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TYLT Energi+ Power Backpack: A smart way to tote your tech

These days you never know how many gadgets you might need for an all-day trip to the office, or a flight across the country. Having a way to carry your essential tech while charging a few inside makes a bag like the TYLT Energi+ Power Backpack a no-brainer. There's a lot this thing has to offer, so let's touch on some of the key points that make it the ideal replacement for your typical backpack.

Storage. And lots of it.

The TYLT Energi+ provides 13 pockets to store your personal items and gadgets behind its 1680D ballistic nylon exterior, not even including the handy zipper accessory bag that's bundled inside. Each brushed metal zipper has an easy-grip tag attached to it, making it painless to open and close each compartment. Most of the spots designed for device storage have a soft lining inside that keep everything snug and scratch-free. The laptop compartment accommodates laptops up to 15.5 x 10.5 x 1.5-inches and is secured inside using a velcro strap on top.

There's still plenty of storage to be had aside from the basics already mentioned including a mesh holder for a sports drink or water bottle, tablet compartment, and even a battery recharge pocket for the battery brick inside that you could run a microUSB cable through and directly into a wall or car adapter. It's a good idea to keep track of what you store inside and where you put it, or else you'll be digging through zipper after zipper to find your gear.

How the TYLT Energi+ spreads its power.

There's a single 10,400mAh power brick that you strap inside the backpack which includes two 1A USB outputs and a single high speed 2A USB output. TYLT includes 2 microUSB cables and a 30-pin charge/sync cable for older Apple devices that can be run from the power brick through a series of cable straps throughout the backpack, depending on where you've decided to put your gadgets inside. There's really no shortage of opportunity here for how to manage your charging cables. If I had to nitpick, it would be nice to see a larger battery bundled with the Energi+ and designed so that it's not just a brick sitting at the bottom of the bag.

You can charge the power brick inside by removing it completely from the backpack or running a charging cable through the designated pocket on the bottom left side. Each cable that's provided should have enough length to get to any pocket without an issue. Unless the power bank is on all the time, you'll need to manually power it on yourself. There are a series of LED lights along the side that indicate how much life remains, which can be seen easily simply by opening that compartment and peeking inside.

Those bonus features, though.

Looking past all that storage, battery, and cable management are some cool extras that make the Energi+ Power Backpack even more unique. Along the left shoulder strap is an NFC tag if one or more of your mobile devices can utilize it, and on the backside is a trolley slot where the retractable handle for your carry-on slides through — providing a quick and easy way to tote the backpack along with your wheeled luggage.

The TYLT Energi+ is also TSA approved, so you won't have to go digging for your laptop or tablets each time you're going through checkpoints. If you're rocking a wired pair of headphones, you can keep your mobile device safely inside and route the headphones through the designated headphone opening at the top of the bag. The same goes for running any of your cables to the outside if you need to utilize your power-hungry device while walking.

Is the TYLT Energi+ Power Backpack for you?

$119.95 Buy (opens in new tab)

The answer is simple. If you're someone that tends to carry a laptop, tablet, multiple phones or an iPod with you then sure. This backpack is designed for the techie who travels, whether it be on foot or in the air. There are some aspects of the bag that could be improved or included (battery capacity and chest strap), but its design as-is has been well thought out, and is comfortable to use once you get a grasp on how to best store all your tech. You can snag the Energi+ Power Backpack for $119.99 from Amazon or $169.95 from Windows Central Shop{.nofollow}.

