Valheim on PC has now sold over two million copies in just under two weeks

Valheim (Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

What you need to know

  • Valheim is a survival Viking-simulator that just launched on Steam in Early Access.
  • In its first week of availability, Valheim crossed over one million copies sold.
  • Now, less than a week later, Valheim has officially sold over two million copies.
  • Valheim has also boasted of over 360,000 concurrent players on Steam.

Five days ago, we reported that Valheim, the survival Viking-simulator that's taking the internet by storm, had already crossed over one million units sold in its first week on Steam Early Access. Today, the Iron Gate Studio team has announced that Valheim has now crossed over two million units sold after just thirteen days - an incredible feat for an indie game in early access.

In just under two weeks, Valheim has reached a ridiculous number of players, and can boast that their record high for concurrent players is over 360,000. The game has certainly struck an appealing chord for plenty of people with its gorgeous visuals, paced gameplay, and interesting mechanics. In our Valheim impressions, we said, "It may be too early to call, but Valheim has the potential to be a huge hit." I think we can call it now: Valheim looks to be a hit.

If you want to get into Valheim yourself, it's currently available on Steam in Early Access. To get the most out of your Valheim experience, though, be sure to check out our Valheim Tips & Tricks for Beginners. Like many PC games, Valheim can also greatly benefit from one of the Best Gaming Keyboards for PC.

Zachary Boddy
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