Sony made a robot puppy and you can pre-order it for $2,900

The Sony Aibo Robot Puppy has been around for awhile now in other countries, but you can now pre-order it if you live in the United States. It'll run you a cool $2,900 and ship in December.

Okay, yes, obviously nobody needs a $2,900 robot puppy. But maybe you're Beyoncé (hey girl!) or you just won the lottery or you are super into limited-edition artificial intelligence toys. If that's the case, you can pre-order your Aibo here.

This First Litter edition includes the dog, a ball, a bone, paw pads, a charging station, and three years of an AI cloud service to help you train your pup. You'll also get a special certificate of adoption and an individually numbered dog tag.

The dog can detect facial expressions, take photos, respond to voice commands, and more. It evolves thanks to artificial intelligence and gets smarter the more you play with it. To see hands-on play of this amazing little dude, check out this video. Or, you know, you could opt for a $25 robot puppy (opens in new tab) instead.

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Louryn Strampe

Louryn was seven when her shopping obsession began. It started with eBay and quickly escalated to Black Friday. Now she's a shopaholic -- no day is complete without a pile of packages on her front porch. She justifies it by refusing to pay full price. She also loves Skyrim, makeup, and beer. Find her on Twitter @lourynstrampe

  • Or, you could get a REAL dog for free. A real dog will actually love you and protect you. The whole idea of a robot dog is sick.
  • Or they're for people who aren't allowed pets, or are allergic. But no, clearly you're right.
  • Clearly.
  • I'm good.
  • good use of money, Sony
  • I can't believe they are making it again
  • Look at how it turns (still the same as the 1st gen dogs)... ugly tbh.
    Pointless if they are not trying to make this thing walk, run, turn around like a real dog. As a consumer, why would you want to buy such ugly product?
  • God bless people.
  • Sony's return policy on this fancy dog sucks!
  • If I was rich, I'd have one. Not to replace a real dog, but just for the cool factor.
  • For that amount I would get a full frame mirror less camera with good lens.