little longer?
  • sucks that you have to unlock your phone. not something i'm willing to do just for a wallpaper. I want to have time to track and find my HTC HD7 in case its lost. Location finder to have on if you have no password set. it way to easy to just switch it off.
  • You do not have to unlock your phone to do this.
  • My mistake..I misinterpreted what you meant by unlock.
  • I blogged about this and created some cool gaming related wallpaper. Check it out here, Let me know what you think on our blog. -Conflicting Gamers-
  • I made a few of these a while ago. Just got around to sharing them.