Upgrade to the Lumia 435 for just £9.99 at the Carphone Warehouse

Looking to upgrade to a new Windows Phone? You may want to check out the Lumia 435 at UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. The company has the Microsoft smartphone listed for £49.99 on Pay As You Go, but you can grab it for just £9.99 when upgrading, making this an absolute beast of a deal.

The PAYG Lumia 435 is available for those with eligible SIM cards on the following major UK networks: Virgin, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, and Vodafone. Black, green, orange and white variants of the smartphone are listed as in stock too. Head to the Carphone Warehouse website for more details.

Source: Carphone Warehouse{.nofollow}, via: Hot UK Deals

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Is it upgrade or downgrade?
  • Downgrade, unless you got an android. Then its a HUGE upgrade ;)
  • I'd really love to see real proof of this.
  • Get an android at the same price point and you'll see for yourself
  • Can get Moto G for $40... No way in hell this Lumia is better specd
  • Can you get it for 9.99?
  • upgrade from a dumbphone?
  • Meh.. Yes and no. I personally would spend more to get a better Lumia
  • If you have a Samsung galaxy s@ mini or ace.. It is a upgrade lol
  • Lol, as soon as I see the title of the headline I had the same question in my mind
  • F​rom Lumia, if you have a Lumia from the first generation, 52x, 62x or 530, I would call it an upgrade.
  • Sorry what? The aside from SOC the Lumia 620 and 625 beat this phone anyway.
  • It's a tenner. If you can't afford much it's a bargainous upgrade from Win7.5.
  • All those phone are technically better than the 435 though
  • 520 is still better, beside only 512MB RAM.
  • Yep
  • The first generation Lumia are 510, 610, 710, 800(I got this), and 900.
  • Mate of mine still has a 710 running 7.5 Mango, so for him it's a. an upgrade and b. a bargain. Depends on your viewpoint and where on the ladder you stand. There's a shitload of folk out there who haven't got a clue about OSs and don't follow mobile tech news. My mate being one. "Its a phone" is what they say.
  • Sure its a upgrade to for those who wish to throw out their android phone
  • Or iPhone
  • I bet there are sheep willing to pay more for an iPhone 3G....
  • Apple would market it as the essentials model with basic calling and text.... Oh and two backgrounds to choose from. Then they'd slap a thin silver trim around the edges and sell it for $998.99... And the line ups would be three blocks long. People would say they reinvented the phone.
  • Omfg, that it's so goddamn true!!! The Apple watch got horrible reviews, but sold amazingly
  • The iwatch is gorgeous & it hurts to say it but its very costly typical apple pricing
  • Can I take advantage of this in the US?
  • If you want to live with missing features ;)
  • No. 
  • If I buy it from UK and use in India with Indian SIM of Vodafone will it work?
  • Yeah right, carphone will pay your phone for you to do just that.
  • All Carphone Warehouse phones are unlocked...so yes, if someone has an eligible sim, they can buy this phone for a tenner then use it on any GSM network anywhere in the world.
  • WTH? really? are you shure? It's too good to be true IMO.
  • I bought this exact phone on upgrade for £19.99 a few weeks back. It is currently being used out in The Gambia on Africell...
    So yes, it definitely works :).
    ALL Carphone Warehouse phones are unlocked - and always have been (with a v.v.small number of exceptions)
  • Yes.. all payg phones from carephone warehouse are unlocked by default...so no issues.
  • In Another month l532 available at this price
  • With such crap specs even at 10gbp its too expensive; The I would not go below the 53* line of lumias.  
  • I'd certainly rather have this than a low end android but even they are coming better speced at a gig of ram, quadcore, and kitkat for $69 or so. One of the big dogs like the Galaxy s6 however would kick anythings butt. Even the new Iphone.
  • Deal doesn't seem to be there anymore. Edit - yes it is! How do you delete a friggin comment?
  • Remember, this will also be sim free & running generic UK firmware seeing as its a Carphone warehouse deal. Perfect cheap 2nd or back up phone for someone.
  • I have an old HTC Desire that has a defective usb port, I was hoping to trade it in for this. Dang, pay as you go offer. It us a damn fine offer, and will get a few on to WP ready for 10. But I do seriously wonder if the niche is there. Do that many people own and run lower power phones? To be honest, the new 640 also has son great offers, as did the 735.
  • Picked two up today and its amazing for £10!
  • Unfortunately I don't have a valid PAYG SIM, I asked around and don't know anybody on PAYG at the minute....But if anybody on here want's to give me their SIM serial number I'll go pick one up for testing during development ;) These are still a bargain at £20 - £25 on a new PAYG connection, but unfortunately you must buy a £20 top-up. Would be a decent price for a test device if the top up wasn't required. Still a great deal for people looking for a phone that has a lot of the essential features most people would need, assuming they want a new PAYG SIM.
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