  • Looks like the company who manufactured is iPhone / Apple Fan... Look at those texts above those USB pprts
  • Kinda way to advertise.. :)
  • I agree. Are Apple customers really that blinded that the products need to habe their product printed extra or otherwise they dont buy? In general the Apple bias of most companies disgusts me.
  • hipster backpack.
  • I wonder how security staff reacts when x-raying this backpack...
  • I took mine to a baseball game a few weeks ago, and the was no issues.
  • The same as any bag with a battery pack in it. I carry two batteries, one laptop, my SP3 and Android tablet. No TSA agent has ever blinked an eye (I fly weekly).  
  • Lol my aw branded backpack was tsa approved but only the laptop pocket & only on us - us flights. Guess tc is more out of touch with screenong procedures
  • $170?!
    Come on....a Berghaus backpack for $40 + an Anker battery for $25 will give a much more comfortable setup.
    Such a load of geeky nonsense.
  • Prices is steeper than I'd pay. I received mine via hidden gems and can attest to its quality. Its truly built superbly and I can see this thing lasting forever..
  • What the hell are ads doing in my Pro version of the app?
    Edit: They went away after a reopen of the app.
    Edit 2: They came back after I reopened the app once again.
  • Same here, for a while. I'm thinking it's due to the Windows 10 store. As a matter of fact, it's happening in all of my paid apps.
  • Lol mytube's been a pain in the ass suddenly again
  • Good luck taking this to the airport. Electric power in a backpack is a red flag.
  • You are 100% incorrect. I fly with multiple devices, battery packs (Anker) and a shitload of wires/etc. Also my e-cig + batteries. No TSA agent has ever said a word. It's 2015. People have electronics, pass it on.
  • I got one of this kind and another with soloar panal... I travel every month between US, UK an other parts of Americas...never had any issue.... 
  • I hate it seeing product names next to category names. iphone IS a smartphone. iPad IS a tablet! Wtf is wrong with people? :) :/ :o
  • Oh, RELAX. USA's society essentially has chalked it up to that, right or wrong. You're smarter than that, so you know the difference. Pat yourself on the back and move on with life. Enjoy the products you have. Smile a little.
  • if there iphone/ipad not printed, iphone/ipad users wont buy the product... Also check the price on will find same product listed for iphone/ipod are bit expensive than the listing of the same item for smartphones/tablets
  • I wouldn't buy that external battery cause of the naming. Lol
  • Unnecessarily overpriced!
  • Because it has iPhone name printed on. Isn't that the Apple's logic?
  • yes, anything printed iphone/ipad is always bit highter on price! its more psychology then the technology!
  • Sorry but this isn't worth it, get an amazon basic backpack has tonnes of storage for £24, power pack for 30 and pop it inside and wallah you got a back pack for more than half of this and does more!
  • On amazon I see this for 119 dollars. am I missing something here Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope! That's accurate. Prices on Amazon fluctuate pretty often and since writing this review it's been lowered. I've updated the linkage. Thanks!
  • First time Brent's article doesn't feel lonely.
  • Is there a way to charge a Surface Pro 3 with this? I see it's just USB.
  • Nope. If it was a Surface 3 then you'd be good to go!
  • Yeah but it'd be way slow.
  • Looks like a cheap cheap bag.
  • Actually the opposite, it's built very well and I could see this lasting for as long as I choose to have it. I've had people ask me about it because it truly has a compartment for anything and everything.
  • I have got to tell you I won this backpack on the hidden gems this past July. The pack is awesome. I take it with me everywhere I can keep my L925 and the 2520 and my M8 for windows fully charged all day and then some. The way the cords run within the pack makes it so only the small core for ny over the head cans is sticking out. There are enough compartments within the pack to store all sorts tech and other items.. The battery dose take a while to charge but I can go a couple of days on it. It's really well worth the money if you are on the go a lot.
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  • If you really don't think so go get google glass. ;)
  • to be honest, I am surprised to see this still around. I remember playing with this 2 CES' ago, and then it was competing with PowerBag in the same price range. While the powerbag had better cable management, the tyly does have the ability to swap out the battery with just about anything of the same or similar size.   And for the people saying that this is a TSA nightmare, nope, it's not. I have flown cross country a few times with my powerbag and the ONLY issues I have ever had were my PSP or Vita. BOTH have been testing for "chemical contact"
  • You really need to own the bag to appreciate it.  I've gone through dozens of backpacks over the years.  This one by far has absolutely been the best.  I've been using it for about a year and a half now and always looking out for something better, nothing yet.  Techies and gadget collectors alike will definitely make good use of this backpack.  Lots of compartments, quality material.
  • I had this backpack and actually loved it.  Unfortunately the strap broke on it.  I had it bought for me back when it was closer to $200.00.