TYLT Energi Pro review: MrMobile's favorite battery backpack

I knew I needed to review the TYLT Energi Pro when I first saw Daniel Bader rocking one on an overseas trip a few months back – and even though he's beaten me to the official take with his own excellent review, I've gathered some followup thoughts on the backpack in the weeks since. See, the TYLT Energi Pro isn't just any old backpack. It's a bag with a built-in 20,100 mAh battery beefy enough to recharge your tablets, phones, and even some laptops – and with 12+ compartments, it's big enough to hold all of that gadgetry, too. Combine that with water resistance, internal cable routing and enough comfort gel to keep your shoulders padded even with 20 lbs of cargo aboard, and you've got yourself a battery backpack that lives up to its high price tag (even though it's a stretch).

Click on through to MrMobile's TYLT Energi Pro review to see the best battery backpack of 2017 – or if you want to save some coin, check out some of the runner-ups below!

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