UK retailer Clove announces availability of grey Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 is available in black, grey and white. UK retailer Clove has just announced that the company will be stocking the grey version this week, which will join both the black and white. All three variants are unlocked and ready to rock and roll with compatible networks and SIM cards. 

If you've not followed our coverage on the latest flagship Windows Phone, be sure to check out our rather in-depth review. Head on over to the Clove website (opens in new tab) to see colour options, pricing and order details.

Source: Clove Blog (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It looks nice in grey
  • I think it looks like a drab slab of boringness.  
  • Lmao its not that bad.
  • It looks best in grey and in black I think the 2 tone lookin white is bad looking
  • I prefer white with a matching Garmin CHUD...
  • yes - white is the best colour ever for a CHUD in a car.
  • What's a CHUD?
  • If the clove handsets are cv gb rom then there will be no 4g option, same as the lumia 920!
  • Where did you find this info? Mine is CV GBIE, so I'm interested to know more...
  • Do you have 4g enabled? In settings, mobile network, highest speed drop down do you have 2g, 3g and 4g? Since the lumia 920/ 820 launch the sim free cv gb handsets have not had 4g enabled and this has continued with the 925. I know this is the case because i have a press event 920 and it doesn't have 4g enabled. I have a Vodafone 925 which has 4g enabled and when i flashed the cv gb 925 rom it disabled the 4g!
  • Just checked and I only have 2G and 3G :( But I'm on Vodafone and they haven't even launched their 4G network yet, so I can't use it anyway!
  • Nokia have said that when network operators launch their 4g services that they will roll out ota updates! However the uk does have one 4g network which is EE, and Nokia have not updated sim free handsets to support EE, my question is why not?
    The Vodafone 32gb handset i have does have 4g enabled even though they have not launched their 4g service!
  • Hope this "carrier and reseller stock new nokia" is something of the past next year and you dont need to be happy to have it stocked somewhere
  • My Lumia 920 is from handtec and I asked about 4g in like five emails but when I got my Lumia ot was crippled 3g... Polish version
  • I hated the design of the back, but I care about it less and less, just imagine that chill smooth (not the sharp non-ergonomic iCrap) aluminium of the rounded edges.. *drooooolll* ^_^
    what the heck I LOVE my 920 ;)