Twitter may soon let you leave a conversation

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What you need to know

  • Twitter is testing out a feature that will let users leave a conversation.
  • Leaving a conversation will untag your username, stop future mentions, and stop notifications for the thread.
  • The feature was spotted and shared on Twitter earlier this month.

Twitter is testing out the ability to leave a conversation. The feature will untag your username from a thread, stop future mentions, and stop notifications from the conversation. Twitter user and well-known leaker Jane Manchun Wong shared an image of the feature earlier this month.

Leaving a conversation would differ from muting a conversation. Wong clarified that after leaving a conversation, any mentions of your username will be converted to plain text. This should eliminate any unwanted follow-up tweets without having to mute or block specific users.

Casual users of Twitter may not get much use out of the feature, but those that interact with people regularly will likely welcome the option. When threads gain a lot of traction, a seemingly endless stream of notifications can come in, even after a conversation has stopped being productive.

Future's Michael Fisher expressed gratitude in response to the news that Twitter is testing the ability to leave a conversation.

Wong did not specify when the ability to leave a conversation would roll out to Twitter.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Twitter is a great social media platform for interacting with people across the web. Sometimes, however, you want to leave a conversation. Support for such a feature appears to be on the way. Make sure to follow us on Twitter as well.

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