Trivial Pursuit & Friends brings the classic quiz game to Windows and Windows Phone

As promised earlier this month, Gameloft has released Trivial Pursuit & Friends as a universal app for both Windows and Windows Phone platforms. The free-to-play game offers a revamped version of the classic quiz board game in a new mobile version that allows people to play with both old friends as well as new ones they can find while playing.

Here's a look at its main features.

More Ways to Play

  • Duel: A lightning-fast mental showdown
  • Blitz: A frantic trivia party with 4 players competing simultaneously
  • Events: Take on a brand-new, specially themed quiz every week like Zombie Apocalypse, Fashionista, Sports Champs, and Do You Like Chili Peppers?

The Ultimate Answer for Fun

  • Take the world-famous quiz game with you and enjoy it anytime, anywhere
  • Discover modern and social gameplay that lets you go head-to-head against friends… or make new ones
  • All the quality, content and challenge you'd expect from the Trivial Pursuit name
  • Thousands of questions available
  • 6 categories to master, including photo questions

Join the Quiz Community

  • Create a custom avatar and show off your unlocked titles, badges and decorations
  • Chat with your friends and opponents in the game
  • Create and share your own stumpers for the world to guess
  • Gain experience and progress through the game to earn amazing in-game prizes!

By the way, Windows Phone device owners with 512MB of RAM will be happy to know Trivial Pursuit & Friends will work on your smartphone.

Download Trivial Pursuit & Friends for Windows/Windows Phone (opens in new tab) (Free)

John Callaham
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  • mine is 243 714 0892
  • My code: 401 807 130
  • 913 546 732 add me pls
  • Xbox too?
  • Already for Xbox...
  • This is Gameloft's 12th non-Xbox game for Windows Phone since returning to Xbox development on Windows Phone. #SaveXboxWP, details here.
  • What phone is that ?
  • Its from GL. Nah ill skip.
  • Looks like no achievement support, oh well
  • Link?
  • LOL
    A download link? In the Windows Central app?
    Surely you jest.
  • Ikr.... This is getting old! It's like they don't even give a damn anymore
  • LMAO. Using my name (Jason) says I am using forbidden words. Any variation says this (Jay, JJ). What gives?
  • Most such games are US-centric.
  • Game constantly locks up...truly a Gameloft game.
  • after connecting to Facebook and Microsoft Account, it gets stuck at CONNECTING...
  • Connecting to Microsoft worked fine for me. However the game got stuck for me too when connecting to Facebook. Just clicked the back option on the screen to get back.
  • Gotta love how searching "Trivial Pursuit" in the app store doesn't find this game. Is that not a problem?
  • Found it for me, also the EA version, on 10 mobile. But the store search usually does bring the suck.
  • Hoping Windows 10 fixes this issue.
  • Search trivial pursuit friends and it will show up.
  • Why there is no download link for the game in windows central app?
  • Trivial Pursuit & ... for Windows Phone
  • Thank you. I don't understand why they don't put the link in their app, when Store search is not working at all..
  • Go to a game from gameloft. Then on details press more apps from gameloft. Scroll down and you will find.
  • So if its free2play, whats the catch? Or what stuff do they give for cash?
  • It's based on a heart system where you have 3 hearts that generate 1 per hour... you can buy more. There's also gems that let you purchase abilities like allowing you to get one wrong, eliminating some wrong answeres, etc...
  • So basically similar to Trivia Crack without the stealing twist. Currently the game crashes a lot more and friends don't appear to be working, at least for Facebook... See how long it takes them to fix stuff as it is fun when it works.
  • It works flawlessly
  • Hopefully you're lucky and it's working fine for you. Found out after that it also steals hearts if you play the theme quiz mode. Also stole my bronze ticket when I tried to play the bronze blitz quiz.
  • Enjoying it so far, but is it cross platform?
  • Yep
  • I'm waiting billion years for opponents to take their turns. GL thinks we live millions of years. Perma uninstall.
  • This is a really fun game, have been playing for the last couple days. You can start a bunch of games, so you will wait less, but there will be some waits unless you pay.
  • My fc is 413 361 7583
  • My friend code is 101 813 0171