Tronsmart Force Bluetooth speaker review: The USB-C-charged speaker you can THROW in the pool

Meet my new favorite shower-buddy, with NFC pairing, USB-C charging, and True Wireless Stereo.

If you think it's hard to get excited about Bluetooth speakers unless they're shiny, shimmery colors or have big name brands behind them, think again. The Tronsmart Force may not be the flashiest on the market, but I guarantee you, this is the Bluetooth speaker that will fit into your life and your tech better than speakers twice its price. From the latest charging and pairing technology to top-notch waterproofing and sound, the Force is strong with this one!

The Good

  • IPX7 Water-resistant
  • USB-C charging
  • Great sound and connectivity
  • Excellent price

The Bad

  • 15-hour battery life seems short
  • Buttons can be hard to recognize by feel


Tronsmart Force Bluetooth speaker What I love

Good gods of music, I have been looking for more Bluetooth speakers that charge over USB-C, and the Tronsmart Force checks that box and just about every other one a girl could want in one excellently-priced waterproof package. Its crisp, full sound belies its affordable pricing and it has more than enough punch to pump up a bedroom or an apartment party all by its lonesome, even with 30 semi-drunk tech writers talking games and glitches around it, but it can also get intimately quiet for listening to music before bed at church mouse volumes.

Look beyond the black, boxy exterior and you'll find a diamond shining in the rough.

The controls don't stick out against the speaker's top, and the three ports around back — USB-C, microSD/TF card reader, and 3.5mm aux in — are securely protected by a deep-seated silicone flap. NFC pairing meant no waiting around for minutes on end for my phone to find the Tronsmart in a hotel full of Bluetooth IDs, and every time I turned the speaker on and off, I never had to wait more than 5 seconds for the Tronsmart Force to find my phone and get the music blasting again.

Look beyond the black, boxy exterior and you'll find a diamond shining in the rough. Or at least shining in the shower spray — I've been using this puppy during my bathtime singalongs for weeks because the sturdy square ring built into the Force's side is perfect for looping over shower hooks and towel racks. I had my doubts about the Force's waterproofing at first — doubts that were absolutely shattered during its MoNaCon pool dive — but it really does stand up to shower jets bathtubs, and being used as a pool toy by grade-school boys.

Yeah, you heard me: pool toy. After surviving that pool-seeking missile of a throw by Russell Holly four stories into the water, the Tronsmart Force spent the better part of 15 minutes being literally thrown around the pool by two children before it was fished out and dried off. It turned back on immediately and kept playing Staying Alive — because what else do you play when you're hurling a speaker off a balcony to its watery doom — like an absolute champ.

And thank goodness for that, because I didn't want to lose this black brick of awesome to water damage or a sidewalk shattering. This speaker is easy to control, easy to pair, and easy to charge since I just plug it into the same charger my phone or Chromebook are using and let it top up once the dreaded low battery chime sounded at 20%.

Tronsmart Force Bluetooth speaker What could be stronger

If this speaker has any flaws, I do wish the 15-hour battery life could be longer, but for a speaker this size and this price, it's more than enough to get you through a long day of chores, prep-work and partying. USB-C charging at 15W also ensures you'll be able to recharge the battery pretty quickly, which helps forgive the shorter battery life.

I already mentioned the sound coming out of this speaker is great, and it really is, but every now and again it gets a tiny bit tinny, though that could often be attributed to where I was hanging the speaker as I went about my morning routine. While the plus minus, and play buttons were easy to feel out in the steamy shower or the dark bedroom, the Mode and EQ buttons feel almost identical, meaning you'll have to remember which direction the speaker is facing when you use them.

Tronsmart Force Bluetooth speaker

To borrow from the best villain of all time, Don't underestimate the power of the Force. Tronsmart's speaker is a powerful ally, whether you need to blast The Imperial March at full volume to announce your evil overlord's arrival or serenade your lover with an intimate playing of Across the Stars, and I'm grateful that I don't need to dig out an old micro-USB cable whenever it needs charging.

For an NFC-pairing, great-sounding Bluetooth speaker that charges over USB-C, $60 is an absolute steal. In fact, I might grab myself a second Force so that I can dual wield with True Wireless Stereo and take my in-bed binges of Galaxy of Adventure to the next level.

Tronsmart offered us a promo code to give to readers for the Tronsmart Force. This promo code and review unit in no way influenced our review, but it can get you 20 percent off the Force for a limited time. The Amazon coupon code is DR7FI4E3 and will drop the Tronsmart Force down to $48.

Ara Wagoner

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