Trials Rising slides onto Xbox and PC

Trials Rising is an extremely punishing motorcycling game which requires you to carefully navigate lethal courses. The Trials franchise is quite famous among gamers because, in many ways, it's part of popular culture. Completing a difficult course gives you bragging rights, and back in 2004, everyone wanted to play it to test their skills with a controller.

At Gamescom 2018, Ubisoft announced that Trials Rising would launch on Xbox One and other platforms in February. Luckily, that day is upon us. It seems like only Trials Rising: Gold Edition discs are being sold for $40. If you want to get the base game for $25, the only option available right now is to go digital.

Trials Rising is getting good reviews, but some critics feel that the emphasis on bettering yourself by repeating levels is gone. While hardcore fans may not like this approach, it's great for newcomers because it allows everyone to experience new levels. With Trials Fusion, many of my friends stopped playing because they couldn't get enough stars to unlock new levels.

This time around Trials Rising has an expansion pass, so expect a lot of new levels in the coming months. There is a strong focus on the community so hopefully the title will remain popular for years to come.

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  • It's kind of weird in the direction that this game series has gone.
    Trials as a motorcycle sport is a lot about technical skill, precision and handling of the bikes. This was at the core of the original trials and has seemingly got lost along the way the more they added multiplayer to the game.
    The latter editions of the game seem to revolve around just random platforms falling away or something randomly falling on or into you that you really have no control over unless you've already played the map multiple times and can remember the trigger action.
    It's unfortunate because Trials as a trails game, it was awesome and could have progressed a lot more as a trails game. Instead it's just becoming a multiplayer side scrolling race game on motorcycles with obstacles. Can't wait until the next version when they introduce power up and mushroom bombs that you can throw at the other players...
    Still, if Trials as a multiplayer racer is your thing, you'll probably enjoy this. Lets just hope they don't have a bucket load of DLC and season pass content added making new players unable to join the majority of the games later on.