Updated: Silverlight turns 2.0 on Tuesday

Well how about that. Silverlight's getting the upgrade to the big 2.0. (Guess these guys won't be coming to the party.)

Says Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet:

Microsoft officials said Silverlight 2 will be available for download from the company’s Silverlight site starting on October 14. They also said that anyone using a beta version of Silverlight 2 or Silverlight 1 will be “automatically upgraded” via Microsoft’s various patching systems to Silverlight 2 in the coming months. (However, users will be able to block the Silverlight 2 download if they decide to do so.)

Microsoft's alternative to Adobe Flash has had its share of ups and downs, but it's still alive and kicking and hopefully a step closer to actually making its way onto a mobile device. And for proof that they're actively working on it, we again turn to Ms. Foley, who updated an earlier blog post stating that Silverlight for mobile would be a topic at this month's Professional Developer's Conference.

“In this demo-filled session learn how to extend your existing Silverlight 2 applications to work on Windows Mobile and how to build rich mobile Silverlight apps that access device peripherals such as camera; GPS or WiFi or the radio stack for location; as well as mobile web services. We also talk about tooling enhancements in Microsoft Visual Studio that support Silverlight app development on Windows Mobile, what to consider when delivering eye-popping UI on mobile, and help you understand the key differences from developing Silverlight apps for the desktop.”

That sounds like it's a lot farther than tinkering around in the ol' garage. Anyhoo, while we wait for the mobile goodness teased to lo' those many moons ago, snag the updated Silverlight on Tuesday and keep your fingers crossed that we'll see something when Windows Mobile 7 finally sees the light of day.

Update: It's heeeeere. Have fun.

WC Staff