Unlocked Lumia 900 available for pre-order at Clove UK for £528

Clove UK has announced the availability of the international Lumia 900 on their blog today, which will set the buyer back £528. While Clove has failed to specify a date as to when the Nokia Windows Phone will be ready to ship to customers, we would expect it to fit in with competitors such as Unlocked Mobiles and Carphone Warehouse, who are also set to stock the 900.

What's interesting to note is the pricing, and Clove seems to be far behind other retailers. Unlocked Mobiles is offering the same (unlocked) handset for just £445, almost £100 cheaper.

Source: Clove UK (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I know it's pointless pickiness, but I still find it ironic that their photo has an AT&T logo on it. You can even go to their site and look at it through a magnifier glass.
  • Hopefully the price is just an indication at the moment but the Lumia 800 is selling for £402, that's a huge step for a larger screen. The other companies are offering it for a more reasonable price.
  • Is it me or the fact the others are 20% cheaper just point to a VAT issue. I am suprised the pricing on the unlockedmobiles site is so close to the 900. The 900 has a lot more features when compared to what will be in essence an aging mobile by the time the 900 arrives in Europe.