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Best Inkjet Paper Windows Central 2021

Finding the right printing paper can be an extreme sport. Gone are the days you could run any paper through your printer without a second thought. Today, there are papers meant for use with either an inkjet or laser printer. These requirements explain why companies like Epson, HP, and Canon have whole lines of paper and ink combinations that they swear by. To simplify the entire paper chase process, we have outlined the best inkjet papers available today. Our best overall is the HP Premium Paper, A4

Best Overall: HP Premium Paper, A4

HP Premium Paper, A4Source: HP

Inkjet printers work by spraying liquid or wet ink onto a paper to recreate image and text prints. Therefore, you need a thick and fast-absorbing paper that will not bleed through. That paper is The HP Premium Paper, A4. It is optimised for use in all inkjet and laser printers.

With 90 gsm paperweight, the HP paper is heavy and thick enough for smudge-free and double-sided printing. It is not coated, which makes ink reception and absorption a breeze. The bright white shade coupled with Colorlok technology creates a perfect contrast giving you bold black prints and brilliant colour images. It is an A4 size paper and comes as a single pack of 500 sheets or five packs bundled into a box. The HP bright white paper is well suited for printing memos, reports, presentations or when quality matters.


  • It is printable on both sides
  • 100% recycled paper
  • The bright white shade creates vivid prints
  • Works in all inkjet printers


  • It is not a photo paper.

Best Overall

HP Premium Paper, A4

HP Premium Paper, A4

The inkjet paper

This HP premium paper is super bright and absorbs ink fast without bleeding even when printing on both side

Best Runner-up: Hammermill Paper, Inkjet Poly Wrap

Hammermill Paper, Inkjet Poly WrapSource: Hammermill

This is a 90 gsm bright white multipurpose inkjet paper. Be it proposals, newsletters, reports and direct mails, the Hammermill paper delivers. Besides, it runs jam-free in all inkjet printers.

Since the paper is not coated, wet ink sinks in faster, giving you instant drying prints. On a brightness scale of 92 to 100, this paper lies at 96 bright white. With such a brightness, the paper creates bold black texts and vivid colour prints. Unlike most inkjet papers, it has a smooth surface that gives prints a beautiful semi-gloss finish. This Hammermill paper comes in a box bundle containing five reams.


  • It is bright white
  • Heavy enough for smudge-free printing
  • The smooth surface produces popping prints
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers


  • It is sold as a bundle of five reams

Best Runner-up

Hammermill Paper, Inkjet Poly Wrap

Hammermill Paper, Inkjet Poly Wrap


To prevent yellowing over time, the Hammermill paper is acid-free. Your documents will still as good as new no matter their age.

Best for Photos: HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper, White

HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper, WhiteSource: HP

Bring your photos to life with the HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper. Optimised for inkjet printers, your photos will come out of the printer smudge-free. The ink drys instantly so you can pass the photos around straight from the printer. You can't go wrong with HP!

The paper is 250 g/m² thick and measures 11 x 15 cm. It has a glossy finish that delivers impressive colour intensity. Also, the glossy finish gives paper water and fade resistance capabilities. The paper comes in different sizes, remember to check what paper size your printer accepts.


  • Precisely made for inkjet printers
  • It has a glossy finish for vivid images
  • It is water and fade resistant
  • Sourced from responsibly managed forests


  • Not ideal for those who prefer matte photos

Best for Photos

HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper, White

HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper,White

Perfected for Inkjet

Enjoy instantly drying prints ready to touch straight out of the printer. The paper is fade and water-resistant.

Best Premium Paper: Xerox Premier100Gm2 Paper

Xerox Premier100Gm2 PaperSource: XEROX

The versatility of Xerox Premier paper gives you the freedom to achieve the quality of prints you want. It includes lighter papers for mails and heavier papers for proposals and reports. This particular one is A4 size with 100 gsm paperweight. Such a heavy paper is perfect for duplex(double-sided) printing without smudging.

All Xerox papers are chlorine-free, meaning your documents won't turn yellowish over time. It is also economical to buy paper in bulk, especially if you print a lot. The Xerox paper comes in a box containing five reams, and each ream carries 500 sheets of paper.


  • Perfect for duplex printing
  • Works with both inkjet and laser printers
  • The paper is Chlorine free


  • The paper is not recycled

Best Premium Paper

Xerox Premier100Gm2 Paper

Xerox Premier100Gm2 Paper


With a paperweight of 60 to 200 gsm to choose from, you may never need to look elsewhere for printing paper.

Best Copy Paper: AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Paper

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy PaperSource: Amazon

Without a doubt, you must have come across papers labelled copy, multipurpose or printer paper. It turns out that printer paper is heavier than both copy or multipurpose paper. For everyday multifunctional printing and copying, use this affordable AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy. It is not the best paper when you want to make an impression, but it does the job.

The paperweight is 80gsm, which is an okay standard for regular inkjet printing. Since the paper works well in laser printers, it makes an excellent choice for high-volume everyday office printing. In its truest form as a multipurpose paper, it is sold as a single pack or a bundle with five reams. The paper is chlorine-free so you don't have to worry about documents yellowing over time.


  • Compatible with both inkjet and laser printers
  • It is acid-free
  • White enough fo vivid prints
  • The price is just right


  • Not the best when you want to create impressive prints

Best Copy Paper

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Paper

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Paper

Absolute bargain

This multipurpose copy paper works great in both laser and inkjet printers. A good pick for everyday high-volume printing.

Best for Colour Printing: Astrobrights Mega Collection, Colored Paper

Astrobrights Mega Collection, Colored PaperSource: Astrobrights

What could life be without colour? The Astrobrights Color Paper is the best pick to breathe life into your paper creation. Each ream carries five different coloured papers totalling to 625 sheets. From paper crafts, room decor, party invitations, event promotions, scrapbook pages, art projects, page dividers to flayers. All your ideas will get the attention they deserve. Besides, they are engineered to work in both inkjet and laser printers.

This 89 gsm paper is well-dyed throughout to avoid a white core when you cut or fold it. It is acid-free to ensure the longevity of your creations. Colour is known to accelerate comprehension, readership, and content retention. Go ahead and print out those fantastic business and school ideas!


  • Works in both inkjet and laser printers
  • Ideal for double-sided printing
  • You don't need coloured ink
  • Comes in 5 different colours


  • Limited colour choice per ream

Best for Colour Printing

Astrobrights Mega Collection, Colored Paper

Astrobrights Mega Collection, Colored Paper

Colour your ideas

Five assorted colours to choose from depending on the project at hand. Your crafts will receive the attention they deserve

Bottom line

Taking a little extra time to choose the right printing paper is a move in the right direction. Always remember to adjust your printer's settings to match the type of paper and ink you are using. Photo specific printing papers come in various sizes. It is important to confirm the range of paper size your printer accepts.

The HP Premium Paper, A4 remains our overall best inkjet paper. This 90 gsm paper is heavy enough to withstand duplex printing without bleeding. The paper is not coated, which allows fast wet ink absorption and fast-drying prints. With its bright white shade, you get bold black texts and vivid colour prints. Lastly, Its 100% recycled, you don't have to worry about environmental degradation.

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